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College Students’ Money Saving Advice: Save Thousands

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THESE ARE THE 7 THINGS MILLENNIALS SHOULD NOT BE AFRAID TO SPEND MONEY ON The millennial generation is both a blessing and a sin.
A brand-new social network or amazing digital product appears to be launching every day, competing for our time and money.

Unfortunately, because they are still in their early careers, the majority of Millennials are left with student loan debt or lesser salaries. Because their friends and relatives might already have the newest and greatest products while they’re stuck with last year’s new version, this frequently causes feelings of FOMO (fear of missing out).

Should I really buy this right now? is a question that many Millennials ask themselves as money becomes a hot topic of discussion.

Even with a strong will to resist, there are occasions when FOMO is so strong that you find yourself putting your credit card through the scanner just to gaze at the item in disgust a few weeks later (because it really wasnt THAT necessary or great).

Thankfully, not every purchase has to lead to these unkind assessments of oneself.

As a Millennial, there are many excellent ways to spend your money so that you feel satisfied with your purchase as well as more assured in your ability to handle your finances effectively because you’re investing in things that will be more meaningful or useful to you in the long term.


Millennials and young adults often struggle to decide what to spend their hard-earned money on. Here are 7 things that are worth the investment!

) I don’t know about you, but if I don’t feel comfortable in a neighborhood, my stress level goes up, I exercise less (as I don’t want to wander about the area), and so on.

Fortunately, I’ve been fortunate enough in my adult life to not have to worry about that, but I have a few acquaintances who always seem to be counting down the days until their lease is up so they can move the hell out of dodge and into a safer area.

Of course, you never want to place yourself in a position where housing costs take up more than a third of your income. That frequently results in financial strain and could put you in a difficult situation if something were to happen to your income.

The objective is to evaluate your city and consider all the secure areas. If things are too expensive, you might need to go a little further outside of your ideal location, or you might want to think about hiring a roommate to cut your monthly expenses.

For a few years, I shared a room with someone, and everything worked out just great. By doing this, I was able to live in a safe neighborhood, which enhanced my general well-being in addition to saving money. To me, that was a win-win situation!

SUITABLE WORK WARDROBE Even if every workplace has a different dress code, you should certainly have at least one or two business casual outfits in your closet if you’re an adult. You never know when you’ll require one for a job interview, a professional meeting, or another classier type of function.

It only takes A simple pair of dress pants , a blouse, and a pair of flats or pumps to look put together. And don’t worry, none of these will cost you a fortune! If you take the time to look through the racks, you might even be able to find a full outfit like this for around $30 at a nearby thrift shop.


Millennials and young adults often struggle to decide what to spend their hard-earned money on. Here are 7 things that are worth the investment!

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve noticed that I’ve been spending more and more time in the kitchen over the years, and let me tell you from personal experience that there is nothing worse than looking for a necessary ingredient and discovering that you don’t have it.

If I’m being entirely honest, when I was younger, I was a total cheapo when it comes to my cooking supplies. When I was living in the dorms, it made sense, but when I got my first apartment, it didn’t make as much sense.

The material on my pans was peeling off, my next-to-nothing silverware was rusting, and my plates were totally college student-grade. Absolutely nothing that any of my new adult friends would want to see!

My entire way of thinking altered when I eventually received my new cookware, and my desire to spend time in the kitchen soon increased. I truly felt like serving guests rather than keeping food hidden on paper plates. It resembled taking a genuine step toward adulthood.

Naturally, I would never advise shelling out absurd sums of money on kitchenware, but I would advise purchasing at least a nice set of dishes and silverware because they can last for a very long time if you take good care of them. Also, always do your research and read product reviews before purchasing any kitchen appliances or devices. The last thing you want is for your mixer to stop working after just two weeks!

TICKETS FOR AIRCRAFT TO SEE LOVED ONES Prior to a few years ago, I used to detest buying airline tickets, especially when the costs were rising. I started trying to come up with all the different things I could buy with that money—a new phone, a tablet, a new hair straightener, etc.

The ironic thing is that one of my favorite ways to spend my excess money these days is on plane tickets.

Because it means I get to spend some time away from the ordinary. I get to visit my family, create memories, learn new things, and show my gratitude for all the people in my life. Every time I return home, I have a sense of renewal, refocus, and excitement for future visits.

A new hair straightener wouldn’t ever make me feel that way.

Make an effort to arrange visits to any family or friends you miss or would like to spend more time with. Set aside money each month to cover it in your budget so you can take the trip. You won’t regret it, I guarantee it!


Millennials and young adults often struggle to decide what to spend their hard-earned money on. Here are 7 things that are worth the investment!

A reliable computer that is portable is essential for Millennials because they live in a technologically advanced culture. Although both desktop computers and tablets have merits, I would suggest owning an laptop .

Consider the type of CPU you want, the amount of memory you require, and the types of programs you plan to use when choosing a decent model. Do not feel obligated to purchase the Big Daddy system simply because it is thought to be the greatest. If you get a laptop with a ton of extraneous features and functionalities, you may not actually need that much computing capability and you risk going over budget significantly.

Always do your research, ask your friends about their laptops to find out what they like and dislike about them, and don’t be hesitant to test them out at the store.

COMFORTABLE MATTRESSES A restful night’s sleep relaxes your muscles, your thoughts, and your entire body in addition to assisting you in being awake and attentive. You probably aren’t getting the finest sleep possible if you’re using a mattress that is 20 years old and a comforter that is falling apart at the seams.

The first thing on my list when I moved into my first apartment after college was to get a new bed. Unfortunately, I attempted to put it off as long as I could because I was aware of how expensive beds are.

I couldn’t recall my hesitation when I ultimately went to the store, picked out my bed, and had it delivered. Naturally, it was worthwhile to spend the money on an item that I would use practically every day. In addition to sleeping better, having a comfortable bed with a nice comforter helped me feel more at home in my apartment rather than just like a place to sleep.

A GOOD HAIRCUTT Last but not least, I simply had to include a good haircut since you want to feel good about how you look. When you have a poor haircut, you frequently try to cover it up and may even avoid social situations since you don’t feel like yourself.

Sometimes all you need is a good day at the salon, even if you can’t go there frequently, to feel refreshed and reborn.
It’s okay to treat yourself occasionally, pal!

I only have seven ideas, but I’d love to hear some of yours as well! Please feel free to comment below and let me know what you consider to be a wise investment.


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