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Establish a Writing Presence Online with HubPages

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Review of HubPages: Create an online writing presence The location where freelance writers must build a presence in order to earn money online is frequently a content mill website. Despite the unappealing moniker, writing for one might be the greatest place for you to start. Although a few have been around for a while, and I mean that in a good manner, I have never used anything quite like HubPages.

In 2009, when I had no idea what I was doing, I started my internet writing career. I’ve always enjoyed writing, so I started doing some basic searches to see if I might get paid for it. Associated Content was the first website I came upon (which Im sorry to say is no longer with us). I felt it was time to submit my first post after reviewing the rules. You have no idea. I was thrilled to receive my first offer for exactly $2.17! Yes, I was headed toward becoming wealthy (totally kidding).

CHOOSING HUBPAGES I dabbled in a few more content mill websites here and there between 2009 and 2014 while also publishing more of my online freelance writing projects. Although the pieces weren’t particularly good, they did give me additional chances to demonstrate my work. By the time I joined HubPages in March 2014, I thought I was finally ready to start earning even a little $50 per month from my online writing (hey, that covers at least one tank of gas).

WHAT MADE ME SELECT HUBPAGES? Easy of use Excellent Quantcast rating (millions of viewers every day) communal spirit that is strong having the freedom to write about (nearly) anything I was pleased with how simple the entire process was when I published my first hub (HubPages’ term for an article). My initial creation was finished after some experimentation with the modules and some good images I found on Flickr. I clicked publish.

SUBMISSION OF YOUR HUB: SIMPLE AND EASY Your hub will go through a review process after submission, which often just takes a few hours, while some users say that it occasionally takes up to 48 hours. If you follow these guidelines, the evaluation procedure won’t be difficult for you.

Use proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Avoid posting spam; it’s inappropriate. Avoid plagiarism When HubPages decides to highlight one of your hubs, it will appear on both the topic page you put the hub under and your profile page. Congratulations! The fun starts now!

THE HUBPAGES NETWORK The HubPages community is so great that words simply cannot express it. You will see HubPages come to life if you follow a few new hubbers every couple of days, leave comments on other hubs, and try to publish a new post every so often. I’ve never really met any of my fellow writers, but I’ve engaged with some wonderful people and gained a lot from reading their work.

HubPages is a place where you can learn new things, have fun, and develop as a writer.

Creating a writing presence online I now have connections with over 100 people that I didn’t have when I joined HubPages a few months ago. In addition, I’ve been doing well in Google rankings (in fact, my Facebook Online Yard and Garage Sales: An Overview hub consistently ranks on the first page even with 50 million results).

Because of these hubs, I now have viewers from all over the world that are interested in my content. Even while I occasionally wrote for other websites with some traffic, I never had any of those articles reach the same number of people as HubPages.

Money? Yes. Easy? No.

hubpages review How much money you can make with HubPages is the aspect that many people are interested in learning. I really wish I could offer you an easy solution, but there isn’t. While the majority of customers never even achieve payout, which is $50, some people claim to make more than $1,000 every month. I didn’t receive a payout in the first few months, but I also didn’t put much work into developing hubs.

I took a chance in May and published a piece on selfies called the No Selfie Summer Challenge.

. A few weeks later, this hub received two distinct prizes and was highlighted on the HubPages site. During that moment, both my traffic and my motivation increased. I went on a writing binge and produced four or five hubs per week for a month with ease.

I had already surpassed my first target of receiving the minimum reward for the month with a little over 35 hubs published. A lady needs her sugar fix after all that labor, so I rewarded myself with some TCBY frozen yogurt because I felt so accomplished.

I could go on and on about all the fantastic things about HubPages, but I’ll save you the trouble and just leave you with a few closing thoughts:

You can also succeed online if you remain active in the community, try to employ SEO, and post new hubs whenever you have the chance. I was inspired to start my own website by HubPages, and I’m really happy with the results. Some of my fellow Hubbers have incredible knowledge, and the more I read their work, the more I discover about what it takes to succeed as an online freelance writer. Don’t allow anything stop you from pursuing your writing dreams!


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