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5 Strategies That Enhanced My College Success

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There are numerous different standardized examinations that schools employ to determine if a student will succeed in their chosen program.

The majority of graduate schools require the GRE, or the MCAT if you’re applying to medical school, and most four-year institutions require the SAT and/or ACT for admission.

Some students believe that these exams are a poor indicator of academic aptitude. It’s a good point. Many students have exam anxiety yet are nevertheless able to function successfully in college courses.

Even with the upcoming revisions to these standardized examinations, it is still necessary for students who wish to enroll directly in a four-year college after high school to pass at least one of them.

That’s why I’m here, too!

In order to give you the best opportunity of doing well on the college entrance exams and getting accepted to the college of your choice, I’m going to share some of my favorite resources with you.

Preparing for College and Graduate School Standardized Tests | Study tips and strategies for students who want to rock their entrance exams and get into their dream program. Includes educational resources and tips from a student who has been through it. Click through to read the tips!

Disclosure: If you decide to make a purchase through one of the affiliate links in this post, I will be reimbursed (at no additional cost to you). I only highlight goods and services that I wholeheartedly believe in and endorse. * Use free resources tailored to tests. Tutoring for test preparation doesn’t need to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

You can find some of the best tools online for no cost, and they will provide you with lots of practice to help you do well on the test (s). Here’s a quick rundown of the ones I’d suggest checking out:

You should definitely take a number of the practice exams that are provided on these websites. This will offer you a decent concept of how the test will seem, which is always useful information to have before taking the actual test.

USE TEST-SPECIFIC STUDY DIRECTIONS If you intend to take the GRE anytime soon, I would suggest the Princeton Review GRE Test Prep Guide

. The article goes into great detail to explain exactly how you should approach each topic.

My main argument for suggesting this product is because it teaches you how to test successfully on a standardized test, even though these guidelines aren’t fantastic at teaching you the topic itself (although it never hurts to have a solid refresher before test day).

You’ll learn tips for eliminating answers in addition to experiencing practically every aspect of the test. Worth every penny of the $15–$20!
PS: These kinds of study aids are available for practically all standardized tests.

MY PERSONAL ADVICE FOR PASSING A COLLEGE STANDARDIZED TEST To be quite honest, except from using some of the tools I mentioned above, I didn’t do any studying for these tests.

Because I was aware that concentrating on my lessons will make me more successful.

I actually took the time to comprehend the subject, is what I’m trying to say. Every day after lunch, I remember going to my math class for extra help because I wasn’t understanding some of the ideas. I went to the person I knew would be most useful in helping me understand the content since I knew that a study book wouldn’t teach me math the reasoning that I needed to be taught. My teacher.

This takes me to my first point, which is:

1. MAKE USE OF THE RESOURCES AT YOUR SCHOOL Consult your teacher for additional assistance and direction if you are having trouble with a subject. Ask them to guide you through some of the issues you encountered on the practice tests for the standardized test. If any of the concepts seem a little hazy to you, ask them to review them for you.

You can quickly raise your score by exposing yourself to even a little bit more guidance because you’ll feel more at ease solving the issues.
The school library is another excellent source.

I am aware that this location might not be your favorite, but it is stocked to the gills with resources that could make your studying more effective, including computers and books.

Preparing for College and Graduate School Standardized Tests | Study tips and strategies for students who want to rock their entrance exams and get into their dream program. Includes educational resources and tips from a student who has been through it. Click through to read the tips!

2. READY YOUR VOCABULARY BY READING FOR AT LEAST 30 MINUTES EVERY DAY If you’re planning to take the 2016 update of the SAT to get admission to college, you won’t need to worry as much about obscure words because the new test is meant to include more relevant vocabulary.

However, that doesn’t mean you can skip over this part because there are still some difficult words in it.

You should read for at least 30 minutes each day to assist you get ready for that test portion. Make a note of any words you are having trouble defining as you read through your book or other reading material.

Stop reading when you see one of those words and check it up in a dictionary to be sure you know what it means.
By doing this, you can expand your vocabulary and gain a deeper comprehension of the meaning of each word’s constituent pieces.

3. Develop your writing abilities. It’s crucial that you regularly practice your writing skills because essays are still a part of many of the standardized examinations that universities and graduate schools use to determine applicants.

Writing in slang and abbreviations to make a point has almost become too simple, but doing so in your essays will only lower your test marks.

You need to start writing your papers and tasks with a different level of detail going forward.
That is to say, you ought to be a little more daring, searching for richer concepts, utilizing materials, and convincingly substantiating your claims.

I am aware that the GRE will place a high value on your analytical and critical thinking abilities, so be sure you are able to find meanings and develop novel ideas into appealing arguments.

Your writing will, in my opinion, get better with practice.

Use the comments you receive from your teachers to improve your writing whether you’re taking an English class or another course that requires a lot of writing. Ask your teacher if there was anything further you could have done to improve your paper if you received positive feedback.

You should also become proficient in the technique of arranging your essays.

Make certain that everything is cohesive and makes sense. Make a simple outline if it may aid you while you compose your paper. Write down the main points of what you want to say, then reorganize them as necessary.

Make sure to give this some time because practice makes perfect when it comes to writing.

TO RENEW YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF SUBJECTS, USE FREE ONLINE COURSES Those who are taking the MCAT will find this one very useful. Your brain may feel as though it has no extra room to keep in information due to the new test including psychology and sociology without throwing out those crucial concepts you acquired in organic chemistry and biology.

You might want to think about listening to several free online courses as a refresher in the weeks coming up to the test to assist you understand each subject.

Courera is a website that enables you to look for open access, totally free college courses online. Use this platform to study for your standardized test(s) because it has resources from universities like Duke University, the University of Michigan, and many more!

Normative tests are not the be-all and end-all.
Don’t give up if you spent a lot of time studying for your exams but are still dissatisfied with your results.

Retaking the test is a possibility, but you can also compose a personal statement, ask for an interview (if the school gives one), or submit additional supporting materials that would show your aptitude for the program you’re applying for.

Standardized examinations don’t always provide a whole picture, therefore you must demonstrate your qualifications to get into a college or graduate program.

Keep in mind that this is only a test at the end of the day. Start acting as though you can accomplish this because you know what you’re capable of! That is half the battle won if you can do it.


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