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A Required App for College Students is Foro.

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FORO: A REQUIRED APP FOR STUDENTS IN COLLEGES This article was sponsored by Foro . Please be aware that I solely own the thoughts expressed.

Have you ever discovered that an item you thought was great on one of those sizable public classified sites was actually a scam?
Wow, such a letdown!

What if you locate the textbook you need only to learn that it will arrive to you after a week? By the time you receive the book, you have already missed two days of class and are behind on the assigned readings.

There must be an easier method!
Fortunately, there is an app for that.
I’d like to introduce you to Foro , a market place designed especially for college students.

WTF IS A FORO? College students can purchase and sell items with other students on their campus using the free Foro app. Foro is simple to install and set up and is accessible in both the App Store for iPhone users and the Google Play for Android users.

You’ll also enjoy that Foro was created with your unique needs in mind as you need to spend more time studying than dealing with the hassles of internet shopping.

PARTICIPATES MY COLLEGE IN THIS? It’s likely that your school is among the many that use Foro to purchase and sell items between students from all across the US and Canada.

A complete list of participating colleges may be seen on here , but keep checking back as additional campuses start to use the service!

WHY YOU MUST USE FORO RIGHT NOW It’s likely that you may purchase a textbook or other item throughout your college years that you won’t want to keep for very long. When the semester was finished, I myself couldn’t wait to get rid of some of my textbooks because they served just to serve as a constant reminder of how awful the schoolwork was.

Unfortunately, the bookstore doesn’t always offer the best price, and you may choose to sell your books at other times other during book buyback week.
Due of this, Foro is fantastic.

Imagine that you arrive late for class and that every used book has already been purchased. You can download the app and begin looking for other students who might be willing to sell you their copy of the book.

Not included?

Make a warning! You’ll receive a notification when the item you’re looking for becomes available. This is far superior to searching through countless advertising on other websites in the hopes of finding the thing you need from a reliable seller.

The software can also be used to find dorm room knickknacks or earn a little additional money on the side. Ladies, I’m referring to getting rid of some of the items or accessories taking up room in the back of your wardrobe.

FINISH YOUR DEAL If I haven’t persuaded you already, perhaps this will:
By using Foro, you may get fantastic goods for less money than they would normally cost you in a physical store.
It’s awful to be a broke college student, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have excellent stuff for a lot less money.

For instance, you can search Foro to find any TVs advertised for sale on your campus if you really want one for your dorm room but don’t have the money to buy a new one. The likelihood that you can discover a fantastic price is high because there always seem to be at least a few pairs of roommates who both bring their TVs and need to get rid of one of them.

FORO REMAINS LOCAL As I’ve already indicated, Foro enables you to take part in a marketplace specific to your school. By eliminating spammers, you can obtain the goods you genuinely want more quickly.

Keeping your business local also fosters a sense of community among you and your peers, which is a fantastic benefit. Who knows, you might even make a connection with someone who ends up being a close friend of yours later on!

WHAT ARE YOU READY FOR, THEN? You have nothing to lose by using the Foro app, friends. Stop what you’re doing, check it out, and then share your thoughts with me in the comments section.

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