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Items You Must Pack in Your College Backpack

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COLLEGE FRESHMAN TIPS FOR SUCCESS IN THE CLASSROOM If my undergraduate years taught me anything, it’s that life is far bigger than the drama that happens in high school.

On a similar vein, as you move from hardly studying for tests to cramming for three exams in one night, the academic component of your scholastic experience turns into a severe case of stress and worry.

I’m going to give you some advice for academic achievement as a college freshman because I want to assist you get through your undergrad years before they get out of control (like in the situation above).

You’ll have more student advice under your belt by the time you finish reading this post than I had during my whole first year of college!

College freshman study tips, time management advice, and useful degree planning info for new and first year students. These tips will help you be a more successful college student. Click through to check them out!

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CAPTION IMPORTANT DATES AND DEADLINES IN AT LEAST TWO LOCATIONS. I can’t stress enough how important it is for first-year college students to have two tracking and planning systems rather than just one.

For myself, I strategically put my planner and sticky notes such that I never missed a deadline. When I had a lot of chapters to read and tests that were coming up that all seemed to be at the same time, this was quite useful.

I utilized sticky notes as instant reminders for things that needed to be done or were going to happen within the next 24 to 48 hours after writing down every major date and deadline in my planner (I used two, but this one was my favorite for keeping track of assignments). I was able to move on after finishing everything on that list and check my schedule to see if there were any other urgent tasks or readings that I could complete during my study time.

Things Freshmen in College Can Use to Be Successful
So where can I find all of these upcoming deadlines and significant dates?
taken from the course outline.

I constantly advise reading your syllabus because it is your lifeline in class, but I can’t help but mention it in my advice for college freshmen. Professors expect you to read the document they put EVERYTHING in.

So spend some time going through it and writing down all of the dates your professor has listed, rather than putting it to the side, trashing it, or using it as a broom pan. Personally, I discovered that noting all of my readings for the week in my planner’s notes section or on a weekend day was helpful. I didn’t want them to get lost among the other papers, tests, and assignments that were due throughout the week!

TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR TIME MANAGEMENT FROM THE OUTSET Forget about all the laziness you shown in high school. That ship has left port!

Even though I was one of those kids who could never study and still get amazing grades, my academic career was not saved by my speedy learning curve. In fact, during my first year of college, I obtained the lowest grades of my life.

What a shocking awakening.

I understood that scheduling your time in college required a totally different effort and level of planning. I HAD to make sure that my studying was finished before I could participate in an activity because if I didn’t, I would be farther behind and have trouble keeping up with the lectures.

Solutions for Every College Student’s Time Management Problems, How to Contain a Productive Study Session, and Be a More Productive College Student in 7 Days all have some particular advice for time management success for college freshmen (which will also give you the opportunity to sign up for my free ecourse which teaches you the basics of being more productive in just a week). Check out those posts if you want further help and in-depth information!

College Freshman Tips for Academic Success | Study times, time management advice, and useful degree planning info for new and first year college students. These tips will help you be a more successful student. Click through to check them out!

BE BRAVE TO ACCEPT YOU’RE LOST EARLY Asking my lecturers for assistance was a difficult thing to do. Since they have never had to interact in this way before, I believe many college freshmen may identify. In addition, educators don’t treat their students like high school students. They treat you like the responsible adult that you are, so they anticipate that you will speak up for yourself and take the initiative to complete tasks.

They also want you to ask for assistance when you need it, which is something I have a tendency to avoid because of my arrogance.

If only I had paid attention to the advice I received from upperclassmen, I can only speculate how much better my freshman academic performance might have been. Instead, I made a valiant effort to understand the difficult material on my own, but I failed terribly.

It didn’t happen until my junior year that I started to organize myself.

I was having trouble in a class on advertising design, and I realized that without some guidance, it would be practically difficult for me to do well in that class. As a result, I made my way into my professor’s office while feeling nervous and anxious and requested for advice and strategies for succeeding in his class.

Do you know what took place?

He provided me with more advice than I could have possibly expected. There was no criticism or questioning of my skills. In fact, he said he was happy I arrived early in the semester so he could provide me with feedback as the course progressed.

That’s when I understood just how eager college instructors are to help.

So for the remainder of the semester, I made an effort to speak with him once a week to share my design concepts and solicit his opinion on any improvements I could make.

It all worked out because I got an A.

This story is being told to you in an effort to get you to admit when you need a little additional support and to push yourself a little outside of your comfort zone. a human being It’s okay if our minds don’t always comprehend all that is said to us.

PLAN YOUR GRADUATE PROGRAM AND ACADEMIC PROGRESS One of the best pieces of advice for college freshmen I ever heard was to look through the course catalog at my school and make a rough degree plan or calendar for my undergrad program.

Yes, the assignment initially appeared to be somewhat overwhelming, but I soon understood that having this document would not only help me graduate on time, but would also enable me to know which classes I should sign up for at any given term. Sure, a few modifications had to be made along the way, but I was prepared for them and didn’t encounter any problems when they appeared.

Make sure to check out my comprehensive free guide on drafting a degree plan!

NEVER STOP IMPROVING, ALWAYS You should use your college years to discover who you are and what you want to do with your life, as well as to help you study. Make sure you take use of the chances you have because many of them won’t exist when you graduate.

Always be on the lookout for ways to improve your life and your academic standing. Set objectives, take up new interests, and never accept a grade that isn’t satisfactory.

What other advice would you provide students who are freshmen in college?

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