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A Challenge to Feed the Hungry: Freerice (for Free)

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A CHALLENGE TO FEED THE HUNGRY: FREERICE (FOR FREE) Sites and postings that go viral come and go.

We can be enthralled by the news for a moment, then our attention shifts to something else different. Because there are so many tales fighting for our attention, that is how our society operates. We must quickly transition from one thought to another.

I’ll admit that there have been days when I’ve spent much too much time doing the Buzzfeed quizzes “What Disney Character Best Portrays You” and related ones. Don’t get me wrong, they were entertaining and it was enjoyable to compare my performance with my friends, but the truth is that I was only spending my life with emptiness when I could have been working to make a difference in the world.


Due of its 2007–2008 viral success, some of you may recall Freerice while others may not. Since then, at least seven years, do you think it’s time to bring it back into the spotlight?

because we have the ability to aid the folks who go hungry every day.

The idea is straightforward: go to the Freerice website and start answering questions about various topics to earn grains of rice for those in need! Even better, you may register an account to challenge friends in different groups and keep track of how many questions you’ve correctly answered. This is a fantastic way to engage in some friendly competition while also helping people who are hungry, whether they are located nearby or 7,000 kilometers away.

There are some current topics that you can ask questions about:

Humanities English Language Learning Math Chemistry Preparation for Science and Geography Exams (SAT) IS IT EXPENSIVE? No! You won’t have to worry about paying anything because Freerice is supported by sponsorships (unless you want to donate). All you have to do to begin filling the rice bowl is put your thinking gear on and respond to the questions. You receive 10 grains of rice for each correct response, and the quantity keeps going up as you receive more accurate replies.

Amount of rice donated by FreeRice
I’m going to give you two numbers right now:

43,942,622,700 and 2,146,335,746 (derived from the Freerice totals ) (taken from the Freerice totals )

You’ll see that there is a difference of more than 41 and a half billion between the two. Sadly, the first number represents the quantity of rice contributed in 2008, while the second number represents the quantity provided in 2017. (2014).

Don’t get me wrong; these figures are still astounding, and the globe is doing its part to ensure that everyone has access to food, but there is SO MUCH MORE WE COULD BE DOING!

My challenge to you is to take action. Sincerely, I have no idea why I haven’t used Freerice more frequently. By this time, I can only speculate how much rice I could have produced if I had simply responded to 20 or so inquiries per day. What if everyone in the world followed this example? The 43,942,622,700 rice grains contributed in 2008 might easily be surpassed.

So, here is what I suggest:

The next time you’re bored at work, need to study for a test, are getting ready for the SAT, want to test your friends’ intelligence, have a few spare minutes throughout the day, or just have a heart to help people (have I covered everyone yet? ), log on to Freerice and answer some questions.

Even though you may not have any money to donate or the means to personally meet the recipients of this rice, you can still utilize your knowledge to change the world.

Let’s go, everyone! We were created to make the most of our minds and intellects. Let’s carry this out!

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