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The Best Gifts for College Graduation

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IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET MARRIED WHILE IN COLLEGE? Some people tend to float from one relationship to the next without feeling committed. This strategy is very popular in college. Most people just want to have fun and aren’t looking for a committed relationship. However, you do occasionally run with pairs that are head over heels in love. Before enrolling in college, some couples maintained their relationship for years. When it happens, marriage is unquestionably in the cards!

This raises an intriguing question: Is it possible to get married while in college? Legally speaking, you very certainly can. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, if you’re an adult, you can get married. Technically speaking, I may stop this article here by stating that yes, marriage is feasible. Job completed; case closed!

Obviously, I won’t finish the conversation there! Although you can legally get married, the real issue is whether you can arrange a wedding while still pursuing your education. Before we conclude, let’s take a closer look at a few important factors and offer our perspective on whether getting married while in college is a good idea.

Planning a wedding consumes a lot of your time. Have you ever thrown an event? Given that you are a college student, you probably have hosted a few gatherings. Do you still remember how difficult that was? You needed to decide on the timings, themes, invitations, prepare your location, etc. Arranging a wedding is similar to planning a party, only more difficult.

The planning process will take months, and you have an unending list of chores to complete. Rarely do people plan their wedding and then get hitched shortly after. It is possible, but there will be significant sacrifices made for the wedding. Consider all the many tasks you’ll perform as you organize this important wedding. Selecting a venue necessitates seeing many venues to determine whether they are suitable or not. You must decide on your attire, the wedding party, the themes, the invitations, etc.

Just writing all of that makes my brain spin with so many thoughts and gives me a headache. Think about doing this while learning. When you consider the amount of work you have to complete in college, you might want to think about balancing it with wedding planning. Some people find it impossible to complete. Others may find the workload to be a little lighter than usual, giving you more time to complete all of the planning. Depending on your course and how far along in your studies you are, A borderline genius can be completely unoccupied because they finished their work weeks ago. However, a student who is having trouble will need to study as much as they can at all times.

WHY THE HURRY? One of the major arguments against college engagements is that they are superfluous. Why the hurry? You two have likely been together for a long time; why can’t you wait till you graduate? The likelihood is that the entire wedding planning process will take at least a year. Therefore, if you are an college freshman , you will marry in the next year. Can’t you wait till you graduate from college in another twelve or eighteen months?

Waiting until you both have adequate time to devote to wedding preparation seems like a very good idea. I can’t think of many circumstances in which you have to be married as quickly as feasible. The only one that comes to mind is pretty depressing and dismal. Perhaps you both want to get married as soon as possible because one of you is sadly suffering from a serious disease. I am aware that this is a terrible thought. Still, I’m just trying to imagine situations in which rushing is justified.

Naturally, you might read this and immediately discount it. You want to be married in the upcoming months and don’t want to wait. That is entirely acceptable, but it would be worthwhile to sit down and talk about it. Consider whether hurrying is necessary.

THE GREATEST RELATIONSHIP TEST IS INCOLLEGE Although there is a reason why so few people actually follow through, some people do get married while in college. For long-lasting relationships, college is the relationship test of all relationship test s. The days have been the same if you’ve been dating since you were in high school. You’re used to seeing each other frequently and getting along well. Additionally, there isn’t much attention directed at you because everyone around you is aware that you are dating.

Things change in college.

Couples are split up because one member attends this college while the other attends a different one. You now lead a completely new lifestyle! You FaceTime each other instead of seeing each other every day, and you meet possibly once a week or once a month. It’s not for everyone to date long distance, and relationships can end quickly. In the same way, you will be surrounded by other people even if you attend the same college. As a result, you attract more attention, and as a result, your focus may stray. It can be compared to consistently eating plain cereal and then entering a store that offers hundreds of taste options. You suddenly realize that you might have been missing out on things all along.

At essence, relationships break down in college because living there is so drastically different from high school. Thus, getting married while still in college might not be the best idea as you haven’t yet passed the relationship exam. Marriage may work for you if you manage to go through it and still desire to remain with your partner.

IS IT POSSIBLE TO DESTRESS WEDDING PLANNING? What if after reading all of this, you still desire a college wedding? Although I’m sure you’re concerned about the planning, I appreciate your decision. Can stress be lessened and wedding planning made more manageable? The quick response is an unequivocal yes!

First, use templates rather than completely original items. This advice applies to every specific thing you provide to visitors. We’re discussing about invites, meal menus, and save the dates, among other things. Even the tables could have placeholders included. Your items should ideally be fully original and created from scratch. However, doing so would require you to hire a graphic designer and collaborate with them to create everything. This takes several weeks to develop in its final form. Instead, have a look at websites like MagnetStreet , which offer a variety of wedding layouts. Simply select the templates you like and change them to include the necessary data. Is it entirely unique? Though who cares? It would take you less than a day to choose and order every design, saving you months of deliberation.

Funny enough, this straightforward advice handles a wide range of issues. The burden immediately becomes noticeably lighter! The next tip will help you reduce stress even more in light of this. hire a wedding planner instead of doing everything yourself. If you’re deciding to marry while still in college, you probably have the money to cover the cost of the wedding. Either your personal savings or those of your parents will fund this. Regardless, the best course of action is to hire a wedding planner. You may concentrate on your studies while they put forth the effort. All you need to do is give them a few parameters to work with. For instance, mention the type of venue you’re looking for, the desired theme, and so forth. They conduct the research while you are studying and then provide you with recommendations. You can go and check out potential venues or look at what they’ve advised on the weekend. Everything is set up for you, but you still have the last word. This can save you many hours of time and relieve some of your tension. Overall, it makes juggling schoolwork and wedding planning much simpler.

PERHAPS YOU SHOULD GET MARRIED IN COLLEGE? If we’re being completely honest, it’s not my place to tell you what to do or not. That is not the aim of this manual. Yes, I have voiced my ideas, but you are not required to do so.

This was more about educating you on all the aspects of marriage, in my opinion. Some of you engaged couples reading this could decide that you shouldn’t get married. Given how much studying you need to complete, you’ve come to the realization that it’s just not possible, so you’d prefer to wait. Others might have reached the point where they are aware of the difficulties but still believe it is a good idea. I firmly advise anyone in that situation to adhere to the advice in the final part because it can lessen the stress associated with preparation. Hopefully, this article has assisted many contented couples in determining what their future plans should be.

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