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Cute School Supply Collection: A Variety for Everyone

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I used to look forward to coming back to school because it gave me an excuse to go shopping for adorable school supplies.

I used to hunt for animal-themed folders in elementary school. I made sure I had both black paper and gel pens when I started middle school because those were the essentials. After high school, college was all about stocking up on items that would keep me organized. High school was more about a stylish backpack.

Thankfully, because almost anything can now be ordered online, acquiring adorable school supplies has been much simpler over time. That’s where I discovered some of these wonderful treasures that I know you’ll adore. Please let me know which one is your favorite after viewing the ones listed below.

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cute school supplies
Make sure you include notepads on your list because they’ll be one of your best buddies in class (especially in college)!

The fact that this featured notepad is available in a range of colors and can be customized by adding your initial name is what I truly appreciate about it (or whatever other word you want). For those of you who prefer to carry a few sheets of paper to each class rather than a whole notebook, you also have the option of purchasing these as loose-leaf paper that comes in an acrylic holder.

Extra incentive: Your personalized paper is guaranteed to make a lasting impact if you are networking with people and want to share contact information (and the individuals won’t have any cause to forget your name)!

Without a planner, I genuinely can’t manage my demanding schedule any longer. I had one in high school that I had used sporadically, but as soon as I got to college, I started using one frequently. It was the only way I could stay calm and ensure that I submitted everything on time.

You should have no trouble selecting one to add to your list of adorable school supplies to buy as there are SO many designs to suit every personality and style. Target and Wal-Mart frequently offer a little selection, so I like to look around on Amazon and other websites to find additional design possibilities.

I came upon this amusing one today on Amazon:

You wouldn’t believe how frequently I asked folks for their extra tape or staplers because I didn’t have any of my own (you’d be amazed how often you need these things when they aren’t available)!

A desktop accessory set is fantastic because it includes scissors, a tape dispenser, and a stapler in one package with the same design.
Just remember to stock up on additional tape and staples in case you run out


I should have included a pencil pouch on my list of adorable school supplies to buy at the shop, you guys. My performance was an abysmal failure. Instead of keeping my pencils, pens, and highlighters in one convenient place, I was that girl who was constantly searching through her backpack for the appropriate color pen. What a depressing scene!

But seriously, I strongly advise getting a pencil pouch if you haven’t already. The pouches above are included because you receive all four (one for you backpack, one for you purse, and two for whatever else you choose).

If Paris isn’t calling your name, there are a ton of other fantastic designs available online and at your neighborhood shops!
BAG TOTE When I attended my first college classes, I observed something intriguing. The girls were all walking around with totes!

Even though I was perfectly content with my backpack, I would have definitely included a tote bag on my list of adorable school supplies if I had chosen to spend a little extra money.

The tote bag would have been much more practical for me now that I read books on my Kindle

rather than carrying them around on my shoulders (which was brutal, by the way).

If all you need to carry to a study group at the library is your laptop or a notebook, having a tote bag is also a fantastic idea. If you need to schedule upcoming meetings, you might also include your planner and one of your new pencil pouches.

If you’re looking for cute school supplies, I would suggest these tote bags:

Additional items to include on your list
Even if you might not necessarily describe the following items as cute school supplies, you should make sure to pick them up anyway:

Pens (make sure you definitely have black and red) Highlighters (get a variety of colors) Notebooks (even if you take notes on a computer, youll still want some regular paper to write on) Pencils (I didnt use these much in college, but you should still have some on hand) USB Stick (so that you can backup your documents and save them if you use the library computers) bottle of water (saves money in the long run) tissue clips (because sometimes staples are too permanent) What further details or necessities would you include?

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