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Review of Stitch Fix for August 2014

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Review of August 2014’s Patch: stitch fix review

You can imagine how thrilled I was to discover the box waiting for me after having to endure a four-week wait for my first Stitch Fix . If you’ve never heard of Stitch Fix, it’s essentially a personal styling service. Making a style profile, picking a delivery date, and waiting for your box to come are all very simple steps. You’ll have five fantastic products to pick from when it arrives at your doorstep, and you can either keep them all and receive a 25% discount or send back the items you don’t want for free (please note that there is a $20 styling fee that you can apply against any purchases you make from your box).

Did I mention that delivery is free both ways as well?

Disclaimer: This content is not sponsored. I paid for my box, and I’m doing this review at my own discretion. This article contains affiliate and referral links that allow me to earn money that I could use to buy more boxes. My views are mine alone.

Before deciding to use Stitch Fix, I read a lot of reviews about the company, so I was aware that I needed to be particular. I took the time to make a thorough note to my stylist as well as a Pinterest board with clothes I loved. In my initial repair, I only needed one accessories piece, I told her, and I didn’t want any dresses.

image (4)

My hairdresser, Stephania, welcomed me with this lovely card when I got my package. I was pleased straight away to see that she paid attention to my requirements because she included one jewelry, three blouses, and one pair of jeans in my fix. I asked Stephania to send me the shirts in a size small because I’m tall and prefer to wear some clothes a little baggier than others.

I’ll be honest—I was a little apprehensive that I wouldn’t like any of the shirts or items I received, but when I put them all on as instructed, I was happily pleased by how much I liked each one! Here is a summary of what I discovered:

Market and Spruce, first An asymmetrical zip cardigan by Alan French Terry

I’m sorry about the poor quality of my self-portraits in front of the mirror, but at least I wanted you to see how the side zip up looked on this incredibly cozy cardigan! This is most likely my favorite piece from my first fix because the fabric is just very soft and heavy, making it ideal for fall!

Conclusion: Kept
2. 41Hawthorn Beatrice Open-Back Dolman Top

I had a bunch of these tops pinned on my Pinterest board, so Stephania must have noticed how much I adore them. I had been cleaning out my closet in anticipation of receiving some fantastic stuff from Golden Tote and Stitch Fix, so I was overjoyed to find this top in my package.

This one was crystal clear to me. Conclusion: Kept
3. Sophia Tall Skinny Jeans from Kensie Jeans

Because I’m little and tall, but I also have some muscle in my legs, I occasionally struggle when looking for jeans. Although my first impression of these jeans was that I wanted they were black, I was nevertheless glad to acquire another pair of thin jeans because I intend to wear boots frequently this season (especially since my amazing hubby recently gifted me with the loveliest pair of ankle boots)!

I’m also shown in the photo sporting trousers and a dolman top. As you can see, they actually fit quite well! They appear to be constructed of good quality and are really comfy, which is always a bonus in my book.

3. Spruce and Market Bruno Sleeveless Tunic with Chevron Print

The only component of the entire patch that I was truly unsure how to handle was this one. I would never have picked this out for myself, but I was curious to see how it would turn out. I didn’t particularly like it when I first put it on without a belt, but after putting one on, I started to like it. To obtain some input, I snapped a photo of my pals and uploaded it on Facebook:


I was shocked to learn that every single one of my pals said I should keep this shirt! The smaller print actually has a blue that is quite similar to the one on my cardigan, so they look great together. I took the choice to give it a shot after thinking that I wanted to think outside the box a bit.

5. Zad Lenor Long Necklace with Arrow Charm

Since I was keeping everything else in my fix, I figured that I could absolutely use this piece. I’ve been in need of a lengthy necklace for a time.

Yes, I did keep everything from my first fix. To be honest, when I received my package, I honestly believed I would have to return back at least two items, but Stephania did a fantastic job styling me! It was like having Christmas in August when I finally got my fill!

I believe you should at least test Stitch Fix if you are on the fence about it! I’m confident you can get an excellent fix as well as long as you articulate your preferences, are detailed in your stylist note, and have a decent notion of your size.

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Which among these do you prefer?

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