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10 Tips for College Commuter Students on How to Handle Living Off-Campus

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10 SUGGESTIONS FOR COLLEGE COMMUTER STUDENTS ON HOW TO MANAGE LIVING OFF-CAMPUS Your college years should be jam-packed with brand-new experiences, friendships, and adventures. Despite the fact that many students opt to live on campus, a small percentage choose to commute. This list was made because commuter students could feel like they aren’t getting the whole college experience.

1. Sign Up with a Group

The simplest method to bridge the gap between living off-campus and creating a social life is to get engaged in a group that interests you. In order to learn the date and location of the activities fair, get in touch with the student affairs office at your school. The activities fair is often held during the first few weeks of the school year. When you arrive at the fair, look into all of your possibilities and register for the groups that most interest you. Just make sure to allot adequate time for your homework!

Begin a study group 2.

You don’t have access to the library around-the-clock like students who live in the dorms because you are off-campus. Start a study group with some of your classmates from your classes to ensure that you keep on top of your homework. Establish a weekly meeting time so that you are responsible for your task and will complete it. You may accomplish your assignments this way, and you can also form some wonderful friendships.

3. Make use of the recreation area

Take advantage of the facilities and classes that are provided since many colleges give free memberships to students who are also enrolled there. You may have fun while keeping your body and mind in shape through exercise, which will help you succeed in school. Check out the available intramural sports if you enjoy playing them, then join a team. The school year offers a variety of sports and tournaments, so inquire about the program and get involved!

4. Find Work

You may worry about paying for petrol and transportation since you commute. Consider acquiring a part-time job or an on-campus work study position to pay for these costs without taking out additional student loans. Not only will you be making some extra money, but you’ll also be acquiring real-world experience that will come in very handy once you’ve finished your studies and are searching for an entry-level job.

5. Make sure your classes are closely spaced

Try scheduling your classes near to one another to avoid having to travel back and forth between them or waiting around for hours for the next session to begin. By doing this, commuter college students can save time and money, which frees up time for a part-time employment and creates a more reliable schedule. Try scheduling your classes for just three or four days a week if you’d prefer to spend one day at home instead of being on campus every day.

6. Participate in Sports Events

You can make new friends and keep active in the student community by staying involved at your school. College athletics often play a significant role in student life at the majority of schools and universities, and being a part of the college experience entails many different variables. The sports schedules should be available on your school’s website.

By: Chad Cooper - CC BY 2.0 7. Think about purchasing a dining plan.

Consider acquiring a commuter dining plan if you anticipate spending a lot of time on campus in order to avoid subsisting solely on fast food. Most colleges offer a cafeteria where you can eat as much as you like and the food is served buffet-style. Commuter meal plans are wonderful because they are less expensive because you live off-campus and won’t have to worry about overspending on food. Ask your school’s dining services what options are available for commuting students as there are typically a few to pick from.

8. Take the Public Transit

Use the city bus system if you don’t want to worry about parking or gas costs. In order to provide students with subsidized or free bus passes for the duration of their attendance at the school, an increasing number of schools are starting to establish partnerships with the regional public transportation systems. To find out if you have access to this choice, check with your school.

9. Participate in social events on campus

Take the opportunity to attend some of the events that the student life department organizes throughout the academic year. There is something for everyone to do at these gatherings, which could be anything from movie evenings to video game tournaments. You might be able to participate in some of the activities that are held in the residence halls if you have friends who live on campus.

10. Show up to every class

Getting to class, especially on time, is one of the most frequent issues faced by college commuter students. You must consider the distance to the school, travel time, weather, traffic, and parking because you live away from campus. Commuting students must make appropriate scheduling plans because all of these variables might lead to disaster. Attendance is essential to succeeding in college because skipping one class might harm your GPA, especially if the professor gave a vital presentation. Give yourself additional time before each class to ensure that you arrive on time. Being early is preferable to being late.

I sincerely hope that these suggestions will enable you to maintain both a social life and a tight budget.
Keep in mind that college is what you make it, so savor every second and seize all the fantastic opportunities that come your way!

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