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Review of the 2015 Golden Tote Mystery Tote

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2015 REVIEW OF THE GOLDEN TOTE: MYSTERY TOTE *Notice: This post includes affiliate links. I will get credit for future purchases from these sites if you register under one of them.

Golden Tote is an online styling service that lets you choose between a $49 tote for two to three items or a $149 tote for five to seven items, for those of you who are unfamiliar. Every month’s first Monday marks the beginning of a new sale, giving everyone the opportunity to visit the website and select either one item (for the $49 bag) or two items (for the $149 tote) that they would like to have in their box.

The Mystery Tote was made available by Golden Tote at the start of January. You could purchase a mystery tote in your size (XS-L) for $60, and it would come with four distinct items: one from a previous tote, two surprises, and a unique Puella item.

In a typical Golden Tote, you would be given the opportunity to select at least one or two items before creating a style profile to enable you to receive goods that complement your sense of style and closet needs and goals (see my previous Golden Tote review for more information on that). You don’t select any products for the Mystery Tote, and your style profile isn’t taken into account. Although it’s a little bit of a gamble, I must say that I am OVER THE MOON thrilled with what I received in my 2015 Mystery Tote!

golden tote mystery tote review

This striped sleeveless dress by Priddy by Puella is SO comfortable! Although I don’t typically wear dresses, this one would look great with a pair of leggings or slim pants. The fact that it is just above my knee length makes me feel like I could wear it alone, which is great when you’re 58!

The fact that this dress has a tiny cutaway in the back is one of its intriguing aspects. This garment actually fit great when I tried it on over a black cami underneath. This piece is adaptable enough that I can wear it for occasions other than going out on the town because the cami concealed the cutout and didn’t show elsewhere. In fact, I believe it would look great with one of my black blazers or cardigans!

LONG SLEEVE PUELLA TUNIC golden tote mystery tote

Since this Puella tunic is thin and long for some, I already know that some people would despise it. However, I have to admit that this top was ideal for me. The shirt itself is long enough for me to wear with leggings or a gorgeous pair of black skinny jeans in addition to having sleeves that are a good length. In the picture up above, you can kind of see my black cami underneath my tunic, but not too much. With this Puella tunic, I have a cream undershirt that will look amazing. I’m really excited to wear it!

The 2015 Golden Tote Mystery Tote has a 2 for 2 record thus far!

Most likely, if you’ve been a Golden Tote lover for at least a few months, you spotted this gem in the October tote. For that month, I had my eye on it and was terribly tempted to purchase the tote, but I made the decision to let it pass.

You can only imagine how happy I was to find it in my XS Mystery Tote! I pulled it out of the pile right away to feel the fabric’s softness. But really, the sleeves feel wonderful. I mean, I’d be happy to lay around in that sweater for a week.

You can imagine how excited I am to wear this Lace Panel Pullover Sweater, especially given that winter is starting to make a comeback. I received a Skies Are Blue top in my August Golden Tote and LOVED it (it’s now one of my go-to wardrobe pieces).

So far, we’re 3 for 3!
GOLDEN TOTE OPEN CARDIGAN CUT SEW golden tote mystery tote

This is the one item in my 2015 Mystery Tote that I would give serious thought to replacing. I enjoy the way the cardigan feels, but I’m not sure if it fits my style. Although I would have like a longer front, I’m fine for trying new methods to see if they work. Perhaps I’ll try pairing it with a belt, a pair of skinny jeans, and some flats like some other Golden Tote buyers have done. Overall, it’s not an awful piece, but it’s absolutely not something I would choose for myself. But isn’t it the reason we purchase from these internet styling services? If you don’t have a little bit of adventure in you, what fun is it?


I’m so happy I took a chance and bought one of these fantastic totes. I got some really fantastic pieces, so I can’t really complain about that. I’ll probably start wearing them tomorrow. In addition, I ended up getting a piece from a previous month that I REALLY wanted, so I no longer feel awful about skipping the October pieces!

This month, did you receive a Mystery Tote? What is your favorite item?

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