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Online wardrobe assistance is available with a single click

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Online fashion stylist: Quick access to wardrobe assistance It has never been simple for me to shop for clothes. Every time I discover anything I want, it seems like the store doesn’t have it in my size, it’s too short, or the clothing has entirely forgotten that us curvy girls can also have a little bit of a curve!

Last year, I recall reaching a point where I didn’t even want to go shopping for clothes because it was destined to fail from the start. Every morning when I dressed for work, I simply regarded my worn-out outfit and pondered how on earth I was going to escape this funk.

I went online to see what I could uncover after wrangling with my thoughts for a while. I started looking for a local fashion stylist who would be able to assess my wardrobe and provide some suggestions, but most of the services cost hundreds of dollars, and I just didn’t have that kind of cash on hand.

When I discovered several online fashion stylist websites that wouldn’t set me back a fortune, I at last felt a glimpse of optimism. In the hopes of finding at least one thing that would grab my attention, I started to open a lot of tabs on my browser and read through them all. I finally found three online fashion stylist services that I can genuinely say I am so glad I found after sorting through the various results, closing a few tabs for things that just didn’t fit my needs, and moving back and forth between my closet and computer as I looked at some potential outfit options.

online fashion stylist

TRUSTING AN ONLINE FASHION STYLIST: Taking the Risk Since they didn’t even know how I appeared in person, I’ll be entirely honest and say I didn’t enjoy the notion of letting someone shop for me online! How in the world was an online fashion stylist going to discover clothes that fit me properly, let alone match the style I desired, if I was having trouble finding the appropriate ones?

After letting my thoughts stew for a day, I finally reminded myself that the worst that could happen was that I would have to send back everything that they had picked out for me. It goes without saying that I was hoping to acquire a number of outfits that would be ideal for my wardrobe, but on the inside, I was expecting the worst because I was having the worst time with my sense of style. I suppose you could call that a minor fashion crisis? I’m not sure, but please let me know if you have a decent name for that!

I had the difficult task of selecting only one styling service when I ultimately made the decision to take the plunge and trust an online fashion stylist. I chose these three services after reading a ton of evaluations from bloggers and Pinterest users:

Stitch Fix Keaton Row Golden Tote Remember that I had no knowledge of these services until roughly 48 hours before I placed my first orders with them. It was a circumstance where I had no choice but to trust the process and hope for the best. I had no idea that each online fashion stylist I had from each business would introduce me to a completely new universe of clothing, renewing my interest in new purchases, and rekindling my enthusiasm for fashion.

GOLDEN TOTE golden tote online fashion stylist IS A GOOD PLACE TO BEGIN

If you’ve never heard of Golden Tote, you can read all about it in either my Mystery Tote 2015 review or my review from August 2014.

The tote was all-or-nothing, the style profile was brief, and I had no idea who the designers were, so this was perhaps the scariest one for me. I might have ended up with some hideous outfit that appeared to have recently been skinned from an animal, for all I know.

I was utterly shocked to see how much I like every item my online fashion stylist had picked out for me when I opened my first Golden Tote. I was really excited to wear a couple certain outfits during the week because they were so distinctive from what I usually wore. Beginning with that first tote, I had a good experience with an online styling service.

Then came Stitch Fix. When my Stitch Fix arrived in August, I was eager to open it. I was requested to complete a longer styling profile before my shipment arrived, allowing me to list what I loved, didn’t like, and what I was searching for. I even had the chance to share a link to one of my Pinterest boards so that my virtual stylist could see the kinds of clothes I loved. I made an effort to compile a board that represented both my ideal new wardrobe and the ensembles I enjoyed wearing the most.

When I opened my box and discovered the five lovely items that had been given, I once again felt like a child at Christmas. I was certain there would be something that didn’t fit or was utterly hideous looking as I tried everything on, but there wasn’t. A problem must exist when another online fashion stylist knows me better than I know myself!

After two successful services, I started to suspect that perhaps I was overthinking my wardrobe and that it simply needed some new eyes and ideas to breathe new life into it.

KEATON ROW: The cherry on top online fashion stylist keaton row Compared to Golden Tote and Stitch Fix, Keaton Row offered a completely different concept, mostly because I had complete control over my order. I was given an online fashion stylist after I joined up for the program, and she took my requirements and preferences into account. After a few days, I got my own customized lookbook (see sample page above), which had a range of outfits and apparel items that each fell within the price range I had indicated I was interested in.

Yes, my online fashion stylist knew me that well (and she hadn’t even seen me in person) because if I had the money, I would have bought every item in the lookbook.

After using these three services, I came to the conclusion that I would be better off using one of them rather than trying to do everything on my own because they present me to things that I wouldn’t have thought of if I had just walked into a store. I feel like I’m finally starting to build the wardrobe I’ve always wanted as my possibilities for apparel have increased.

I’ll stop talking about my wardrobe now. Have you ever used or would you ever consider utilizing a service like this?

*Disclosure: This post contains referral links, which means that if you sign up using my links, I will receive credit toward future purchases made through these services. I didn’t do this because I was paid or requested to; I just wanted you to be able to benefit from these online fashion stylist services as much as I do!

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