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Save money by signing up for Amazon Prime as a student.

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SAVE MONEY BY BECOMING AN AMAZON PRIME STUDENT Are you a college student trying to find fresh approaches to conserve your funds whenever you can?
If so, you might want to think about becoming an becoming an Amazon Prime Student


When you first join up for the program, you will be given a free 6-month trial that entitles you to perks like unlimited photo storage and free two-day shipping (ideal for those last-minute textbook purchases you made). The tiny print reveals that, despite claims to the contrary, the free advantage of access to TV series and movies is not included with the free trial of Amazon Prime for students.

I think it’s a no-brainer to join up for this service even without the advantages of streaming entertainment.
amazon prime student

TWO-DAY SHIPPING FOR FREE You should become an Amazon Prime student if you’re anything like me and you frequently put off ordering gifts for people or placing orders for textbooks for class. Although not all products are eligible for Prime, I can assure you that there is no shortage of those that are.

Better still?

Almost all of the books you’ll need will have the Prime branding on them. Hey, Amazon is aware that students need speedy access to books, so of course they’ll ensure that the majority of titles arrive at your door within two days!

AMAZON PRIME WILL BE HALF-PRICE AFTER SIX MONTHS. What happens afterwards when your free Amazon Prime student trial period expires? You actually have two choices:

Before your Amazon Prime membership actually begins, expire your free trial (this is automatic so make sure you cancel if you dont want to be charged) Allow the automatic membership to take effect and begin enjoying ALL of Amazon Prime’s advantages for only $49 per year! Yes, I did say that you would only have to spend $49; however, normal Prime members must pay an annual fee of $99 to participate.

A $49 Amazon Prime student can also save money. Therefore, I am aware that the majority of college students won’t be very thrilled about having to pay $49 to continue receiving all the benefits. I am all about saving money, so I understand.

But here’s the thing: Considering all the advantages Amazon Prime provides, you really end up saving a ton of money over time. Consider this:

You can still get free two-day shipping, which, believe me, you’ll want to keep since transporting textbooks is no easy task (unless you have an Kindle

, of course). Consequently, shipping is not a concern for you. You may watch any movies or TV series online. Forget Hulu Plus and Netflix! As long as you maintain your Prime membership and have a device that can download the Amazon Instant Video app, you can quickly view thousands of films on your TV (most Blu-Ray players, Xbox consoles, and Smart TVs will have this feature) There will be music for days. There are literally over a million songs available, and listening to them doesn’t cost extra. The BEST thing is that you can even download these gadgets via the Amazon Music Player app to your iPod or phone. Yes, I did say that you could download for free. If you enjoy reading and own a Kindle device or app, you can borrow books from the Kindle Lending Library on a monthly basis. All of these advantages are yours for just $49! Aren’t you happy that you decided to join up for Amazon Prime Student now?

WHAT ARE YOU READY FOR, THEN? I initially believed that I would only exploit the perks of being an Amazon Prime Student to get my textbooks mailed for nothing. As time passed, Amazon added more and more benefits, which made the idea of maintaining my membership even more alluring.

When the price increased in 2014, I groaned a little bit, but as soon as I understood how much money I would save over time, I quickly got over it. The majority of the books I checked out from the Kindle Lending Library would have cost me $9 or more to purchase on my own. I haven’t had to download any paid music because I can do it through Prime music, and I can watch my TV shows and movies through Instant Video. I ended up having a number of items shipped to me for free (well, aside from my annual Amazon Prime membership dues).

No other service, particularly for college students, provides such a superb all-in-one package.

So why are you still waiting? To ensure that you don’t miss out on any of these fantastic benefits, make sure to sign up to be an Amazon Prime student right away!


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