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Be Stylish Without Spending a Fortune with These Friday Fashion Finds

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BE STYLISH WITHOUT SPENDING A LOT OF MONEY with Friday Fashion Finds Since I haven’t created a weekly wishlist of items for my wardrobe in a while, I thought I’d share my favorite Friday fashion findings. Since it has been so insanely chilly where I live, I haven’t really focused much on my style this week. The temperature is so low that I won’t go inside without my winter coat and scarf since the chill has already reached my bones and I won’t survive. Please make summer arrive quickly!

Okay, enough about the miserable weather we’re having. Let’s chat about the clothes I found on Friday! I’ve seen a ton of adorable items lately, but I obviously don’t want to turn this post into a novel, so I tried to pick just my absolute favorites from the lot. I usually prefer to highlight things you can purchase online for the following reasons:

Online shopping makes it possible to find more distinctive apparel products than you would if you simply browsed the mall. Many of the websites provide free shipping or frequently run special offers. Convenience, because who doesn’t enjoy receiving boxes on sometimes on their doorstep? There are affiliate connections in this article, but all opinions are my own. I choose each item because it is fashionable, adorable, and a wonderful complement to any wardrobe.


Midnight Sun Dress in Navy

Due to the fact that my bridesmaids will be wearing this adorable one shoulder dress from ModCloth at my future wedding, I had to make it my top pick for my Friday fashion finds! I’ve previously seen this garment on one of my friends, and it is really stunning. Her favorite features of the outfit include: The manner The cost (and if you purchase through AAA, you can save much more! Read my complete assessment on that here.) a comfortable (specific mention of the fabric being soft) I knew I wanted my bridesmaids to wear one shoulder dresses when I started planning my wedding, but all the options I could find were either too formal or too long. I wanted them to be able to wear something in the future and not have to spend a fortune on it. I decided to visit ModCloth after sifting through what seemed like an endless number of search results, and that’s where I discovered this Midnight Sun Dress. Sincerely, I can’t wait to see the girls together with this lovely item!

Additionally, this has hundreds of reviews from clients of all sizes, many of which submitted pictures, so I wanted to highlight it. I’ve seen people wear this to weddings, formal occasions, and nights out (of course).


I’m SO thrilled to offer these stunning earrings from Flawed Perfection Jewelry because Megan (the woman behind the scenes) is just plain lovely, they can be customized, and they are handcrafted. She is quite approachable and has literally every form of jewelry available on her website. In search of a specific shade? There are a ton of options!

This specific pair of earrings appeals to me since they are elegant and classic. I prefer the gold shadow crystals she uses instead of the ones shown. I’m even more in love with them because they’re handcrafted!

Can I just express how helpful leg warmers

have been this winter? The weather has been just too cold, my goodness! I honestly have no idea why I didn’t purchase a pair earlier (you would think that I would have since I lived in the Midwest at one point). These look wonderful with boots, flats, or even just by themselves if you’re just going to spend the day lounging around the house. There are so many various styles of leg warmers available, but I chose to include the ones pictured above because of the lace trim on the bottom.

That concludes my Friday fashion finds. Because, let’s face it, money doesn’t grow on trees and there never seems to be enough of it, I always attempt to include things that won’t blow the budget.

What are some of your current favorite things?

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