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My Strategies for A-Grade College (And How You Can Too)

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USE THESE IDEALS TO MAKE YOUR COLLEGE DORM ROOM A RETREAT. Check out both my new post and my earlier one, which highlighted the essentials you should have on your college student checklist for campus life in case you missed it: Decor for dorm rooms: 10 Essential Items for Just $20

Let’s talk about how you’re going to make your place feel more like a vacation for those of you who already have your dorm room necessities covered. I have firsthand knowledge of how boring dorm rooms can be, so trust me when I say you’ll need some furnishings to make it feel more like home!

*Full disclosure: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means I may get paid if you buy something after clicking one of them. Please be aware that I only list goods that I firmly believe in and endorse.

Dorm room ideas for college students. Tips for making your room feel like home, no matter how bland it looks at first. Take college life to the next level without spending a ton of money. Click to read!

THE FIRST STEP IS QUALITY BEDDING It is very simple to walk into a store and get a cheap comforter to get you through your undergraduate years, but if you want something a bit more stylish and exciting, check out this Dusty Blue Trellis bedding set or this these hypoallergenic down alternative comforters that will be sure to keep you warm and cozy.

A comfy blanket, too. You are at the mercy of whoever manages the temperature for the entire building because many college dorm rooms lack their own thermostat. Living in a corner room with two windows was great in the summer but terrible in the winter because of how incredibly cold it got. I’m referring to the cold that causes ice to build inside the window (no joke).

Do you know what I did to make things right?
I obtained a throw.

One of the things you must have in order to transform your college dorm room into a hideaway is a blanket (instead of an ice chamber).

You may customize a few really adorable monogram and photo blankets from Shutterfly to match your unique style. I enjoy being able to customize things because it allows me to have something special.

I highly recommend obtaining an heated blanket if you’re seeking for a warm blanket to cuddle up with while binge-watching Netflix (admit it, you know it’s going to happen). I want to find a reason to remain in on the sofa at home with a cup of hot chocolate and a joyful movie just thinking about it. REMEMBER THE PILLOWS Without some fantastic pillows, a bedroom won’t feel like a retreat.

I really agree that having a comfortable cushion is important, but I also believe that adding some patterns or designs can really bring life to your college dorm room.

Make sure to check out Wayfair if you’re looking for interesting and entertaining things to make your home seem cozier.

BUY MORE KITCHEN UTILITIES You will still need some cooking supplies for the food that you can prepare even though most dorms don’t have private kitchens (unless you’re lucky enough to snag an on-campus apartment).

Check out these adorable Nessie ladles (shown in the image, as an example)!
Is it just me, or does this seem like the nicest thing ever?
Check out this ice cream maker if you have a sweet tooth as well!

AVOID FORGETTING TO ADD DECOR When I was an on-campus resident, one of the things I neglected to do was to decorate my room to give the impression that it was a place where I could unwind and have fun. I stared at primarily white walls that, in all honesty, did nothing to increase my productivity in place of picture frames.

Get some frames, ornaments, and other things to make your home feel more inviting for yourself. Here are some suggestions:

Picture frames in Wall clock (or collage posters) Wall decals made of vinyl Find more entertaining décor here !

STYLING YOUR COLLEGE DORM ROOM: LET’S DISCUSS Let’s speak about how you’re going to style everything and make the colors work for you, not against you, now that you have some excellent ideas for great products to make your dorm room feel more like a home.

I’ll admit that I love black and other similar colors, but too much black in a space makes me feel closed off and drowsy.

There will likely be a fluorescent light hanging from the ceiling in your room. Let’s face it, it stinks and is one of those things you have no control over.

Fortunately, you can make up for that decor faux pas by including some stylish lamps that give off the proper quantity of light. I advise keeping a variety of them on hand (one for studying , one for having people over,


After taking care of the lighting, you can concentrate on choosing the colors that will suit your room the best. For your larger things, I advise choosing lighter hues rather than darker ones, such as a lovely turquoise or light gray.

As an illustration, you might blend a light, neutral bedding set with colorful accents in the form of pillows, wall art, or desk accessories.

Things that look more natural, like the pen stand that resembles a plant, can also help you furnish an environment that is more zen.

A FEW SMALL CHANGES CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE Don’t concentrate on making a big purchase when it comes to furnishing your college dorm room. Some students, in my opinion, feel the need to buy a ton of things to make up for the fact that their room is essentially empty.

Stop doing it!

Instead, concentrate on purchasing the products that would significantly improve your room and give it a more relaxing atmosphere. Purchase some throw pillows and blankets that you’ll enjoy using as occasional blankets. Find some inexpensive décor that reflects your interests and personality. Find a color scheme that encourages relaxation and production rather than melancholy and inactivity.

I want to stress that a messy room does not necessarily result in a more pleasant living place. Consider the things you like, will use frequently, and won’t grow weary of after a year.

Making your college dorm room feel like your second home won’t be a problem if you follow their instructions!
Dusty Blue Trellis bedding set 0 for additional advice on attending college and entertaining facts!
Read Wayfair’s Dusty Blue Trellis bedding set 1 for advice from a number of college bloggers, including myself!

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