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Benefits of Microsoft Teams Screen Share Recording – Ranker

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The demand for a streamlined user process increases along with Microsoft Teams’ growth in the Unified Communications industry. Beyond simple voice calling, Microsoft Teams offers a wealth of networking possibilities. Microsoft Teams’ application and screen-sharing features are used by many businesses to communicate with clients and coworkers. You may improve your customer experience and identify inefficiencies in your agent procedures by recording Microsoft Teams video conferences and the screen shares during meetings has numerous benefits .

The screen sharing of MS Teams should be recorded. You already keep call audio records (or at least you should). You can use this measure to ensure compliance and quality. Therefore, you might be wondering whether it’s even necessary to record video conferences for Microsoft Teams. There are several compelling reasons to record the data that Microsoft Teams creates, but for now, let’s concentrate on screen sharing as it’s one of the most frequently utilized Teams capabilities.

SHARES ON SCREEN REPEAT THE CALL There are numerous reasons for your business to redesign its Microsoft Teams meetings. Although the audio is only one aspect of the conversation, quality assurance measures are based on examining the interactions customers have with your employees.

Any and all data created should be included for examination in order to better reconstruct recorded interactions, especially where a Teams meeting is the subject of inquiries or conflicts.

For instance, a salesperson might present to a client via Microsoft Teams. A table with predicted prices is displayed by the salesman using screen sharing. The customer complains that they were given different rates in the presentation when they receive the bill, nevertheless.

It will be challenging to establish what information was delivered if your business just recorded the audio section of the sales call. You’ll be able to identify the offender right away if you recorded a video of the screen sharing and included it in the call recording.

RECORDINGS BY MICROSOFT TEAMS ARE EVERGREEN Microsoft Teams meetings may be used to instruct staff members and clients, and they may even be made publicly available on your website. When one well-presented training session can be posted on your website or used in new employee orientation, why would you need to retrain every customer on a product or procedure?

Depending on the meeting’s subject matter, this use of MS Teams video may reduce call volume to your support lines and perhaps serve as a marketing tool.

Recording MS Teams Agent Screens is recommended.
Reviewing what transpires on the agent’s desktop during Teams sessions can be incredibly illuminating in addition to recording screen sharing.

SCREEN DISTRACTIONS FOR AGENTS When an agent is on the phone, they could be preoccupied if something is happening on their screen. This may include receiving emails, using chat apps, buying online, or binge-watching on a streaming service while at work. Knowing that their screen is being filmed is probably enough to deter certain agents from using their desktops for unneeded programs.

In other cases, when the agent interacts with a customer, company-wide communications platforms like Slack may need to be switched off. You can find out the cause of a concentration lapse by listening to the agent desktop recording.

INEFICIENCIES IN THE WORKFLOW Customer service must be efficient in terms of both cost and benefit. Examining an agent’s desktop can highlight ineffective administrative procedures in your business. Maybe you’ve noticed that client calls generally take longer to end than they should.

Examining agent desktop footage may show that the software the agents use to conduct sales and support tasks is either slow or clogged with extra procedures that unnecessarily extend calls.

CONCERNS ABOUT COMPLIANCE When your agents collect sensitive data from your consumers, it could be intriguing to know what other programs are running. It could be required to display a credit card number on-screen, however some representatives copy those information to a notepad program so that they are simple to access.

This is frequently only a precaution to avoid asking the consumer for their credit card number twice, thus it is not always malevolent. But if it exposes client data, it’s also a PCI compliance breach, and a costly one. Monitoring your agent’s actions can assist you in creating policies that safeguard both your business and your clients.

CONCLUSION It makes sense to record all of the data Microsoft Teams generates if your business uses it to communicate with clients. Knowing exactly how your agents are utilizing MS Teams can help you increase productivity, create novel regulations, and make sure the best practices are being adhered to.

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