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Prepare for the Big Day: A Bride’s Story

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Okay, planning a wedding is one thing, but making sure you are ready for the big day itself is quite another. You have to worry about getting your hair and makeup done, posing for pictures, having fun with friends, and so much more in addition to making sure the decorations are placed where they need to be.

So that you aren’t rushing about with curlers in your hair trying to figure out where the paper lanterns in the reception area are going, hopefully you’ll know exactly how all of this is going to get handled before the big day.

Regardless of where you are in the planning process, whether you have months or only a few hours till your big day, let’s look at some of the wedding day preparations you should be considering:

DESIGNATING TASKS FOR THE WEDDING DAY It’s likely that you won’t have any time to organize any decorations or guide sellers to the appropriate areas. In light of this, it is crucial that you have a wedding planner, a member of your family, or a friend present at the location to ensure that everything is being put in its right place.

Since I didn’t have the money to hire a wedding planner and it would have been interesting to do it ourselves with my now-husband, I asked my mother to arrive early at the location so that she could start setting up. Additionally, my incredible husband assisted with the decorations by hanging items from the roof and rearranging tables to make space for the dance floor (very important detail).

Some of you might have a location that handles everything. If so, congratulations! Just make sure you have the name and phone number of the staff member in charge who will be on site that day to see to it that everything is handled. You should have a point of contact so that you won’t have to wander the halls (and run the chance of running into your groom before the ceremony, *gasp*) if you suddenly change your mind about anything or discover you neglected a small detail.

Although every bride’s preparations and setting for the big day will differ slightly, keep in mind the following fundamental advice:

Have a person in charge of directing merchants (florist, caterer, DJ, etc.) A family member or friend should be assigned to look after your needs. Make a list of the tasks you need to complete that day Draw a schematic showing the arrangement of the tables and chairs. wedding day prep

MAKEUP AND HAIR Prior to your big day, communication with your hair and makeup artists is crucial for wedding day preparation. Why? Since you’ll want to know how much time they’ll require for each individual. Once you know, you’ll be able to schedule their arrival so you won’t have to rush downstairs for photos while dousing yourself in hairspray!

Three of my bridesmaids and I all had our hair and cosmetics done for my wedding. All of the girls needed to be ready by four because I knew that photography would begin at that time. My hairdresser suggested giving the bridesmaids an hour and a half apiece, and giving me an hour and a half. Knowing this, I planned for her to arrive at the location at 11:30. We booked my makeup artist to arrive at 12:30 because she didn’t require as much time.

I made a plan so that the makeup artist and hair stylist were both working on beautifying someone the entire time to ensure there was no crossover.

By the way, wedding hair accessories

makes a huge difference in how my hair ended up appearing in the back!

AIM TO HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THE DAY! Because they want everything to be perfect, I believe that many brides experience a LOT of stress in the weeks leading up to the big day and particularly on the morning of the wedding. Remind yourself if you start to feel anxious that you aren’t doing this for the beauty or the glamour—you’re there to marry your best friend!

In light of that, take pleasure in and have fun with your unique day! Hug your family, get a good laugh with your bridesmaids, and hold onto this lovely memory.

Although I haven’t received the photos of me and my boyfriend yet, I do have some enjoyable ones with my brother.

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