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How to Write the Ideal Scholarship Essay

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HOW TO WRITE THE PERFECT ESSAY FOR A SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION As you race towards your dream job, college offers unmatched chances for academic and professional growth. However, unlike the student discounts you obtain at local businesses in your college town, college is not inexpensive. That is why a lot of students decide to look for scholarships to aid in their college expenses.

Although prospective college students frequently neglect to apply for scholarships, those who do are up against fierce competition. You must distinguish yourself if you want to apply for a scholarship this year and make the most of your abilities and resources.

Follow these essential strategies to give your scholarship essay an edge over other applicants’ submissions:

EXPLICITLY COMPLY WITH ALL REQUIREMENTS Almost every organization that awards scholarships will have requirements that applicants must follow when writing their essays. Although it is simple to justify deviating somewhat from the requirements in your application, don’t be a rebel!

An annual scholarship from Fox Pest Control awards applicants with an four rules for their essays. The first recommendation reads:

Send in a 400–800 word essay about a charitable endeavor you oversaw or took part in after January 1, 2019. If you previously won this prize, you must submit an application with an essay describing a different project.

You could be tempted to write 900 words when writing your essay about the life-changing service project you planned in March 2019 (not 2017 or 2018), as you reveal everything about the initiative you are so passionate about. As we will explore in the next stage, while passion is an important element of your essay application, so is the word restriction.

Too many candidates fail to recognize that scholarship graders frequently use a rubric. The Fox Pest Control Scholarship’s evaluation criteria can take into account whether the application adhered to the desired word count.

So keep in mind that following the rules is important when writing your essay. Writing an excellent essay while adhering to restrictions as seemingly unimportant as word count is entirely possible.

WRITE CONVINCINGLY Do you recall teachers telling you to use your writing to “show them, don’t tell them”? If so, that was wise advice—especially for those applying for scholarships! For a chance to be the fortunate student that leaves with additional money for tuition and books, here is your chance to stand out and make readers feel the way you want them to.

Let’s imagine that you are writing about a project you spearheaded where you and other people organized meals for the homeless.
Rather than saying:

We served homemade pancakes, bacon, and fresh fruit to 50 homeless people camped out on the street every morning at 8 a.m. Seeing them get what they required made me feel fantastic.

Do try saying:

We watched their faces light up with joy and relief at the sight of homemade pancakes, bacon, and fresh fruit as we passed through the mob of glum and hungry people at eight every morning. I’ll never forget how much fun our early-morning excursions gave them.

PUT YOUR LIVING EXPERIENCE TO USE Writing about something you have firsthand knowledge of is always preferable to writing about something you have simply imagined or hoped would happen. Writing about a life action you’ve taken demonstrates the commitment and drive scholarship donors look for in potential applicants.

Delia Cote applied for the initial Fox Pest Control Scholarship in 2021 and was awarded $2,000 for her efforts. Delia and her father came up with the Post-It Project while volunteering for Hope for NH Recovery, a non-profit organization in Manchester New Hampshire that aids those struggling with substance addiction issues in recovering. They bought about 600 post-it notes, scribbled encouraging phrases on them, and plastered them across three walls of the organization in an effort to make each individual in recovery feel loved and cherished. Take one or leave one, Delia instructed on a separate piece of paper placed next to the display.

Delia talked in her writing about doing things directly. By doing this, she demonstrated how she went above and beyond for her charitable endeavor and met Fox’s scholarship requirement.

Consider applying for the Fox Pest Controls 2022 Scholarship if you’re looking for scholarship opportunities, have a service-oriented project to share, and live or intend to attend college in one of the following states: Virginia , Illinois , Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, or Texas. To write a winning scholarship essay for Fox’s scholarship or any other you decide to apply for, keep in mind the guidelines above.

Test your writing skills today and earn an apply to qualify for a scholarship.

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