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College Student Success: 8 Exceptional Tips

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COLLEGE STUDENT SUCCESS: 8 OUTSTANDING TIPS I find it intriguing how, once courses begin and the era of adulting begins to set in, things that were important before enrolling in college alter dramatically. It almost feels like you’ve been put into this parallel reality where you have to handle a lot of things at once.

It makes sense why college achievement is difficult for students.
I’m bringing the experts to you, College Student Success: 8 Stellar Bits of Advice , because of this.

I asked some current and former students to share their experiences and what helped them to achieve college student success, whether it be in their social lives or in academics, rather than giving you a one-sided view of what college was like for me (you can always read Things Students Should Know Before Graduating College for more on that).

I really urge you to visit these women’s websites so you can learn more about the amazing things they are all doing in the world today. They all run their own blogs.

SUCCESS TIPS FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS Follow your passion. Major in your area of passion. Do what you love to do. In any profession, you can always find a way to make money. But there’s a good reason why you have the skills and interests you do. Don’t waste them trying to make quick money. How rewarding would your life be if that investment was made in a major that genuinely lit you up instead of draining you? College is a time to educate your intellect and invest in yourself. Discover the best ways to turn your passions into a job by studying what you love and working hard to make it happen. Negative people should be ignored because they are not living your life. You do. You only have one life, so live it to the fullest!

Taylor, an Taylor Duvall

The biggest advise I can give college students is to personalize their education. Learn something new by enrolling in classes on topics that interest you or that you have never studied before. Or, to entirely tailor your degree, see whether your school will allow you to design your own major. Knowing that you had a hand in designing your education will make you much more invested and eager to push yourself to succeed.

Look Through My Lens’ Michelle

Get active. Discover others who share your passion and establish a community with them. Find your people, whether they are in Greek life, sports, the arts, academia, campus ministries, or the church. the people you call on for support, a dinner date, a study partner, or just to hang out. Don’t be frightened to attempt new things and to acknowledge that you won’t remain the same person you entered. Accept and love the fact that you will change. College forced me to push my boundaries and molded me into the person I am today.

From Choosing Joy , Kayla

My main piece of advice, coming from someone who recently graduated from college in June, is to put money into long-lasting friendships. Find some people with whom you have similar ideals and values, and then make a serious effort to develop a close relationship with them. While it’s true that I spent a lot of time obsessing about my coursework and other duties while in college, I wish I had given my close friends more of my time before we all parted ways after graduation. In my Christian fellowship group, I came across (or, more accurately, was discovered by) a delightful bunch of females who really demonstrated the value of connection development. They gave me unending love and encouragement, but they were also not afraid to criticize and confront some of my decisions. It significantly aided me in navigating all the adjustments and significant choices that came with those college years.

Stephanie from Heather, Here andamp; There
College Student Success: 8 Stellar Bits of Advice

The most crucial thing you can accomplish in college is to develop a sense of self-worth. You must learn to eat regularly, go to bed at a reasonable hour, avoid procrastination, and occasionally say “no.” On the majority of days, you will likely find yourself acting in opposition to each and every one of those things, and that is good. You must put yourself out there in order to participate in the opportunities that college has to offer. Make friends, join the club, and prepare a costume for the occasion. Although it is a really exciting time, there are moments when the sheer volume of events might be distracting from your studies. Achieve balance. You can be successful and have fun. The ideal time in life to discover who you are and what you want to do is right now. Contrary to what you’ve probably been told, it’s acceptable to prioritize your needs once in a while. In fact, doing so is beneficial to your health. You’ll thank yourself afterwards, I assure you.

Just a Friend Named K ‘s Kelsey

I was getting ready to start my freshman year of college ten years ago this summer. Even though I feel terribly old saying that, it’s fantastic to look back and see how much I’ve changed and matured since then. Learn to genuinely love yourself and other people. That is the advise I would have given myself and that I now offer to you. In college, you can explore yourself and discover your fundamental principles. While in college, it is simple to become preoccupied with academic achievement, success, and the comparison game. Take the time to discover and accept who you are, as well as to accept others for who they are. Make friendships that matter and last. Regardless of what people may think, go ahead and major in what you genuinely enjoy. Spend money on relationships and time figuring out your life’s interests and purpose.

Julie of the A Modest Vessel

Be deliberate about your friendships, that is my top piece of advice for college students. While being outgoing and gregarious is great (absolutely attend any events sponsored by the school! ), put more effort into making lifelong connections. Spend time with people you want to be like rather than merely the cool kids. It’s preferable to have a small group of loyal friends who will always have your back than a thousand strangers with no one to talk to.

Oh, and women, get yourself a portable steamer. Your clothes will be grateful.
From The Kardia Blog, Brittany

Many people experience their first time away from home and being allowed to make decisions without parental supervision while in college. Some people find this newfound freedom daunting. As a result, some people encounter circumstances that make them feel ashamed and disappointed. In the event that this occurs to you, do not remain in the present. If you are constantly looking backward, you cannot go forward.

Of course, I’d prefer it if you made the proper choices the first time—scheduling classes at times you know you’ll be there, finishing off assignments before leaving for the party, refusing to comply when you feel compelled to act in a way that contradicts your moral principles, etc. If that does not occur, keep in mind that there are only lessons to be learned from each experience in life. Take what you’ve learned from your mistakes, and keep going. It took place. It has ended. Now start over!

The Jolly Moments ‘s Keishawna
College Student Success: 8 Stellar Bits of Advice

This discussion above is REAL TALK! There is so much more to being a successful college student than just getting straight As or graduating with honors, despite the distorted perception you may have.

Spend some time on yourself, others, and enjoying these years. It won’t take you long for them to be over.

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