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How to Increase HubPages Traffic

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Increasing traffic to Hubpages My very favorite content mill writing website is HubPages. I don’t mean it negatively when I use the word “content mill”; I merely use it to describe the large number of articles (referred to as hubs) that are written by many different authors.

How do I increase traffic to my HubPages articles is a common query I receive from other hubbers.
It’s a legitimate inquiry.

Whether it’s to share our experiences with people around the world or to simply inspire others, all authors aspire to reach a broader audience for a variety of reasons.

How do we go about doing that, then?
I want to start by emphasizing the following:
It requires endurance.

Your HubPages articles may seem like they will never receive any traffic, but I assure you that it will happen eventually.

When I first started using the site, I recall publishing my first few hubs. I occasionally received a few views, but I was still without a following. I had to realize that I needed to be patient with the procedure if I wanted to succeed on the site.

Start interacting with the HubPages community to help give yourself a boost!

Joining forums is one of the finest methods to do this. There are discussions about just about anything there. It’s also a fantastic way to introduce yourself, get tips from seasoned users, and become familiar with all the features of the website.

You can start following some other hubbers in addition to the forums, but exercise caution!
It is not a good idea to follow several individuals at once and to request their followers in return.

If you stay with your content, the followers will come on their own, which I know how stressful and disappointing it may be to only have five people following you after a few weeks on the site.

By reading one of the articles written by another Hubber and leaving a comment on it, you can demonstrate to them how much you value their work. I advise you to make a longer comment than simply two words; mention anything you really liked about it!

Additionally, bear in mind that if you don’t keep your work focused, no one will find it.

Here’s what I mean: I’m assuming you’ve heard of SEO; make sure to incorporate it into your hubs. The search engines will have a difficult time putting your hub anyplace relevant if you write stuff that is all over the place.

Create distinct hubs if you have a lot of ideas racing through your head. That’s all there is to it!
Additionally, you should try to abide by HubPages’ recommendations.

You’ll see a checklist box in the upper right corner of the screen when you’re constructing a hub. Here, you can count the number of words, images, and other interactive elements you’ve added.

You don’t have to include all of them in order for your hub to be published, but I STRONGLY advise that you do. If you don’t give your readers a break from all the writing with a few pictures and at least the minimum number of words, they won’t stay on your page.

Your procedure is a little trickier if you publish creative work. You might need to shift your efforts away from search engine traffic and toward social media and other venues. Additionally, you might want to look for other Hubbers who share your opinions so you can follow them and learn from them.

Finally, choose a suitable title for your essay.

I have nothing against individuals using catchy titles, but I also think it’s critical to use at least a few keywords in your title. You must keep in mind that when people search for something on Google, they use keywords.

Here’s an illustration of how I tried to give long-distance relationships a little spin in one of my hub titles:
Five People in a Long-Distance Relationship Who May Not Make It

There are many articles discussing how to keep long distance relationships alive and make them work, but there are much less that discuss the negative aspects. I pondered whether I would receive more traffic if I talked about those who wouldn’t succeed instead. What the heck, it actually worked!

These suggestions may seem very simple, but that was my intention when I wrote them. There isn’t a trick to driving crazy amounts of traffic to your pages. Start by writing what you know rather than stressing over every single viewpoint. I think you can succeed on HubPages if you are committed to what you write and are passionate about it.

Any inquiries? I’d be happy to assist you in any manner I can.

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