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Everything You Should Know About Creative Writing Degrees

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Everything you need to know about a creative writing degree Obtaining a creative writing degree may be the initial step for some writers toward publishing a book, creating a script for a production, or even starting a teaching career.

But it goes further than that.

Some graduates from other areas who have developed a passion for having a website or creating written works of art have returned to school to pursue further studies in the subject of creative writing.

I could go into the arguments that surround this degree, but I’d like to keep to the facts and let you form your own opinions.
creative writing degree

A CREATIVE Writing Degree Job Outlook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics The BLS website does not list creative writing as a separate occupation, although it does provide particular information for writers and authors ( here ). You should be aware of the following key details:

$55,940 is the average yearly income. Job growth is expected to be 3% during the next ten years. Writing, editing, and computer skills are required. The writing industry is expanding as technology develops. In the past, submitting publications and manuscripts to magazines or publishers was the only way to get your work read.

That’s not the case anymore!

You may now build your own website, self-publish using services like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing , or look for freelance work on numerous online job sites.

Colleges that offer a writing concentration or major in creative writing At the time of this publishing, a quick search on College Board turned up 273 matches for creative writing.

Below are a few of the schools and institutions that I know about, but be sure to visit the website for yourself as well! Even if the degree you seek could be available, chances are you have additional requirements for a college, including affordability or decent living possibilities.

Adams State College Asbury College University of Baldwin Wallace Butler College Cal State San Bernardino (several campuses) Pittsburgh-Mellon University Eastern Michigan University Coe College DePaul University University of Elon Johns Hopkins University Ithaca University Marshall College Miami College Purdue University Purdue Oberlin College Washington University Houston Baptist University Arizona State University Creative writing degree

SAMPLE LESSONS As you read through this list of prospective courses you might have to take, keep in mind that each school will have its unique general education and degree requirements.

If your list of potential colleges has been reduced, try to uncover the creative writing degree plans for each institution and compare them. You may then assess each program and contrast it with the others on your list by doing this.

American Poetry Modern Literature Getting Started with Creative Writing research for writers of all genres Workshop for Fiction and Nonfiction literary periodicals Writing personal essays Degrees of concentration versus major in creative writing While some colleges offer creative writing as a major, some only offer it as a specialization for another major, like writing or English. There are several angles from which to view a college major vs a concentration:

A major will call for more time in the specified subject. Your school may only list your concentration on your transcripts rather than your diploma if you choose one. The other crucial point to remember is that if you get a degree in a more diverse subject, like English, you can have more employment alternatives. Once again, in order to make the greatest decision for your future, you should consider this and perhaps speak with a professional advisor about it.

WHAT CAN I USE IT FOR? wonderful question Obtaining a degree in creative writing can take you in a number of directions, but ideally you will have discovered a subject area that you truly enjoyed writing about throughout your undergraduate years so that you can focus your search.

You might discover, for instance, that you really like writing fiction to nonfiction, or you might decide that poetry is more your style. When you have some ideas, start searching for careers and jobs using those keywords to see what comes up. You might come across job openings like:

Director of Creative Media, Copywriter, Storyteller, Ghostwriter, Creative Editor, and Freelance Screenwriter Author creative writing degree

MAKE YOURSELF A NAME You should start building a reputation for yourself as you finish your creative writing degree. you may want to start a simple website (affiliate link) is a good place to start in order to publish your work, market your services, and introduce yourself to others.

While you’re at it, start developing your social media brand to market your work and connect with others who share your interests. You may develop a network of authors who can offer you constructive critique and perhaps even employment leads by learning from others and connecting with them.

Remember that building a reputation can take time, so don’t give up if you don’t see success right away. Take pleasure in the process, take further continuing education classes if necessary, and put your degree in creative writing to good use!

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