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Five Mind-Changing Practices to Jumpstart Your Day

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5 MINDFUL ACTIONS TO GET YOUR DAY STARTED Have there ever been mornings when you wished you could just snooze back to sleep? I believe it is reasonable to say that we have all experienced this at some point. If only I had more inspiration and encouragement, I catch myself thinking, “Maybe I would feel better about today.” I continued making these justifications for months, but I got nowhere.

I eventually came to the conclusion that the change I was seeking was standing right in front of me. You don’t need anything other than yourself to complete any of these five simple mind-altering exercises to get your day started. I hope you’ll find plenty of inspiration on this list to help you get through even the hardest days!

1. Make a loud blessing.

Yes, even on a Monday morning when you have enough work to last you for the next two weeks, I’m requesting that you say a blessing aloud. Although I can’t guarantee that everything will go smoothly or that you won’t have some Monday blues, I can assure you that you have the power to alter how your day begins.

I want you to say a prayer before you get out of bed to start. Humans frequently search for the next big thing, which puts us in an ongoing competitive situation with the rest of the world. We often overlook some of the biggest benefits that are all around us because we are so ready to focus on our shortcomings and the things we lack. Simple blessings include things like having a bed, running water, a job, or a cup of coffee. Don’t forget about them!

2. Express something flattering about yourself in the mirror.

Being comfortable with who we are and how we appear is, in my opinion, one of our greatest problems in life. We are our own harshest critics because we are always on the lookout for a problem. I want you to offer yourself a complement when you look in the mirror today and every day going forward. That’s all there is to it.

3. Express your love to someone.

How frequently have you read a heartbreaking tale where someone fought with a loved one, and that person passed away? We never know when our battles will finish, even though life is a beautiful fight. I would hate for you to lose the chance to let someone know you care because your own ego or your busy schedule prevented you from giving them even two seconds of your time.

Send an SMS, make a call, send an email, post something on a Facebook wall, flood Twitter, whatever it takes if there isn’t someone nearby to talk to!

4. Workout, even for a minute.

I believe that one of the main barriers preventing exercise is a lack of time. I must say that I am a victim of this as well, and it makes me feel awful. I’ve discovered that to motivate myself to exercise, I occasionally need to read inspirational phrases or listen to upbeat music. You might give that a shot and see if it helps you. Do some moderate stretching, jog while standing still, or lift some hand weights even if you just have two minutes to spare. Even a small endorphin rush could be enough to carry you through a difficult day.

5. Confide in yourself.

I want you to hear me out before you decide I’m insane and want you to walk around constantly talking to yourself. Giving myself a little motivation to get through the day when I get into my car every morning is something I’ve been working on. I might make a comment about how I’m going to kill my meetings or how my clients benefit from my work since it improves their quality of life. The difficult stuff doesn’t seem as bad when I’m fired up about what I’m about to do, in my experience.

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