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How to Stay Ahead of the Trends When You Can’t Shop In Store

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I like to think that, as a RA myself, I have some knowledge of living in a dorm. Since I’ve been a RA for three years, I’ve experienced everything.

Here’s the lowdown on what your college resident advisor wants you to know.

Things Your College RA Wants You to Know - College tips for campus life and living in the dorms with a resident assistant.

Be discreet about it if you’re going to break the rules, at least. As much as you do, we don’t want to put you in trouble because that would just mean more work for us!

We can’t really ignore the sound of people shouting and the sound of glasses clinking outside their door, though.

TRY TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS PRIOR TO CONTACTING US Talk to her if you’re experiencing issues with your roommate! Before calling us, try plunging your toilet if it’s clogged. (Yes, I have occasionally cleaned clogged toilets.)

This not only simplifies our life but also teaches you how to resolve issues independently. The ability to handle issues on your own is a major indicator of maturity.

RESPECT THE DIFFICULT WORK WE DO The tasks that RAs perform on a daily basis include filling out paperwork, creating door decorations, making rounds, cleaning up people’s trash, settling arguments between housemates, and hanging posters. Additionally, you were a human being and a student!

Sleep and study time are essential. We must take a moment to relax. We’re not always here for you. This implies that you shouldn’t knock on our door if you are locked out of your room in the middle of the night. The RA is on duty, as well as the campus police.

No matter what time of day it is, DO NOT RUN AND SCREAM IN THE HALLS. It isn’t cute, witty, or endearing. It annoys us and only makes us unhappy.

Remain respectful of our decorations and bulletin boards. One of the tasks that takes the most time on our end is making these. Our floor decorations and bulletin board are our lifeline. The destruction or vandalism of our decorations is one of the harshest insults a RA can experience.

Things Your College RA Wants You to Know - Great tips for college students who are living on campus with a resident assistant

WE HAVE BEEN THERE FOR AT LEAST TWO WEEKS BY THE TIME YOU MOVE IN. We have spent countless hours in training, making sure your room is tidy, decorating the halls, creating welcome packets, and studying every aspect of being a RA, by the time orientation and move-in day roll around.

This means that even though you may be incredibly enthused, enthusiastic, and energized, we are incredibly exhausted but won’t show it. We must maintain a positive attitude and extend a warm welcome to you at campus.

RULES ARE NOT MADE BY US. In reality, despite the fact that we may not agree with many of the laws, we nonetheless respect and adhere to them. You ought to follow suit.

BE HUMAN TO US! If you see us around campus, please say hello even if you aren’t our best friend. Seriously, a smile and a wave may make all the difference. It doesn’t take much to brighten our day, and it helps to have your RA on your side!

JOIN US AT OUR EVENTS The worst feeling a RA can experience is when nobody shows up to an event she spent hours planning and advertising. Even we recognize that occasionally our events are boring. But complimentary food is always available at our events!

The majority of us enjoy our work and want to see you succeed. We’re not trying to harm you. We are not here to act as the cops. It’s our responsibility to make your college experience the best it can be. Unfortunately, there are occasions when doing that entails yelling at you or writing you up for playing your music too loud. Even while there may be moments when we do things you don’t agree with, everything we do is ultimately for the benefit of everyone’s college experience.


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