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Review of the August 2014 Golden Tote

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AUGUST 2014 GOLDEN TOTE REVIEW With all the shipments I received this month, it was almost like Christmas in August! I received my first Golden Tote in addition to receiving my first Stitch Fix. I have to admit that both of these services have really impressed me, and I’m so glad I gave them a try!

golden tote review
*Notice: This post includes affiliate links. I will get credit for future purchases from these sites if you register under one of them.

Golden Tote is an online styling service that lets you choose between a $49 tote for two to three items or a $149 tote for five to seven items, for those of you who are unfamiliar. Everyone has the opportunity to visit the website and select either one item (for the $49 tote) or two items (for the $149 tote) that they would like to be included in their box when a new sale begins on the first Monday of every month (except Septembers, which will be delayed by one week due to Labor Day).

Once you’ve decided on those products, just fill out a quick style profile, pay, and then wait for your package to arrive!

Because the total worth can be up to $600, I opted to do the $149 tote (definitely cant go wrong there). I also thought it was time to give in and get some new clothes because I really need some new ones. I made the decision that having someone else buy for me would be preferable because I’ve been struggling to find clothes lately.

Although I intend to update this post later with photos of myself wearing these outfits, I can’t wait any longer because I’ve put off writing this review for far too long.

Here is what I got in the August 2014 Golden Tote, which cost $149:
1. Pocket Dress by Priddy by Puella

Although I had never owned a pocket dress before, I was quite eager to put this one on. The material is quite cozy, and the leggings-friendly length was perfect. Of all of them, I actually opted to wear this one first because it was a surprise (nice job, Golden Tote)!

image (2)
2. Elegant Cardigan with Black and White Stripes

This was a surprising addition as well, and I adored it too! I’ll definitely search for more long sleeves to wear as fall approaches. I won’t have any trouble using this piece since it goes well with a lot of the clothes I already own.

image (3)
3. Tank top by Collective Concepts

The third surprise item in my package was this, and I was perhaps the most uncertain about it. I don’t usually wear patterns, but I liked the way the tank top felt so I tried it. I’m happy I did! This top was actually incredibly comfortable and had the ideal length. Added success!

image (4)
4. Wonderful Fawn Top

I’ve never heard of the majority of these brands, and this one was no exception. The details on the sleeves really attracted my attention, and I also particularly enjoyed the gray hue. I was eager to try on my fourth surprise piece, which was this one. The sides are much shorter than the front and back, but even at 58, I found the length to be adequate. To be safe, I’ll probably wear a cardigan underneath, but I think this will go great with my black jeggings. I’m now incredibly eager for fall!

image (5)
5. Dress with Stripes by Ellison

I’m delighted I chose this item as the first one that Golden Tote sent in my package. The material is comfortable, the colors are nice, and the length is appropriate. An excellent outfit to wear in the approaching months, I think!

image (6)
Sky is Blue Dreamy Daze Blouse, No. 6

You won’t believe it, but I really picked out this blouse to put in my bag. I gambled a little bit because I would never ordinarily wear something like this, much less try it on in a store. I gave it a try because I thought it looked lovely and would make a decent work shirt.

I truly enjoy how this blouse feels on me, and it fits me well. When I wear it, I suppose I’ll need to pull my hair back to give myself a more put-together appearance. Overall, I’m glad I made the decision and believe it will be a terrific addition to my wardrobe.

image (7)

I must admit that this service has greatly astonished me, and I’m very pleased with the price! Despite the fact that the style profile wasn’t as thorough as the one I created for Stitch Fix, I believe the stylists did an excellent job of comprehending my needs and objectives.

I’ll definitely be placing further orders with Golden Tote, and I heartily endorse them to anyone searching for new clothing.
Have you ever been given a tote? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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