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Printable Planners: Organize Your Schedule and Budget

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PLANNER PRINTABLES: Maintain Order in Your Schedule and Budget I have more things going on, it seems, as I become older. Funny, I figured as I got older things would settle down, but that hasn’t happened yet!

As a result, I soon realized that I had a huge need for fresh methods of organization that I could use to keep things in check. Sure, I use a planner to keep track of my appointments and tasks, but I wanted something that would go beyond the essentials.

I started making my own planner printables because of this (available in The Study Sesh shop ).

In areas of life where we could all use a little more organization, I’ve been working hard to continually introduce new things to the shop. For those of you who just need to break up your day into smaller chunks, the hourly planner printable pictured above is a straightforward design. I made this one with students in mind, but it would work just as well for anyone with a busy schedule (I’m looking at you entrepreneurs; I know you work really hard to succeed)!

I also realized that those people who want to plan their meals in advance might benefit from shopping list and menu planner printables .

(This is one area of my life that I could definitely improve, but that’s a completely separate tale.)
Menu Planning Made Easy!

By the way, this was in no way my initial vision for the design. I hadn’t even intended to include the days, but I soon understood that having the meal planner next to the shopping list made sense. The ability to display printable shopping lists and meal plans on the fridge for everyone to see is, in my opinion, one of their biggest advantages.

That’s right, your kids won’t bother you any longer about dinner plans on Wednesdays after book club. You now have the authority to inform them that they can check the refrigerator to see what is on the menu.

IF YOUR ORGANIZATION NEEDS A REVAMP, USE A LIFE PLANNER. I’m used to leading a jumbled life.

There are times when it seems impossible to fit an 8-hour workday’s worth of work (which actually ends up being 10 hours because a meeting ran over, a client went into crisis, or you absolutely HAD to get your final product turned in by the midnight deadline).

Speaking of stressful!
planner printables

So that you could find everything you need in one spot, I felt it was time to make an life planner printable .

Although this printable planner is not as comprehensive as some others, it is more than plenty to get you started in the right direction. Here is what is contained:

life planner front page One bill payment tracker sheet (with columns for bill/expense name, amount, due date, paid date, on time, and balance owing) one savings slip (room for all 52 weeks of the year) 1 printable menu and shopping list 12 papers for weekly planning (one for each month – blanks are included at the top so that you can write in the dates that apply) Because I wanted individuals to be free to use this planner printable whenever they wished, I purposefully omitted the year or any specified dates. You can print as many of these after purchasing one, which is fantastic! Yes, I haven’t placed any restrictions on them. I tried my best to make these printable planners useful for you so you may get your life ordered without paying a fortune.


Let’s face it: Maintaining an eye on your cash is crucial! There are many budgeting worksheets and tools available, but I wanted to make a straightforward set that everyone could use. The 3 page budgeting printable set seen above includes a calendar, budget sheet, and transaction tracker.

The fact that so many of the students I’ve interacted with recently don’t know how to handle their money was the inspiration behind these budgeting printouts. One of those vital life skills is this one. I merely wanted to make the idea simple for them to grasp. These sheets were created after feeling incredibly inspired, and they are now available! Funny how motivational stuff works…

WHAT MAKES PRINTABLES BETTER Here are some reasons why purchasing printables is preferable to buying actual copies of items in case you have never bought one before and are a little hesitant:

Once you’ve made a purchase from The Study Sesh shop 0 or another seller, print as many as you’d like. Dates that apply to you should be filled in (no more spending money every year on planners and new filler sheets) There are numerous choices… literally Some retailers provide customizing options I occasionally create free printables to help out because I enjoy developing planner printables and am aware that money can be tight. As I previously stated, I don’t want to drain your money account. I’m shocked by how much money I spent on my planner this year because I could have simply purchased a printed version for much less money.

Now that you’ve sorted yourself, I want to hear from you. What are some of your preferred patterns and hues for budgeting sheets, grocery lists, and planners?

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