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THE COLLEGE MAJORS STUDENTS WISH DID EXIST college majors that students wish actually existed

Have you ever thought, “Man, it would be awesome if I could have ____ as my college major”? I’ve recently heard some really fascinating and quite hilarious responses throughout all the many social media platforms and my own personal encounters. If only there were jobs that go along with these strange majors so that you could be paid for doing something crazy or enjoyable!

College majors that are completely arbitrary that students wish existed Eating Anything

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard college students wish there was a major for eating pizza, chocolate, ice cream, or anything else. Seriously, how could you be upset about consuming items that you actually like? There are tasters and other people who do things like that, but I feel like their tastes are so precise that it makes the job less enjoyable. I believe that classes for this type of major would like the following:

Discover a ton of recipes on Pinterest for the meal you want. Prepare the dish of your choice. Eat till you are full. Repeat The University Major in a Song by Thomas Rhett

You probably heard the Thomas Rhett song that begins, “Youre shakin’ that money maker, like a heartbreaker, like your college major was twistin’ and tearin’ up Friday nights,” if you’ve listened to any country music in the previous year. You may describe “twisting and tearing up Friday nights” in a variety of ways, so I’ll leave it up to you to decide. That would involve me watching Shark Tank on television, spending time with my spouse, caressing the animals, and then retiring to bed at approximately ten o’clock. Call me dull, but I’m happy spending a Friday night like that. I can already imagine how wonderful it would be if such a college major existed just from thinking about it!

Wherever, whenever travel

Although there are study abroad options for many college major programs, it just doesn’t seem to compare to being able to travel whenever and anywhere you want. Making sure your belongings are in the best luggage sets when you go is essential for maintaining calm. You actually have to get back to reality and take courses that will help you find a job in the standard college major program. The enticing travel major genuinely enables you to travel anywhere in the world by car, boat, airline, or train.

What places would you visit if this was your college major? I would attempt to visit:
Bahamas Australia London La Jolla Just a few examples!
Blogging in

I’m still looking forward to the day when this college major becomes a reality! Even though I’ve completed my bachelor’s degree and am almost finished with my master’s, I still think it would be fantastic to enroll in classes created especially for people who want to start blogs.

You probably already know that there are a lot of blogs and bloggers online, but can you picture how amazing it would be to sit in class with other bloggers that share your interests and bounce ideas off of one another? It seems like it would require an enormous amount of brainstorming! Of all the ones I’ve mentioned, I believe this one has the most potential. Who else desires that blogging was a legitimate college major?

The following courses, in my opinion, would be excellent for a college degree in blogging:

Finding and purchasing a domain (affiliate link) Creating informative and timely material creating a blog with WordPress using social media to interact marketing materials gaming on a video game (Mostly for the Guys)

I am aware that some girls enjoy playing video games, but I’m going to venture a guess and say that a good number of guys undoubtedly wish that playing video games was a legitimate college major.

I’ve heard of many people entering the video game industry and numerous similar fields, but there is substantial effort involved. I believe that the majority of people who merely want to play games are more interested in enjoyment than in employment. Although I could be mistaken, that is simply my hunch. Since I don’t play video games, this would be a terrible college major for me to choose, but I’m sure a lot of people would find it interesting (at least for a little while).

Any more?

There are undoubtedly many more college majors that students wish were available; these are just five. What are a few that you’ve heard or come up with on your own? Please share them with me!

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