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Five Ways You’re Underachieving in College

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5 Ways You’re Underachieving in College The other day, when I was reflecting on my undergraduate years, I couldn’t help but feel like I lost out on so much. I had options to participate in sports, try out clubs, and pursue academic prospects.

Perhaps I was too preoccupied with the idea that college would never end. Although four years seemed like a very long time, they were actually some of the shortest in my life.

I entered adulthood immediately after graduation, where work schedules were tough and activities were much more difficult to come by. What’s worse? They demanded payment! *Gasp*

5 Ways You’re Underachieving in College Let’s be honest for a moment: We have all missed out on a lot of possibilities.

Knowing this, I’ve listed the five ways you’re failing yourself in college in the hopes that at least one of them will resonate with you and inspire you to take action.

1. You’re failing to pose pertinent and challenging questions. I’ve left a question unanswered so many times that I can’t even begin to count.

I grew better at this over time, but I missed out on a ton of opportunities to obtain better guidance, more insight, and new ways of thinking. I didn’t want to speak up in class, and I didn’t want to take the effort to seek out my professors during their office hours.

On top of that, I had grades in college that I wasn’t thrilled with since I didn’t ask the correct questions.

Challenge: Stop underperforming in college and begin jotting down those urgent queries you’ve had all semester! Make an effort to meet with at least one of your teachers this week after taking a time to jot down some ideas and suggestions.

2. You are not utilizing the resources on campus. Resources on campus include more than just the recreation facility and exercise programs, in my opinion. I’m also referring to the departments that are frequently disregarded by students, including as counseling, tutoring, the career center, and others.

You can get assistance from any of these persons on campus, so be sure to ask for them if you think you might be in need of them. If I had to choose just a few things for you to do, I’d advise you to visit the writing center and the career center (if available).

You pay a lot of money to go to college, so why not make use of all the excellent resources that are already available to you?

If you don’t pay for them, of course, all of these advantages will disappear after you graduate.

Pick a campus resource that you haven’t used yet as your challenge. This week, make it a priority to visit the department to either learn more or speak with someone.

3. YOU’RE SPENT TOO MUCH TIME IN YOUR DORM ROOM Once again, I was entirely responsible. Yes, I had homework to do and things to concentrate on, but I also isolated myself too much and missed out on seeing the various structures and settings on campus.

I could literally kick myself since the interior of a brand-new building on my campus, which I didn’t even visit until my final semester, would have been PERFECT for studying!

Simply put, staying isolated in your room while in college is a failure on your part.
You’ll only have the “real” college years once in your life. Spend some time taking in your surroundings and getting familiar with the school.

I dare you to spend some time this week on your campus exploring a location that you haven’t been recently. You might might discover a new hangout area that you love!

Make your dorm room comfortable if you must spend time there. For inspiration, check out How to Make Your College Dorm Room a Retreat!

4. You have only occasionally attended sporting events. During my first two years, I was a huge football fan, but for some reason, during my last two years, I stopped going to as many sporting events.

This is certainly one of my biggest regrets since I’ll never have the opportunity to watch a game with my classmates in the student section while dressed out in temporary tattoos and screaming my head off.

It’s still fun to attend the games, display school pride, and hang out with your friends even if your school doesn’t have a great athletic program!

Challenge: Check out the calendar of sporting and special activities at your school to see if there are any that catch your attention. Once you’ve found one you want to go to, see if a friend wants to go with you.

5. YOU AREN’T REGULARLY CREATING YOUR NETWORK I can now see why my lecturers invited us to so many networking events in the past.
I believe I attended one or two… I was so worried that I decided not to go there anymore.

Unfortunately, by staying in my comfort zone, I was missing out on important opportunities to network with locals and employers that could help me get employment in the future.

Let this serve as a reminder that discomfort and struggle are a necessary part of any progress. You’re probably not making much progress if you’re merely coasting along.

If you aren’t networking when you are in college, believe me when I say that you are failing yourself.

Imagine how many professional relationships you’ll miss out on by not putting yourself out there. It might not seem like a huge deal at the time. You occasionally have to take those chances in order to benefit.

Ask your career center if there are any upcoming campus or neighborhood networking activities. Schedule the event on your calendar and decide whether you’ll go.

Any of these ideas jump out to you? If so, please share your story with me! Simply let me know where you’re having trouble in the comments section below. I’m here to encourage you!

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