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How Peer Support Can Boost Your Self-Esteem in College

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WHAT TO EXPECT IF YOU GET A MICRODERMABRASION Yesterday, I gave in and had my first microdermabrasion at a local esthetician’s office. For the most part because to my extremely oily skin, a few acne scars, and an uneven skin tone, I had been debating purchasing one for a long. I wanted to at least give it a shot even though I knew it wouldn’t work marvels.

benefits of getting a microdermabrasion

For those of you who are unfamiliar, a microdermabrasion is a process that an esthetician can perform in a salon or spa with no downtime. I had a diamond tip microdermabrasion that lasted 60 minutes and felt more like a suction than anything else.

THE BENEFITS OF MICRODERMABRASION What is one of the principal advantages of a microdermabrasion? Pain was nonexistent. It also offers the following advantages:

Buffed away is the dead skin Skin feels silky after cleansing. No time is required for recovery can aid in reducing the visibility of small wrinkles can aid in the treatment of scars and acne (though it may take at least a few treatments to see results) I wanted to observe how the entire procedure went because this was my first time receiving a microdermabrasion before deciding whether or not I wanted to attempt it again. In order for my esthetician to see what she was working with, she had me change into a wrap and lay under the covers on her table (a.k.a. my oily face). I had a facial with her a few weeks prior, so I immediately felt at ease and could unwind.

She started with some sort of product before starting the microdermabrasion machine. As I previously mentioned, it had bristles at the end and felt like a vacuum. There was no discomfort at all; in fact, I enjoyed it.

She kept applying the diamond-tipped device to my face and neck until it was completely coated.
She brushed the extra product off my face after turning the machine off.

I noticed how smooth my skin was at that point. How smooth my face felt astounded me. It appeared as though my face had entirely recovered in a short period of time!

WHERE DO ACNE SCARS STAND? My face did appear better, but I could still see my scarring when I eventually got a chance to look in the mirror. In fact, I’d even say that it appeared healthier. I could see that obtaining a microdermabrasion had helped improve the skin tone concerns I was having on other portions of my face (where the scarring didnt exist much, if at all).

I can tell there was a tiny difference, but nothing significant, in the acne scars.

However, I wasn’t surprised by those outcomes because I’ve read multiple reviews from other microdermabrasion patients. They all agreed that while there won’t be any noticeable changes right away, they will appear after a few sessions.

WOULD I BUY A SECOND ONE? Absolutely! My face felt a lot better afterward, and I was really pleased with my experience. Even though I don’t anticipate ideal results, I’m interested to see how my face will appear a few months from now.

I had a microdermabrasion along with what was almost a small facial mask! After a trying week, it was exactly what I needed.

My esthetician did advise me that she may try a chemical peel and a microdermabrasion to penetrate the skin a little bit deeper if I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted after a few appointments. I’m going to hold off on that for a little while and see how the following few sessions go.

ARE YOU CONSIDERING A MICRODERMABRASION? I would advise you to speak with your esthetician if you are thinking about undergoing this procedure to find out whether they believe it will be useful for you. I think the service is fantastic and cannot wait to receive my next one!

Here are some things to remember:

Afterwards, your skin will be more supple. Your skin’s texture and tone might change for the better. It benefits greasy skin. Results won’t appear right away, but for some people, receiving a few treatments has been proved to be successful. Everyone’s face is unique, so don’t anticipate getting the same results as someone else. Do you aware of any further advantages to receiving a microdermabrasion? Do you possess one? Please comment below with your ideas!

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