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When it comes to social networking sites that offer more than what the eye can see, Instagram is unmatched. In addition to providing humorous amusement, it also considerably increases the marking of unique occasions or moments for both people and businesses. Learn how to add highlights to Instagram if you’re interested in expanding your audience, whether it’s for commercial or follower-building purposes. Some travelers utilize this wonderful feature of Instagram to talk about their travels, many celebrities frequently share “behind the scenes” in their highlights, and many businesses use it to mark events or the launch of a new product line in particular for more than 24 hours. Yes, much like Instagram stories, Instagram highlights let users preserve special moments for longer than a day. In actuality, Instagram highlights remain on your profile indefinitely unless you choose to delete them. Can it get much better than this? So, are you prepared to pin your unique story and add highlights to your Instagram profile? After that, read this article.

HOW TO ADD HIGHLIGHTS FROM CURRENT OR ACTIVE STORIES TO INSTAGRAM If you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume that you’ve already visited an Instagram profile and wished you could do the same after seeing a highlights section consisting of tiny icons that mark various events or other categories just where the bio ends. Because this post will show you how to add highlights to Instagram, you can rest confident that you’re in the proper place.

The steps are as follows:
1. Open your Instagram account and log in. Move on to the following stage as soon as your profile is open.
2. Locate the “profile icon” at the bottom, to the right. Click or tap on it.
3. Next, select the ” sign” button at the top. Click on “Story Highlights” if it isn’t already there.
4. To add tales to your Instagram highlights, just select them now.

5. After you’ve finished choosing your stories, click “Next.”

6. Next, choose a picture or video for the highlight’s cover photo. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that this would be the first thing visitors will see when they visit your highlight page. Additionally, you must give the highlight a name so that it can be identified.

The cover photo is crucial since it serves as the viewer’s introduction to your Instagram profile. Because of this, it must be visually appealing. Let’s wrap up the procedure for adding highlights to Instagram before discussing that further in this article.

7. Next, select “Done” (for iOS users, “Add” will be the choice).

Finally, you’ve succeeded!
Now, even if your stories have expired, individuals who have been added to your profile will still be able to view your highlights.

HOW TO ADD HIGHLIGHTS FROM STORY ARCHIVES TO INSTAGRAM When Instagram introduced the Story Archive feature, which made it so simple for users to relive special experiences from the past, it was nothing short of a joyous occasion for users.

We are all aware that every story we post to Instagram only remains there for a period of 24 hours. Following that, it is immediately saved in the Story Archives section, and only you will be able to access this portion.

It is possible to share content from previous stories on Instagram even if you’re a little behind on learning how to apply highlights. Yes, you just need to take the following actions:

Click or tap on the three-line icon (sometimes known as the “menu icon”) on your Instagram profile page. It is at the top, in the right-hand corner. Select “Archive.” After that, choose the stories you want to include in the highlights. Give the highlight a name and a cover image. For Android users, click “Done” or “Add” (for iOS users). ADDING HIGHLIGHTS TO STORIES ON INSTAGRAM IS NOT THE ONLY WAY TO DO SO You could occasionally feel like adding something right away to the highlight instead of waiting to upload your usual stories. Fortunately, that is not absurd. Who knows how? To learn more about that, scroll down a little.

Change “Account Privacy” in General Settings to make your account private.

You can prevent all of your followers from seeing your tale by going to “Story Controls” in the Settings section.

The same story that you intend to use as your highlight can be added and/or uploaded. Post the same narrative as highlights on Instagram. (See the How To Add Highlights On Instagram From Active Stories section’s Steps 5 through Step 7 for more information.) Wait for 24 hours, or roughly 86400 seconds. You may then return everything to normal at that point. By changing the narrative restrictions, you can make the account public once more and allow users to access your tale. How to Increase the Number of Stories on an Active or Current Highlight on Instagram Sometimes when adding a highlight, your sight can skim over an image or a video, and you’ll want to subsequently include it in the highlight that has already been uploaded or published. It’s not at all a chore that requires biting the bullet, so don’t worry about it:

Visit your Instagram account. To edit a highlight for more articles, long-press on it now. Tap or click “Edit Highlight.” Choose the stories you want to include in the highlight. Click or press “Done” to finish. The best way to add the cover photo for an Instagram highlight without uploading it as a separate story Instagram highlight covers are currently all the rage. This is true not only because it is the first thing someone sees after your profile photo and bio, but also because it determines whether or not the person on the other end will click on it. After all, expanding reach is important in the current digital era, especially for businesses.

Of course, you may choose whatever picture you want to use as the cover photo for the highlight. However, there is also the option of uploading a different image directly from your camera roll or image gallery without first adding it to the tale and then dragging your feet for the following 24 hours. If you do these easy steps, it really is as simple as pie:

Visit your Instagram account. Hold the specific highlight you want to alter for the cover photo for a little bit longer. Tap or click “Edit Highlight.”

Then select “Edit Cover” by clicking or tapping. Choose the photo you wish to use as the highlight’s cover image from your photo gallery or camera roll. Finally, click “Done.” REMOVING STORIES FROM AN INSTAGRAM HIGHLIGHT It only takes a few clicks to delete or remove any story from a highlight:

Just click on the specific highlight.

Go to the story you want to delete or remove, then click the three dots (…) and choose “Remove From Highlight.” And that’s it! Instagram stories are just one component of Instagram highlights. They are anecdotes that give a new visitor a quick overview of a specific Instagram profile while gliding and nudging them through the purposes it serves. Without a question, this is a more targeted manner for brands and/or businesses to market themselves. Put your newfound knowledge of how to add highlights to Instagram to good use now.

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