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Three suggestions for making academic integrity a habit In the academic community, stories involving contract cheating and plagiarism are frequently in the news. And because they could have major consequences, these shouldn’t be ignored by pupils.

We live in a time where many students live by the adage that the ends justify the means. However, the circumstances surrounding this are more depressing than ever before, similar to the 2015 cheating scandal that shook an Atlanta school district.

The underlying causes of students’ violations of academic integrity are intricate and multifaceted. They frequently come up with justifications for their behavior that appear to be reasonable. The cost of cheating in school is very high.

So how can students learn to be truthful and behave in a way that is in line with the rules of their schools? Here are some suggestions to make maintaining academic honesty a habit.

RECALL THE RULES (AND FOLLOW THEM) A Code of Academic Integrity is included in every educational institution. If there are any elements you don’t understand, especially regarding course or assignment standards and consequences to violations of academic integrity, read them carefully and contact your teachers for clarification (i.e. plagiarism and cheating).

Never get your information from other students. It is your duty as a student to be aware of and comprehend these rules and guidelines. Once you had a chance to reasonably learn about them, you can undoubtedly be punished for violating them, even if it wasn’t your purpose.

IF YOU NEED HELP, ASK FOR IT. We sometimes want to believe that we can get by without others’ assistance. However, certain classes could be trickier than anticipated.

Asking for assistance doesn’t indicate weakness. It frequently indicates a commitment to doing your best while learning as you go. Inform your lecturer as soon as possible if you believe you need extra assistance. This will increase your chances of receiving it. Since your professors want to see you succeed, be proactive and ask them about the assignments or other requirements for the course.

Additionally, it’s crucial to question the correct people because doing so will help you grasp your obligations and maintain academic integrity. Again, it’s acceptable to ask your peers, but the most dependable information is almost always found from your teachers.

In contrast, there are many best online essay writing services that offer different model essays and research papers that can only be utilized as a guide to create your own unique work. These custom paper writing services aid in enhancing your knowledge of academic writing, research, paper writing, and other topics.

WORK HARDHLY ON YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES Good time management frequently leads to high academic performance. To prevent unneeded stress, you must manage your time effectively. You can avoid the stress of attempting to complete a week-long assignment in a matter of hours by starting your chores on time.

By getting started early, you’ll have extra time to work on your assignment in sections, proofread, and make significant revisions as needed. Most crucially, this will stop you from repeatedly submitting the same assignment (which is an act of self-plagiarism) or having a third party work on an assignment that is supposed to be independent (unless its a group project).

You can ask your classmates to clarify anything in your essay that is unclear. However, you shouldn’t ever provide them access to your essays. Allowing them to imitate your work prevents them from having the chance to learn. Even worse, you could be charged with academic dishonesty, which could negatively impact your GPA.

CONCLUSION Carefully and completely read. Recognize that time is of the essence. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.

Keep in mind that one’s morals and personal values regarding one’s work are reflected in their academic honesty. Every student should be aware of this since it shows that you can be trusted to conduct yourself honestly even when no one is looking. One of the essential qualities of a true leader is trust, and those people are the ones that thrive in life.

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