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Play trivia to help pay off student loans. GIVLING REVIEW. As someone who joined Givling over three years ago, when the app was just getting started and has seen numerous changes, I’m writing this review from that perspective. Do you want to participate? Use VC357207 as your AAA code.

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I can attest to how demoralizing it may be to see that enormous sum each month as one of the millions of college graduates who graduated with student loan debt.

There seems to be no end in sight for some.

I’m a researcher at heart, therefore I always try to do everything I can to reduce my debt. That involves making additional monthly payments on my total, consolidating my debt to get a lower rate, and starting to play Givling .

WHO OR WHAT GIVLS? Givling is a trivia app that gives iOS versions and leverages coin purchases, sponsor offers, and adverts to fund up to $50,000 in student debt repayments for users (the money can now also be used toward a mortgage or retirement).

THE WAY IT WORKS You’ll fill out some basic information about yourself when you initially sign up for the app (don’t forget my Givling code: VC357207 you need one to join!) and then you’ll be sent to the app’s main screen, which looks like this:

givling app home screen

Your customer number is the number up top (mine is #11310). This is utilized if you want to redeem sponsor offers (accessed by clicking the three bars at the top, then Queue Point Offers), if you win trivia, or if there’s something wrong with your account that needs to be addressed.

YOU ARE DIRECTED TO GIVLINGS MAIN NAVIGATION MENU BY THE THREE BARS Consider this your central location for learning how much money you could win in each week’s trivia (as you can see, the winners will split $29,675 this week! ), as well as who is leading in the queue and game leader boards and Givling 101, which provides a comprehensive overview of the app in case you get lost. Don’t worry, though; once you get the feel of it, it’s extremely simple.

HOW DO I WIN ONE-THIRD OF THE WEEKLY JACKPOT? wonderful question Everyone receives two free coins per day from Givling (each coin is valid for one trivia game). These typically appear where it reads “Fund and Play” in the screen above (itll say Free Play instead). If you click on it, a game will start. You only receive three strikes before you’re out, so use caution.

The objective is to correctly respond to as many questions as you can. When you have answered 45 questions, your round is over and you have completed the challenge.

You might now be asking why you only receive a third of the pot.

The objective of your team, which consists of you and two other Givling players, is to score the highest team total for the week. This is why you are placed on it at random (the timer is on the apps home screen and constantly counts down until the week is over which is Wednesday, as of right now).

HOW ARE MY TEAMMATES PUT TOGETHER? This method is totally arbitrary. You will see a team total at the bottom when the game first begins. The combined scores of your two teammates make up this total. Because they’ve already played, you can already check their scores.

That’s one of the wonderful things about Givling—even if you only play one game, your score might be used once or twice more over the course of the following 72 hours!

Some terms to understand are:

Initiator If a game was initiated passively, you are regarded as the game’s initiator. If your score was used in another game later, you are a passive player. HOW DO I GET QUEUE POINTS AND WHAT DO THEY MEAN? Let’s speak about queue points before we go into what the queue is.

You can earn queue points by doing a variety of things, such as:

daily playing your free games Givling frequently gives everyone who plays a game on the day a goal is reached extra queue points (for example, reaching 50 percent on the funding thermometer which you can see in the middle of my screenshot above) observing the commercials after each free game viewing advertisements (in the screenshot above, check at the watch in the bottom right corner; if there is a number there, there are videos to watch! Every 60 minutes, you can watch 3, after which you can spin the wheel to get queue points. With 1 being the lowest value (but you earn 1 coin if you fall on it) and 500 being the greatest (which equals 7,500 queue points for you! ), each value is multiplied by 15. A buddy invitation for the app corporate associates (some current ones are: Ibotta, Drop, Spent, LendKey, and SoFi) Purchase Givling products obtain coins (not available in all states) A processing fee of 30 cents is added to the 50 cent price of each coin. The price of 100 coins, then, comes to $50.30. The Givling Facebook page frequently promotes incentives for double, triple, or quadruple points on these transactions, despite the fact that each coin is only worth 300 queue points! WHY IS THERE A QUEUE FOR GIVING AND GETTING $50,000? The line is split into two segments: orange and green. The green queue is for competitive players, so by purchasing coins (which let you play one trivia game each) and purchasing stuff, you can accumulate more queue points (we’ll talk about that in a second).

Givling devised the orange queue because, regrettably, not all states permit players to buy coins.
Free plays, invite-a-friend, offers from corporate partners, and watching the advertisements I mentioned earlier all contribute to this queue.
Your position in each queue will be determined by how many queue points you have in relation to the other Givling players.

Although it may seem depressing at first, the bulk of those who have downloaded the app aren’t all that active, if they are at all. This means that the chances of you moving up quite rapidly are increased if you routinely watch advertisements and play your daily free plays.

According to my observations, Givling has expanded significantly over the past six months and will do so in the future. The objective is to be able to repay several loans each day, but for that to happen, more members must sign up and participate.

Do you want to participate? Use VC357207 as your AAA code.

Review of Giving: Strategy Here are my suggestions for those of you who are just starting off to ensure the finest possible start:

Play your free games as soon as possible to avoid forgetting. Set a timer to view all three videos once every hour (if you dont watch all 3 videos at the same time, the 60 minutes wont start until after youve watched the last one) To receive daily incentives, learn about new promotions, and participate in random trivia via Facebook Live, follow the Givling Facebook page (which, if you win, you can choose 40 coins or 80,000 queue points) Utilize whatever corporate partner incentives you can—the points will pile up! Invite your friends to sign up so that loans can be repaid more quickly and you can advance in the line more quickly. WHY IS THERE A RANDOM DRAWING? Givling, by popular demand, conducts a drawing at random when a particular amount of money is collected, and after specific milestones are reached, they reveal information about the lucky winner (such as having the current loan being 50 percent funded, etc.).

Anyone who has played at least 10 free plays in the last 30 days is eligible to win the $10,000 random drawing prize!

WHAT ARE THE CHANCES THAT I WILL WIN OR HAVE A LOAN PAID OFF? In all honesty, a lot of this will depend on your dedication to the app, your knowledge of trivia, your luck, or your ability to acquire enough goods or cash to jump to the front of the line.

This is not an app where you can sign up and have your loan paid off the very next day.

But the way I see it, even if it takes me two years to get to the front of the line, that’s still a LOT better than the 10 years it might take me to pay off my college loans.

I believe it’s also crucial to point out that the weekly trivia award in and of itself is a wonderful motivator. Additionally, there is now a third option to win—the random drawing!

I triumphed in one of the games before Givling switched to this strategy. Guess how much I received at the time? $20. I warned you that this app had advanced significantly.

Sincerely, even if you simply use your daily two free plays, you truly have nothing to lose. Imagine winning a random drawing or being assigned to the winning squad and earning about $10,000. You wouldn’t likely grumble about that, I bet!

Therefore, I urge you to go sign up and at the very least give it a try for a week or two (use my Givling Code VC357207 to get access). Why not give it a try?


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