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Review of Ebates: Online Cash Back Offers

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Ebates Review: Online Cash Back Promotions Every time I can, I try to obtain a decent price and cash back.

I’ll admit that I was sluggish to join the Ebates community. I’m not sure if it was because I wasn’t sure I would utilize the program or because I didn’t want to have to use the site’s direct shopping option (or install one of their toolbar buttons).

After looking through the extensive list of online merchants they offered and discovering some that I would be buying at for the upcoming holiday season, I ultimately gave in and signed up.

The main selling point for me was that I could use cash back discounts on both eBay and Amazon. Since these two sites carry practically everything, I would have been a fool to pass up the cash back offers that Ebates was offering!

ANALYSIS OF EBATES: HOW DOES IT WORK? It’s easy to register with Ebates. You can sign up using the following processes:

Twitter Facebook I chose to sign up using my email address since I dislike having a ton of services and applications connected to my Facebook account, or any other social media site for that matter. Additionally, it was quite simple for me to join Ebates with my email and I made sure to only receive notifications when a payment is about to be received.

Ebates offers incentives to new users who sign up, but before you can get your incentive, you must spend $25.
(Since I had planned to get a new laptop power cable and a few other things, I had no trouble accomplishing this immediately away.)

You must either use the website directly to make your purchase or download their unique Ebates button to add to your browser toolbar in order to take advantage of Ebates’ cash back offers.

However, I’ve read that the button can be useful, especially if you have a tendency to forget things easily and don’t want to miss out on any potential Ebates cash back deals. I decided to stick with shopping through the website because I like to keep my toolbar free of any additional buttons and add-ons.

It can take a few days for your cash back to be deposited in your account after you make a qualified transaction. Your account total will show your cash back totals as well as the total amount of Ebates cash back you have earned so far this year.

EBATES PAYMENTS: SIMPLE CASH BACK You have the choice to enter your PayPal email address during the Ebates signup process in order to receive payment through your PayPal account, or you can choose to receive a physical check in the mail.

To obtain my money back more promptly and avoid having to bother about travelling to the bank to deposit a check, I decided to use my PayPal email address. It’s a really handy choice, and I’ve never encountered a problem while sending or receiving money using the PayPal website.

WHAT DATE WILL I BE PAID? You can see on Ebates’ payment schedule when you’ll get your cash back for your online purchases. For instance, payments for Ebates purchases made between April 1 and June 30 would be made on August 15.

I thought I would have to wait a while to receive my check (also known as the Big Fat Check) after making my first purchase, but Ebates immediately sent the money into my PayPal account within a few weeks.

Not that I’m complaining, but I was very happy to receive my Ebates money so quickly. Oh, and it’s not just me who’s experienced this. Just a few weeks after signing up for the service and making a transaction, my mother received her payment in the mail.

In any case, I’m just glad to know that Ebates actually pays its members and the service is totally free.
Sincerely, I feel a little silly for not registering sooner…

RETAILERS APLENTY I was astonished to see the extensive number of merchants that Ebates has teamed up with to offer fantastic cash back incentives. There are more than 1,700 options available, according to the website (including some of my favorites, like ModCloth, and some of my not-so-favorites but must-haves, like Vision Direct).

When I learned this, I immediately started looking for the websites where I usually shop, and guess what? They were on the list!

Another fantastic feature is the year-round availability of numerous double cash back promotions. For instance, during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there were many participating businesses, which made buying all those gifts a little more fun for your money.

How to maximize your cash-back on purchases I can now say that I’m hooked on Ebates and will be making sure to do all of my online purchasing through this site going forward after using the service, earning cash back, and referring a few friends.

I utilize my rewards credit card (which I pay up in full), which allows me to receive a specific percentage of cash back on every transaction, to put even more money in my pocket. I can save even more money when I combine it with the Ebates cash back offers!

In addition, I should mention that you can earn a fantastic referral bonus if you refer a friend who registers and makes a purchase!
In my opinion, this situation is absolutely win-win.
ebates review cash back

WHAT ARE YOU READY FOR, THEN? This Ebates review was made with your best interests in mind because I am always honest and open when I write reviews. If I thought a service was unethical or dishonest, I would let you know since I never want to lead my readers astray (or I would refuse to write about it).

Having said that, I hope that this Ebates review demonstrates to you how simple it is to save money and put a little extra money in your pocket, especially if you are a frequent online shopper!

What is your favorite feature of the website or the service itself, if you currently use Ebates?

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