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Is It Possible to Get Married in College?

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WHAT CAREER PATHS ARE THE MOST DESIRABLE AMONG GEN Z? The young adults who were born after 1997 are known as Generation Z, and they will soon make up the labor force. These people will have a significant impact on acceptable career paths and employment market trends as they enter college, graduate from high school, and begin their professions. In actuality, this generation consists of around 90 million people, all of whom are influenced by the contemporary socioeconomic and political environment.

So which professions appeal to Generation Z the most? NSHSS recently carried out and published its 2020 Career Interest Survey to provide some insight into the goals of this generation. Over 14,000 people in their high school and college years of every ethnicity responded to the study, which was conducted from March 17 to April 7.

According to this survey, certain ideals drive Generation Z’s job plans as a result of current events including the health condition and recent racial reckoning in the United States, as well as previous economic downturns.

For instance, Gen Z is looking for occupations that give some financial security, the opportunity for customized growth, work-life balance, a focus on global issues, and alignment with social justice.

CAREER VALUES OF GENERATION Z The world in which Generation Z has grown up, a world where economic certainty seems out of reach, social issues are at the forefront of the social psyche, and the crisis has permanently altered how people around the world view healthcare and social interaction, is directly responsible for the career values of Generation Z.

RESPONSIBILITY AS A SOCIETY Generation Z is looking for professions with organizations that emphasize social responsibility and giving back because they have experienced and participated in the challenges affecting society today, such as racial and gender inequality, global warming, and poverty.

They take into account a company’s ecological impact, the gender pay gap between men and women with comparable qualifications, and the diversity of leadership teams. These elements might even have a significant impact on whether a member of Generation Z pursues a job opportunity with a particular organization.

SEEKING RESPONSES Generation Z is likewise looking for solutions to the problems facing the planet. After witnessing so many significant issues harm their own futures and put residents all over the world in danger, they are lured to professions that will enable them to play a significant role in global problem solutions.

STEM-RELATED Generation Z is also drawn to STEM-related occupations, which is maybe not surprising. The first generation to have grown up totally online and reliant on cutting-edge technology is this one. Therefore, this generation is aware of the value of technology as a tool for resolving problems in the future and is generally extremely adept at using it.

This explains why so many members of Generation Z are interested in medicine after going through this experience.

Practical Job Training Additionally, the majority of poll participants said that they were more interested in on-the-job training. In comparison to prior years, fewer students expressed interest in post-graduate study. As they advance in their fields, more students are seeking training while employed and gaining practical experience.

Top Gen Z industries for medicine and health-related fields Business/Corporate Arts Biology/Biotechnology The top 5 industries chosen by Gen Z appear to directly address contemporary challenges including the state of the world’s health and global warming. In actuality, just 17% of respondents were interested in the following three industries and 14% were interested in a career in the arts, whereas 37% of respondents expressed interest in medicine and other health-related sectors.

GEN Z TOP EMPLOYERS WANT TO WORK FOR A LOCAL HOSPITAL ST. JUDE CHILDRENS RESEARCH HOSPITAL MAYO CLINIC WALT DISNEY COMPANY GOOGLE Gen Z’s desire to make a difference in the medical industry is also reflected in the top employers that this generation wants to work for.

The first three employers listed are in the medical industry, while the fourth and fifth options are for those who want to work in business or, perhaps, the arts.

Gen Z students are particularly interested in joining organizations that they believe to be socially conscious, offer prospects for advancement, and support some degree of work-life balance.

Therefore, you are not alone if you are a member of Generation Z looking for these kinds of chances. Additionally, given the era in which you lived, your interests in particular subjects and the ideals you hold dear to your heart are understandable.

Find the appropriate career for you and embrace your ideals based on your experiences! Businesses will be paying attention to your hobbies and preferences as well, which is encouraging for a future where employers prioritize improving the world.

BRIEF BIO Chris Everett works as a content writer and marketing specialist for the NSHSS , an academic honor society dedicated to assisting young scholars as they prepare to enter higher education and beyond. Follow NSHSS on Twitter or Facebook for additional information and advice.

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