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Given its greater flexibility in schedule and school selection, distance learning can be a useful tool.

Finding accredited online institutions is crucial if you want to ensure that your degree will be upheld to the greatest standards. If you intend to continue your study thereafter or if your company demands that you hold a degree from an approved institution, accreditation is also crucial.

There are hundreds of additional schools available, but I’ve included a list of a few for you to pick from. If you can’t find what you’re searching for here, I suggest checking with specific institutions to see if they offer the course of study you need, or visiting a website that lists the top accredited online colleges to focus your search.

UNIVERSITY OF BOSTON (BU) I chose Boston University specifically for those students who want to get their master’s degree. Although the school does have an undergraduate curriculum, it is more geared toward degree completion than it is toward a particular major. The following master’s degrees are offered through the BU online program:

Criminal Justice Criminal Education Information Systems for Computers Management of Banking and Financial Services Communication about Health Project Administration Engineering for Manufacturing Social Service Because of its reputation and high caliber of instruction, this university ranks as one of the best accredited online universities. If you decide to apply, be prepared for a demanding admissions process that probably includes references and an essay or personal statement. For instance, the BU online social work program demands the submission of a CV, a personal essay, three references, and a specific GPA.

Arizona State University (ASU), which has its main campus in Tempe, Arizona, offers a wide selection of online degrees to suit a range of interests. ASU offers certificate, graduate, and undergraduate programs. Several of the programs available are:

Organization and Communication (BA) Criminal Justice Criminal Communication (BS) (BS or MA) Engineering Administration (BSE) Family and Human Development in English (BS or MS) Technology Information (BS) Communication Regarding Food (BS) The study of politics (BA or BS) Psychology (BA) (BA) Sociology (BS) (BS) Enterprise Analytics (MS) Education and Curriculum (MED) Engineering (MSE or MEng) (MSE or MEng) MBA When you apply to ASU, you will be required to select the degree program you are interested in pursuing before finishing the application. In order for ASU to determine whether or not you will be allowed any transfer credits, you need also transmit any transcripts you have from other universities.

You can start six times a year, which enables you to finish your degree earlier than if you were attending classes on a traditional campus.

Upper Iowa University (UIU), a small private university with a campus in Fayette, Iowa, has developed into one of the most well-known accredited online universities available.

Despite offering graduate degrees, UIU online concentrates mostly on bachelor’s degrees. Similar to ASU, Upper Iowa provides six alternative start terms that typically last eight weeks for their undergraduate programs.

You will be required to finish a senior project at the end of your degree, which commonly includes writing, audio, and video components.
Several of the undergraduate options include:

Accounting, Business Administration, and Communication Manage Human Resources Personal Services Technology Information Business Psychology Administration of Justice Successful Case: I spent three years at Texas Christian University before enrolling at Upper Iowa a year and a half later. I decided to major in human services so that I could continue to help people, which is my true love.

I was pleased with UIU and the education I received from the time I applied until the time I finished. My degree could be completed in just nine more months because to the abbreviated terms and the substantial number of credits I was able to transfer.

I can now formally state that my degree has given me the opportunity to secure a number of positions in the social services industry. I’ve been able to put the knowledge I learned in my classes to use, and I frequently reread papers I’ve written as references for circumstances I could be facing right now.

UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS (KSU) You shouldn’t let the lack of marketing or promotions for Kansas State University’s online programs deter you from learning more about what this institution has to offer.

One thing I truly appreciate about this school is that it doesn’t just cater to students’ requirements through internet learning. KSU, which has a physical campus in Manhattan, Kansas, is still thriving with on-campus traditional students. Wear purple and participate in the joy from wherever you are since there is also a big fan base for sports teams!

I used KSU as an illustration of what you might anticipate even though there are many state schools that are certified online colleges. You may need to have already earned a specific number of credits depending on the degree program you select. For instance, entry to the general business degree requires 45 credits and a GPA of 2.5 or above. KSU also offers the following additional programs:

Early Childhood Education and Dietetics Technology Management Human Services and Family Studies KSU offers a wide variety of master’s degree programs, including the following:

Academic guidance Engineering, Civil Automotive Engineering Financial Planning for Oneself Psychology with an emphasis in business or organizations Development of Youth Taking classes through a school like KSU may be your best option if you want to attend a reputable institution that isn’t highly recognized for being an online college. Because these colleges are well-known across the nation, employers and other universities are less likely to inquire about where you attended them and how you completed your coursework.

accredited online colleges

Additional accredited online universities Check out some of the following if you want to learn more about what other institutions have to offer or which program would be best for you:

University of Southern New Hampshire University of Texas at Tech University of North Carolina State University of Oklahoma State College of Louisville A FINAL NOTE Both benefits and drawbacks might be associated with attending classes on your own schedule. Remember that you will be in charge of reading the assigned readings, submitting your assignments on time, and engaging in online discussion with your peers.

Before enrolling, spend some time weighing the advantages and disadvantages of attending one of these authorized online universities.

For further information so that you may make an informed decision, get in touch with the admissions offices of any university you are interested in. Happy studying!


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