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Supplies Every College Student Must Have

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SCHOOL SUPPLIES COLLEGE STUDENTS MUST HAVE I can’t help but get thrilled when I go shopping for school supplies for college.
When I initially opened my planner, I jotted down significant dates on the brand-new sheets of paper.

Since all of these new products were purchased for a particular reason and with a specific person in mind—Me—it actually did seem a little bit like celebrating a birthday.

After six years of undergraduate and graduate study, I mastered the art of determining which college materials I absolutely needed and which ones I could go without.

All of the products that I personally put on my own shopping list are listed here. Please be free to follow it as a guide when you buy your subsequent batch of materials!

*Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy something after clicking one of the links, I will make a little compensation. You won’t be charged anything for this, and it will help me keep improving Chase the Write Dream.

P.S. Remember to register for AAA1 to receive free two-day shipping. For college students, it is absolutely free! Sign up for free here at Ebates, which is also an excellent site for cash back.

TABLET OR LAPTOP If you want to avoid making several journeys to the library each day, this is a need. My MacBook Air is my preferred computer because it is small, light, and effectively completes my needs.

In addition, I have an Kindle Fire that works great for storing all of your textbooks. Did I mention that a number of textbooks can be rented digitally or purchased for less money overall? After just one lesson, my Kindle had practically paid for itself, and I’ve continued to use it into adulthood.

LAPTOP MOUSE Using your laptop’s trackpad can get REALLY boring after a few days if you’re anything like me. Thankfully, there are several excellent mice available that are reasonably priced and function flawlessly. With my own copy of this cute one that looks like a fox , I’ve had no problems getting it to sync with my MacBook Air (besides, it only cost a little over $15, which is nothing in comparison to some of the $30 ones I was seeing for sale).

PLANNER Every college student’s list of required supplies must include an planner .

Because there are many things to remember when in college.

You will have a lot of things to remember, like test dates, project due dates, activities, and different classes that meet on various days. You might forget one of these crucial days if you don’t have a reliable procedure in place (eeek! ).

There are many different types of planners available nowadays, so it’s critical to select one that will be useful to you. Personally, I prefer having one that has time slots for each day so that I can monitor everything to the half-hour or hour. That kind of specificity might not be what you desire, and that is absolutely acceptable!

The planners I would personally suggest are listed below:

This planner, Panda Planner (seen below), differs from many others in that there are no pre-filled dates. The portions are further separated into weeks, months, and days. I recently bought this planner to help me better organize my time, and I have to say that it is SO inspiring! I have spaces where I may list my objectives, deadlines, calendar, and tasks.

My Must-Have School Supplies for College | Get the right materials and tools to help you be a more successful college student. These will help you get more organized so your grades improve! Click through to check the list out!

Action Day Academic Weekly Planner Because it had weekly plans with hourly monitoring slots, a chores area, and so much more, this planner was incredibly useful during graduate school. I utilized the tasks area to list assignments that were to be finished that week along with any follow-up duties after they were turned in. If you want a straightforward yet comprehensive planner, I would strongly advise including this on your list of college-related school materials. Bloom Daily Planner This one can work for you if you don’t require an hourly schedule but still want a daily planner. I use my Bloom planner to record all of the dates, notes, and tasks I have to complete during the year. It is less specific than the others, but it would be fantastic for making daily to-do lists and tracking your progress! SCHOOLS’ REQUIRED NOTEBOOKS Although writing in a notebook can feel like a thing of the past, you’ll actually learn more effectively if you physically write down your notes. Even if you type your notes during class, it’s quite important to rewrite your notes by hand when you go back to review them (or at least some of the main ideas).

Best Study Tips for College Students and Note-Taking Tips for College Students are two related topics.

It’s also helpful to keep a notebook on hand so that you may take down key ideas and any questions you have that you’d want to have answered.

For college students, these Join Amazon Prime for College Students 0 are an essential school supply because of their exceptional durability! There are numerous instances where students take multiple class notes into the same notebook or where a course has an excessive amount of notes. It is really annoying to search page by page when they need to review and find knowledge points. The ideal answer to this issue is notes sorting custom die cut stickers from You can change the font style and color of the titles of various information points, paste them on the relevant page where they will be easy to discover, and even use them as envelope seals.

TAPE NOTES In college, I couldn’t have survived without sticky notes. They completely covered everything, even my wall and laptop.

You have two options: continue with a more common variety, like the usual Join Amazon Prime for College Students 1, or stray and get Join Amazon Prime for College Students 2.

Students have used these, among other things, to create to-do lists, note deadlines, and recall significant dates. I used to keep a stack of them on my nightstand (and still do) to jot down thoughts as they came to me while I was in bed.

BLIND POINT PENS I stopped liking pencils when I started college for an unidentified reason. Pencils only made it onto my list of necessary school supplies for college after my freshman year because I required them for some outlines I was completing.

I believe that part of the issue was that I didn’t have the time to keep them sharp or replenish them with lead on a regular basis. Pens wrote more clearly and were much easier to carry along in large quantities.

I came to the conclusion that I didn’t require anything elaborate; some basic Join Amazon Prime for College Students 3 worked quite well and didn’t smear like some of the others. For a college student like me who had back-to-back classes multiple days a week, they were in fact the ideal choice!

If you’d rather have something other than black or blue, there are even sets of colored ones available!

Microsoft Office, Join Amazon Prime for College Students 4

The need for software that is easily portable from computer to computer is growing as more teachers urge students to submit their assignments via dropboxes.

Every professor I had demanded that we submit our papers and spreadsheets in Microsoft Office format. Fortunately, visiting Join Amazon Prime for College Students 5 will let students purchase a discounted edition of this program.

Even if you use a Mac, I strongly advise adding Microsoft Office for Mac to your list of necessary college materials so that you won’t have to rush out and buy it when your professor asks you to submit a Word or Excel document.

USB STORAGE DRIVE This was one of the things I first overlooked when I was shopping for school supplies since I assumed I could complete all of my tasks using my personal computer.

The truth is that I spent a lot more time in the library than I had anticipated because I had a class that required TONS of printing and another that needed a specific piece of software that only a few computers on campus had.

Without an Join Amazon Prime for College Students 6, I would have had to use the same computer each time or finish my work all at once, which is not the best option.

Make sure to include one of these drives on your list of necessary school supplies because they have become quite affordable and are still very useful after you graduate.

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OTHER ESSENTIAL SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOR STUDENTS IN COLLEGE Obviously, this list does not include every supply you should buy, but it does include some of the essentials that will enable you to start your semester out on the right foot.

You might also want to think about buying the following items:

Why not look at the list of things that will make your dorm room feel more like home now that you have some ideas for what school supplies to get for college?

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