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2 Legal Ways to Remove a YouTube Channel

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You might be more surprised to learn that there are people looking for information on how to deactivate a YouTube channel in a time when 1 in 6 people use the platform as a primary source of income.

Over 50% of people on the planet use YouTube, making it the second most popular website. The YouTube community is constantly expanding, whether it is with users or content producers. But there are also times when people want to say goodbye to their YouTube channel because they’ve realized they were meant for something else, their ideas for the channel didn’t work out the way they had hoped, or because of any contentious issues, much like Jenna Marbles did two years ago.

Read this article if you’re also seeking for strategies to remove your YouTube channel.

HOW TO TEMPORARILY DELETE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL: YOUTUBE CHANNEL HIDING Since we’re going to start talking about how to delete a YouTube channel, it needs to be made clear that there are two options available to you: either permanently delete your channel, or keep it hidden for a while.

How can your YouTube channel be hidden? 1. On the left sidebar of YouTube Studio, when logged in, look for the Settings icon (or gear-shaped icon).

2. Next, click “Advanced Settings” under the “Channel” option.

3. Locate the “Remove YouTube Content” option or button at the bottom of the page by scrolling down. Just click it.
4. You will be taken to a different page where you might have to reenter your sign-in information.
5. Click on “I Want To Hide My Content” on the dashboard.
6. You must check or choose the boxes next to the material (videos) you want to make invisible.

7. Finally, pick “Hide My Channel” from the menu. When you see the notification “Your YouTube Channel Has Content But Has Been Disabled” on your channel, the public will no longer be able to access the selected items.

HOW TO PERMANENTLY DELETE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL DIRECTLY FROM YOUTUBE? Before beginning this process, keep in mind that you will lose all the information related to your YouTube channel, including all playlists, messages, comments, likes, and subscribers. So only attempt it if you’ve resolved to give it all up for good.

1. On the left sidebar of YouTube Studio, when logged in, look for the Settings icon (or gear-shaped icon).

3. Locate the “Remove YouTube Content” option or button at the bottom of the page. Just click it.

5. The following action is to choose “I Want To Permanently Delete My Content.”

7. Choose or check the boxes before confirming your channel selection.
8. Select “Delete My Content,” and your YouTube channel will vanish in a matter of seconds.
And that’s it!

How can I remove a YouTube channel from a cell phone or a mobile device? If you’re trying to figure out how to delete a YouTube channel on a mobile device, you’re out of luck because YouTube does not support channel deletion on mobile devices. For that, you must follow the instructions listed previously in this post.

DESTROYING A YOUTUBE ACCOUNT VS. A YOUTUBE CHANNEL People frequently become confused when a YouTube channel or account is deleted. But nothing exists in which to become ensnared. The YouTube channel itself and the items connected to it (as indicated in the aforementioned article) are deleted (or hidden, depending on the option you chose), but the YouTube account is not deleted. Both are as dissimilar as day and night.

On the other side, closing your YouTube account is identical to closing your Google account.

PLEASE NOTE THIS Keep in mind that it would be virtually hard to obtain back all the playlists, messages, comments, likes, subscribers, and videos once you hide or delete your YouTube channel. Be sure to gather your thoughts before moving on, therefore. You might benefit from a reliable YouTube Converter if you are saying goodbye to YouTube because editing YouTube videos appears like a difficult task. Nobody anticipates the day when they would need to look up how to deactivate a YouTube channel. But there may be instances when you want to stop following our YouTube trip. You have been given 2 legal options in the aforementioned article to delete a YouTube channel.

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