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Ten Tips for Making It Through Engineering School

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LESSONS I GOT FROM BEING A BROKE COLLEGE STUDENT I’ll never forget the sensation I experienced walking onto the campus of my college without a job or any other intentions for making money.

The idea of not being able to work a lot of hours in college intimidated me, especially since I wasn’t receiving any financial support from my family. I had worked my entire senior year of high school and was grateful to have saved up money to afford a better car and pay all my bills, but the thought of not being able to work a ton of hours there scared me.

Even so, could I make this work?

I see now that going to college on a tight budget actually taught me a lot about life. It took me a while to find two jobs on campus, but when I did, they paid minimum wage and were sufficient to take care of all my essential expenses.

What I Learned From Being a Broke College Student | Even if you aren't making a lot of money as a student, there are still plenty of life lessons you can learn along the way, such as budgeting and investing in things that matter. Every college student should read this!

No matter how broke you feel right now, I’m hoping you’ll find a way to make things better and start to change your life so you never have to be in this situation again.

CERTAIN INVESTMENTS ARE WORTH THE PRICE TO PAY. I’ve never known why some people would continue to spend cash when they genuinely had none to spare.

I actually seen folks paying $4 per day for coffee, $20 per week for an activity, and a host of other expenses.
I kept thinking, “How are they not already under water in debt?”

The not-so-necessary expenditures that occasionally make us feel better (and are frequently habits) but should be limited to allow room for more significant items are what I referred to as miscellaneous expenses. Things that will in fact provide us with a financial benefit.

What am I referring to?
reputable investments

Each kid will have a different definition of what a wise investment is. For some people, it might be a premium app that makes it easier for them to manage their time or a different program outside of school that teaches them about a topic they are genuinely passionate about (call it a stress-free activity, if you will).

Students who wish to save money might check into high-interest savings accounts or other investment opportunities that will pay them back.

Because these investments have the potential to improve your life over the long run as opposed to simply temporarily, they are worth giving up part of your discretionary funds for. Getting ready for a better future is very important to save up money .

I’m not saying you should spend ALL of your money here, but why not take advantage of the opportunity to live a better quality of life?

Personally, I am aware that buying a product that reduced my stress would be a simple choice for me. I know you can find the extra cash just as easily as I could by working a side job or forgoing eating out for a week.

ADULTHOOD IS EASIER WHEN YOU KNOW HOW TO BUDGET MONEY Budgeting is essential for adults, you guys!

One of the most important skills I learned from being a broke college student was to keep track of every bill I had, its due date, and its amount.

I developed the habit of tracking my finances by doing this during my college years, which made taking on additional debt as an adult much simpler.

I strongly advise using my free college student budgeting printable if you haven’t already begun budgeting your money.

What I Learned From Being a Broke College Student | Tips for students who may not have a lot of money, but still want to enjoy their college years and learn some things along the way.

FREE ACTIVITIES CAN ALSO BE ENJOYABLE Pickup flag football games on the dorm lawns and RHA barbecues immediately rose to the top of my list of favorite campus activities, not just because they were free but also because they gave me the chance to interact with strangers.

I instantly felt more at home and found my place in college through activities like movie evenings and leading group sessions.

I started to understand that while going out with friends was enjoyable, remaining on campus and taking part in one of the many events that were going on might be just as much fun for FREE (because there were ALWAYS so many to choose from).

So don’t be scared to attend one of these free events if you’re a broke college student seeking for methods to meet people. If you don’t know anyone, it could feel weird at first, but consider all the fun you’ll be missing out on if you don’t turn up!

A GRATITUDE FOR THE LITTLE THINGS I think the most crucial lesson I learned as a broke college student was to appreciate the little things.

When I was unable to rely on my money, I rapidly understood what was most important to me. Even though my family was unable to financially assist me during my time in college, they never ceased praising my efforts and giving me encouragement.

A comfortable blanket, a laptop, a printer, and all the other little things we frequently take for granted were among the things I also learnt to enjoy.

Despite the fact that many people cannot afford them, I do in fact own them. Even if I consider myself to be poor, millions of individuals have it much worse than I do.

If you’re struggling, keep this in mind. You have important stuff to complete today. I can assure you that something positive can emerge out of this time of financial turmoil, even though you may not enjoy it.

Set goals for yourself and don’t be scared to invest in yourself.
You can do it, pal!

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