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How to Have a Thanksgiving Holiday While in College

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TEN ADVICES I WISH I KNEW AS A FRESHMAN IN COLLEGE I’ve started to reflect on my first three years of college as I prepare to enter my senior year. I was excited to leave the house, meet new people, and identify my passions as a freshman in college. Everyone’s college experiences are various and distinctive, but there are a few things I wish I had knew and utilized earlier on. Here are my top ten advice items that I wish I had known as a college freshman:

1. A ROOM FULL OF GUESTS Before starting college, I was repeatedly taught this, but I originally disregarded it. I had the good fortune to go to the same college as my best high school classmate. We decided to room together despite the advice of several people who warned us not to do so because it would damage our friendships. This allowed us to live out all of our college fantasies.

By the end of the semester, we resolved to defy the odds and join the small group of students who didn’t want to rip each other’s hair out. And what’s this? We’re still in our senior year and best buddies. But we weren’t able to establish new pals until we began sharing a room with strangers. By sharing a space with your best friend, you’ll always have someone to hang out with and things to do. If you choose to live with your friends, make a commitment to getting to know the other members of your dorm and including them in roommate bonding activities .

2. Locate a quiet study area. I didn’t start studying in the library rather than on my bed until the conclusion of my second year of college. This poor habit not only made me feel too cozy and tired, but doing my homework at home was a big distraction. The interruptions from my roommates would persuade me to abandon my studies in favor of the more fascinating things going on around me.

On campus, look for a quiet area where you may focus entirely on your homework. Finding a quiet, distraction-free cubicle in the library was necessary for me to do this.

3. GET POWER SNAGS A nap will save your life, I can assure you of that. A 10-minute power sleep can do wonders for your energy levels between classes, work, and study. Try meditating for 10 minutes if you have trouble falling asleep immediately. Take a minute to unwind, breathe, and mentally get ready for the next stressful section of your day rather than scrolling through your Instagram feed in between courses.

4. WORK IN THE OFFICE You can talk to your instructors regarding assignments during their office hours with the majority of them. Benefit from this! You can gain clarification on assignments, comments on how to make your work better, and a chance to get to know your professors better by going to their offices during office hours. This is crucial since your network of connections will play a significant role in your ability to get employment after graduation. By taking advantage of office hours, you may show your professors you are proactive and earn their respect, which could lead to them writing recommendations for your future job applications.

5. MEET YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD The friends you make and the individuals you meet while in college are some of its best aspects. Make it a goal for yourself to make smalltalk and venture outside of your comfort zone. Even if it means physically moving three steps to your neighbor’s door next door. Invite them over when you and your roommates have game nights or waffle gatherings. When we crammed as many people as we could into our tiny apartment for Sunday brunch and game evenings, some of my best college memories occurred.

6. RESIST LETTING DATE TAKE OVER Do not misunderstand; dating is wonderful. The best time to meet new people, form bonds with them, and even find love is during college. Do not, however, let dates trump your academic performance. I went from occasionally skipping an assignment to go out to having my grades absolutely suffer so that I could spend more time with my lover. Guess what I got from that? A poor GPA and a wounded heart.

They will be accommodating of you splitting your time with your studies if they are truly worth your attention. A pro tip is to go somewhere where you won’t be sidetracked, like the library, on your study date if you really want to finish your assignment.

7. MAKE USE OF THE FITNESS CENTERS ON CAMPUS You might only only have free access to fitness centers while you’re in college. Utilize this to the fullest extent, especially if you want to avoid the freshman 15. In order to have someone to keep you motivated, see if one of your roommates will be your gym partner. Even different exercise classes, including cycling and yoga, are offered on some campuses in the evenings.

8. SAVINGS FOR STUDENTS I knew there were a lot of discounts available to college students when I first started, but I wasn’t sure where or what kinds of discounts I could receive. Netflix, Amazon Prime Student, Apple Music, Spotify Hulu, Office Max, and Adobe are a few of the more popular ones. I advise looking into textbook bargains online and seeing if nearby merchants provide student discounts and special offers.

9. GET INTERNSHIPS STARTED EARLY I initially believed that internships were only available to college seniors. I assumed it served as a sort of capstone to your education and, if they thought highly enough of you, could lead to a career. Although it may be the case in many instances, this is not the only truth. Take advantage of the chance to complete many internships if you can.

You can determine if you genuinely want to work in your field of study for the rest of your life as soon as you can have some first-hand experience in it. If you wait until the conclusion of your education to gain experience, you run the danger of spending four years studying a subject before deciding it’s not for you.

10. BE SLOW I’ve come across far too many folks who want to go through college quickly in order to move on to the next phase of their lives. It’s wonderful if you’ve discovered your passion and are eager to launch your career. However, this era of life offers a lot of opportunity to actually connect with people and learn more about oneself.

Enjoy your time in college, live it up, and take it easy. Take a couple road trips, join a club, support your school’s team, or perhaps spend a semester abroad. Your future full-time job will provide you lots of time to work, but you only have so much time in college. Take advantage of it while you can!

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