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Holiday Gift Guide from ModCloth: 3 Items Women on Your List Will Love

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The following post contains affiliate links, and I may receive compensation if you purchase something after clicking one of those links and leaving this site.
Did you realize that, as of today, Christmas is only 43 days away? I realize it’s insane.
You now have six weeks to finish all of your holiday shopping!
Stressed? Never be! For your convenience, ModCloth has put together a holiday gift guide with suggestions for everyone on your list (including guys).

There were so many options, but I wanted to highlight my top three picks for Christmas presents for women so you could start planning the rest of your holiday buying.

1. Burgundy Winterberry Tart Coat

Absolutely gorgeous is how ModCloth describes this Winterberry Tart Coat. It’s crucial to have a warm winter coat on hand because the harsh winter weather is set to hit the entire country (shout out to Minnesota and some of the Northern states for receiving over a foot of snow).

As much as I detest the cold, I also detest donning clunky sweaters and jackets that lack any sense of elegance.

I’m very happy that times have changed and that more businesses are making an effort to offer fashionable, long-lasting winter apparel (there is nothing worse than buying a coat and then having it fall apart after one season).

I selected this specific Winterberry Tart Coat as my first suggestion for a holiday present for a woman since it provides the fashion and coziness that a winter coat ought to have. Instead of the usual straight up and down pattern, you’ll notice that the buttons on the front are slightly slanted up.

The fact that this winter coat includes pockets is one of my favorite hidden features!

This feature appeals to me in particular since it provides a spot for the woman in your life to store her gloves or mittens on really chilly days (for me, that’s any day below 50 degrees).

Did I mention that this fashionable item pairs well with a ton of awesome sweaters?
2. Scarf, All Eyes on Me

Concerned that the women on your holiday shopping list will receive gifts of clothing that are the wrong size? Fear not, for this fantastic scarf is here!

I’ll be open and admit that as a child, I never really liked scarves. Before I grew out of the invincible period that all kids go through when they believe that the cold will never tickle their bones, I used to assume that they would make me feel restricted.

Guess what? I’ve definitely reached that point now, and I value any piece of warm winter clothes I can find!
Since this scarf can be worn all year round, I picked it out of the ModCloth holiday guide.
Why would anyone want to wear a scarf in the heat, I know what you’re thinking.

Well, the beautiful thing about this specific scarf is that it can be looped so that it has several layers to it, offering that little bit of extra warmth needed during the colder months, or it can be used as just an add-on accent piece, as highlighted by other reviews of this identical product.

In addition, this scarf has a beautiful neutral foundation with a subtle blue pop, making it simple to match with a range of colors and outfit options.

3. Charcoal Strut the Strut Bootie

As soon as I laid eyes on these adorable boots, I started singing “You Had Me at Hello.” Excuse me while I go! You guys have no idea how difficult it was for me to choose on just three items for this article, but when I saw these, I just had to show them to you guys.

Growing up, I never thought of myself as a feminine girl, but today I can appreciate a lovely pair of boots, and ankle boots are currently all the rage.

The boot’s style is wonderful for all those skinny jeans that are piling up in your closet (or in the closet of the woman for whom you are shopping) and are just begging to be flaunted. The charcoal hue that is depicted in the image above is ideal for combining with all types of colors and patterns.

I must admit that the bows on each of these boots are my favorite aspect of them; aren’t they adorable?

Trust me when I say that these pair of booties is a terrific find since I can honestly state that I have yet to see a boot in a real physical and mortar store that has bows like this.

Still unsure on what to purchase? There are lots of additional presents available on ModCloth!

Check out ModCloth’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide if you need additional ideas or simply want more options. You may be sure that you won’t be dissatisfied if you visit them because I wouldn’t have featured them if I didn’t adore their stuff!

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