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Five Simple Steps to Writing Better Texts

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5 SUGGESTIONS FOR THIS HOLIDAY SEASON’S OPTIMIZING LANDING PAGES FOR BUSINESS The festive season is arrived. Super Saturday, Christmas, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are all loading during the Thanksgiving holiday. Black Friday sales in the US generated $7.9 billion in internet purchases last year.

Optimize eCommerce Landing Pages

Make Your eCommerce Landing Pages Better

ARE YOU SET UP FOR THE HOLIDAY SALES IN 2019? More buyers are doing their research, comparing pricing, and shopping online these days. Therefore, creating a successful e-commerce marketing strategy is essential if you want to increase sales this season.

Making effective e-commerce landing pages for your website is one approach to do this.

Your website’s landing pages are your first point of contact with visitors, and the impression you make on them this Christmas season and beyond may make or break you. This is why it’s crucial to optimize your e-commerce landing pages to produce the ideal user experience that’s not just trustworthy and inclusive but also educational and effective in the prospects’ conversion path.

This post will explain what a landing page is, why they are important, and then offer some tried-and-true advice for optimizing landing pages for e-commerce over the holiday season. But before,

A LANDING PAGE IS WHAT? When someone clicks on your offer or a link from any digital network, they will land on or be forwarded to a standalone, action-oriented page on your website called a landing page or destination page. They don’t have a navigation bar or links to other pages on your website.

Landing pages are specifically made for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign and are intended to encourage a specific set of predetermined actions. This activity could take the shape of a phone call, form submission, purchase, or download. For your e-commerce firm, landing pages are effective tools for increasing conversions and generating leads.

Ecommerce landing pages that work An effective e-commerce landing page has a compelling headline, attention-grabbing colors, a striking layout, and eye-catching photos that are tailored to a certain customer profile. Here are some effective e-commerce landing page examples to use as inspiration for your own.


This landing page is made to appeal to people who need wholesome meals quickly.
which we adore

Stunning and alluring pictures distinct layouts and color schemes There is no additional navigation. attractive headline Offered reduction is evident A prominent CTA button Customers are further persuaded by testimonies farther down the page, followed by a CTA. The timeframe provided for the discount offered produced a sense of urgency.


This landing page is made to appeal to visitors who are considering purchasing the pleasure of restful sleep on a plush mattress.

Stunning illustration of a contented family utilizing the product. A catchy headline. 2 CTA buttons that are clear for the visitors’ convenience. Windows

Wine aficionados will be drawn to this landing page.

A catchy headline A concise and interesting product image a clear CTA button. Testimonials further persuade people to act by appearing deeper down the page. Fonts that are clear and bold help the images stand out and complement it.


The goal of this landing page is to draw in dog owners looking to purchase high-quality dog food.
Discount given simple pictures Logos of trustworthy companies with testimonials about the brand help build consumer trust.

The goal of this landing page is to draw in fans of cosmetics.

quality pictures A prominent CTA button Discount given. REASONS WHY LANDING PAGES MATTER Building your brand and developing a website for it is not sufficient if it does not result in sales, especially during the current Christmas shopping season. Here are some specific justifications for why landing pages are crucial:

PRODUCE NEW LEADS You can generate leads and turn them into clients with the help of excellent and crucial landing pages. When visitors are directed to a specific landing page on your website, leads are grabbed more frequently. You can send them there from your Facebook profile or page, where over 60% of internet users hangout . The sales staff can then quickly segment these leads for the purpose of creating marketing strategies.

RECURRING PROSPECT DEMOGRAPHICS Prospects’ contact information and demographic data are gathered each time they fill out a form on your landing page to gain access to your offer. Your marketing and sales teams can use the information gathered to better understand your new prospects and segment them for the best possible targeting. This increases conversion rates and raises sales.

ACCESS INSIGHTS Your marketing campaign can use the data from your website’s landing pages. Understanding your prospects’ personas and their conversion journeys on your landing pages, as well as the success of your marketing offers by comparing them to know what is working and what isn’t, can be done with the help of data that is recorded and analyzed. Gained knowledge can assist you improve the optimization of your marketing plan.

STRENGTHEN BRAND CREDIBILITY Potential clients are persuaded of the legitimacy of your company, products, and services when you can incorporate things like customer testimonials on landing pages. Along with improving conversion rates and revenues, this will help you establish a positive online reputation.

1. INCLUDE HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCT IMAGE AND VIDEO WITH ALLUREING HEADLINES IN YOUR 5 PROVEN ECOMMERCE LANDING PAGE OPTIMIZATION TIPS FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON. Your e-commerce landing page and product pages need to include your product image or video. As a result, it’s crucial to devote time and money to taking excellent product display images.

93 percent of customers respond with product photos is a key purchase factor . The good news is that professional-quality product photography is affordable. To bring attention to the copy that goes with the photo, be sure to include an alluring headline.

2. HIGHLIGHT PROMOTIONS, OFFERS, AND SPECIFIC CTA Customers adore discounts and promotional deals. Your landing pages’ use of promos, discounts, and deals can increase conversion rates. First and foremost, it’s critical to create a worthwhile offer that motivates visitors to take action as soon as they appear on your landing page and to make sure that your landing page conveys that value.

Also, to encourage customers to act swiftly throughout the Christmas season, emphasize the time-sensitivity of your offerings. On your landing page, you must have a compelling call-to-action (CTA) button that is accompanied by a clear, succinct message that instructs visitors exactly what to do.

3. CREATE A STRAIGHTFORWARD EXPERIENCE. It is crucial to build a speedy and seamless experience from the entry point through all touchpoints to assist visitors in finding exactly what they are looking for and taking the desired action that you intended for your landing page.

This means that your product or order form should only be a single click away from your prospects. If your company is service-based, you can include a conversion form right on your landing page. Create landing pages that load rapidly as well. Process abandonment and bounce rates rise for websites with slow loading times.

4. MAKE LANDING PAGES THAT WORK ON MOBILE DEVICES Up to 70% of web traffic occurs on mobile devices, and approximately 50–60% of search inquiries often originate from these devices (CIODive, 2018). In addition, 46% of individuals said that if they had an intrusive mobile experience, they would not buy from that brand again (Google, 2017).

This suggests that more consumers increasingly make purchases using mobile devices, making mobile-friendly landing pages essential. Test your landing pages’ mobile responsiveness to check if they comply.

5. INCLUDE A HOLIDAY MAKEOVER Create a festive makeover for your landing pages to showcase the playful side of your brand in the spirit of the holiday season. Decorate your page to draw visitors and encourage sales.

By doing this, you can remind visitors that it is the holiday season, which encourages them to shop and releases hormones associated with the season. Capture the festive vibe, and then add offers to make it even happier for your visitors.

CONCLUSION This holiday shopping season, your e-commerce landing pages are crucial to your online marketing effort. The most effective of them are appealing, narrowly focused, and catered to a certain customer profile.

With the help of the e-commerce landing page optimization advice provided above, you can make your landing pages stand out from the crowd, improve SEO, increase conversions, produce new leads, and take advantage of the upcoming Christmas shopping season.

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