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8 Flexible Jobs With The Fastest Growth To Pick From In 2021

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8 FLEXIBLE GROWING JOBS TO SELECT IN 2021 The health crisis forced the industries to undergo significant modifications and adapt to a new reality in order to survive. As a result, the majority of employment options provide remote and flexible employment. Workplace flexibility has never been more crucial. Additionally, remote employment options let businesses engage qualified individuals from abroad.

Remember to continually improve new or existing abilities if you’re looking for a new employment chance in order to get a well-paying position. In order to meet the requirements of quickly expanding businesses, it is crucial to watch the trends and determine what expertise you lack.

In 2021, this article will outline a variety of versatile and quickly expanding careers that you can pursue.

ARCHITECT FOR SOLUTIONS Solution architects are in charge of creating and implementing solutions to business challenges using a particular set of technology. They create intricate systems that are essential to the success of an organization.

Solution architects may also take part in developing an organization’s overarching strategy and vision for success in the long run. They have a significant influence on the present and future performance of the business.

A degree in IT or computer science and at least five years of relevant experience are prerequisites for becoming a solution architect. Additionally, earning pertinent certifications like a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification is crucial. As a solution architect, it will greatly boost your marketability.

Joining real estate companies might be advantageous for architects as an additional employment possibility. For instance, The Pattisall Group . Architects can increase their understanding of building components, features, and architecture.

WEBSITE ENGINEER websites ‘s development and upkeep are the responsibility of web developers. They are knowledgeable at building, improving, and fixing web-based applications. Because they create and maintain a website’s front-end technology, web developers are in high demand nowadays.

Every component of a website is built, updated, and fixed by them. They develop back-end technologies, interactive elements, interface designs, and much more. Additionally, they can work on your website’s SEO.

The median wage for web development work is $61,000. Depending on the company you join, you can work from a home office or an actual workplace. The majority of businesses that offer remote employment demand that their staff members be independent thinkers and self-motivated.

MOBILE APP ENTREPRENEUR The creation of mobile applications for tablets and smartphones is the responsibility of Mobile app developers. They are essential to contemporary enterprises. In reality, they are in charge of developing software for tablets, smartphones, and other smart appliances including wearable electronics, home entertainment systems, and thermostats.

Different programming languages, including Java, Objective C, Swift, C#, PHP, and others, are used by mobile app developers. The average wage for mobile app development is $75,000 per year. There are several prospects in this industry because there is a big need for mobile apps. You can also have location independence because the majority of the work can be done remotely.

TECHNICAL ENGINEER Every device you see around you has software applications that were created by software engineers. Applications for software might range from mobile apps to plugins for the Google Chrome browser. A career as a software engineer is virtually limitless.

Back-end and front-end engineers are the two different categories of software developers. Programming language code is written by back-end engineers to guarantee error-free operation of software applications. Front-end developers concentrate on creating attractive user interfaces for software applications utilizing tools like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

The median annual compensation for software engineering positions is $100,000. You will want an computer science degree from a university or college if you wish to work as a software engineer. Prior to applying for senior roles, it is crucial to have some expertise in this industry to become a software engineer with a better wage level.

DESIGNER OF THE USER EXPERIENCE (UX) UX designers are in charge of enhancing the user experience on websites or software programs. This means that they must ensure that customers are at ease when using a company’s goods or services.

They are well-versed in human psychology and understand what motivates individuals to click buttons or scroll down pages. To prevent people from becoming upset when using products, UX designers must stress test their designs. In order to determine whether the product or service fits the demands of different users, they also engage in test sessions.

The average annual income for user experience designers is $80,000. You must first compile a portfolio of your prior UX design work if you wish to pursue a career in this area. Additionally, it is essential to possess some visual design expertise because UX designers are in charge of producing wireframes and prototypes as well as presenting ideas to customers and coworkers. In rare circumstances, you may additionally need training in programming languages like HTML5 or CSS3 in order to develop prototypes for new goods or services a business is offering.

DATA SPECIALIST Massive data sets that contain both personal and business information must be analyzed by data scientists. Data scientists are in high demand today due to the enormous volumes of data that large corporations like Facebook or Amazon have accumulated.

With a typical annual pay of $106,000 for data scientists, they have some fantastic job options. While there are many online courses available to you, becoming a data scientist is not at all simple. Or you might enroll in a university’s online data science master’s program.

For instance, time management skills are essential even if you have an advanced degree in statistics because you will need to work with data from various sources simultaneously to produce meaningful results quickly enough to be able to incorporate them into the business strategy of the company you work for.

SPECIALIST IN INFORMATION SECURITY Risk management for information security threats like hacking and data breaches is the responsibility of information security specialists. Security engineers keep networks secure by keeping an eye on security protocols and safeguards that guarantee privacy for everyone, even those with access to sensitive data.

Information security experts are more necessary than ever to safeguard private data from fraudsters and hackers who might use it against their customers or sell it on online black markets as more businesses collect data about their customers through social media platforms and other communication channels like emails and chat bots.

The median annual income for information security specialists and security engineers is $93,000. You need to have some experience with IT development and maintenance procedures (for instance, Windows Server 2008 or Linux), network security techniques (for instance, SIEM), computer forensics (for instance, EnCase), and penetration testing if you want to start working as an information security specialist or security engineer. Additionally, it’s critical to acquire the necessary certificates (such as CISSP from ISC2). It will make you stand out from the other candidates that are vying for the same position as you.

Engineer, data Data engineers are in charge of handling the information that businesses gather from a variety of sources, including their own websites and social media platforms. They have a significant impact on how the business handles and evaluates data that may be utilized for marketing or research, among other things.

The average yearly wage for data engineers is $114,000. Building distributed data pipelines, scaling data processing systems, and deploying big data frameworks and tools like Apache Spark, Kafka, Hadoop, and others are all necessary for becoming a data engineer.

CONCLUSION It is best to start learning today if you wish to alter your career. Consider carefully which professions appeal to you the most. Take your time and don’t make a decision hastily. If you agree with everything on the list, think about the advantages and disadvantages of each employment as well. To learn new information or expand your current expertise, you can always enrol in a course or institution. Keep in mind that the skills you now possess can be very helpful to you in new employment.

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