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The Best HIIT Workout Videos for Free

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THE BEST HIIT WORKOUT VIDEOS FOR FREE Exercises that involve high intensity interval training (HIIT) are among the greatest for raising your heart rate quickly and burning a lot of calories. These workouts also increase your metabolism for the next day or two, which is a fantastic bonus.

High-intensity training sessions are becoming increasingly popular at gyms, but thankfully YouTube is plenty with free HIIT workout videos that you can do in the comfort of your home!

Free HIIT Workout Videos: Get heart-pumping exercise right in the comfort of your own home. HIIT workouts have been proven to boost metabolism for 24-48 hours after the workout is complete!

Some of these exercises, each ranging in length, are listed below. You’ll see that you can perform these exercises without any special equipment, so there’s really no reason not to give them a try!

Before beginning the high intensity portion of the workout, make sure you warm up so that your heart has a chance to prepare for what is about to happen.

Keep in mind that these exercises aren’t designed to be simple. They are physically demanding, and as you go through the motions, you can find yourself coughing from lactic acid accumulation or experiencing the jello feeling in your legs or other body parts. When you perform activities of this level, these effects are natural. If you start to feel dizzy or queasy, be mindful of your limitations and ease up a bit.

Important Information: HIIT exercises should not be done every day. Instead, consider include this training two to three times a week in your routine. Select a different type of exercise on the other days to give your muscles and lungs time to rest and develop.

Free High Intensity Interval Training Videos from Various YouTube Channels Blogilates EXERCISE HIIT FOOD BABY

Don’t be misled by the title of this free HIIT training video! Other names that I believe are more appropriate include Leg Crusher, Sore for Days, and No Pain No Gain.

But, really… After this, I could hardly feel my legs.

Even though my muscles hurt afterward, I secretly relish the sensation since it shows that my body is getting stronger. The creator and instructor of Blogilates, Cassey Ho, does a fantastic job of guiding you through this challenging exercise routine so that you push yourself to the limit.

Want to know more about Blogilates’s free HIIT workout videos or Pilates exercises? See my review right here.
A brutal HIIT ladder workout from Fitness Blender

Oh, the terrible ladder exercise—always challenging to finish. Fitness Blender (review here) has a wide range of exercises for people of various fitness levels, which is why I love it so much. I selected this particular video because, despite being only 20 minutes long, it will leave your body and lungs burning. If you think that this HIIT workout is too challenging for you, Kelli and Daniel, the creators of Fitness Blender, have a ton of other free HIIT workout videos available on YouTube . 12 Minute Daily HIIT Madness Workout The Daily HIIT won’t be new to you if you’re familiar with I can still clearly recall how difficult some of the rounds of this exercise program were for me when I first tried them, especially the arm-focused ones. Make sure you warm up before beginning this demanding 12-minute workout because the first set of exercises is extremely hard.


Trainer and contributor to SHAPE magazine Jessica Smith has published a number of routines, including free HIIT training videos, on YouTube. Your pulse rate will be elevated during the whole 30 minute duration of this film due to its continual motion. This is excellent for burning fat as well as the most calories possible. Jessica does an excellent job at explaining the correct form for each exercise. Her manner strikes me as upbeat but not excessive. BEFIT GO BEACH BODY – 40-MINUTE HIT WORKOUT TO BURN FAT

It’s extremely simple to follow along with this video. Even while Blogilates and Fitness Blender provide encouragement and conversation as they go along, I still believe that this 40-minute activity is one of the finest free HIIT workout videos for raising your heart rate. This exercise takes no equipment, just like the other videos I’ve posted, and do you know what that means? There are no justifications! Simply crank on some music, get dressed for exercise, and hit play. You are capable of completing this. JILLIAN MICHAELS: COMPLETE WORKOUT TO BANISH FAT AND BOOST METABOLISM

You have my word that Jillian Michaels does not take fitness lightly. If you choose to watch this video, be prepared for 55 minutes of rigorous exercise. By the time I was finished, I was drenched in perspiration, but I felt pleased of myself for persevering the entire time. It was a nice find to uncover free Jillian Michaels HIIT exercise videos on YouTube considering you frequently have to buy her DVDs or pay up for her classes. This film is freely accessible today thanks to the BeFiT channel. Bring your “A” game and get ready for an hour-long session of calorie burning! Your body is now toast, so…

Congratulations on completing these challenging workouts! Making it a point to exercise, whether it takes 10 minutes or an hour, is beneficial to your body. Take some time to accomplish the following before you go wash off your labor of love (also known as your sweat):

• Cool Down – After such rigorous exercise, your body needs some time to recover. On the internet, you can find cool-down videos that will guide you through some basic movements and stretches. This process shouldn’t be rushed because skipping it could lead to accidents.

• Hydrate – Due to all the movement you did, you lost a lot of fluids. Therefore, drink some water to replenish these losses. I’m aware that there are conflicting opinions on whether you should drink a sports drink after perspiring so much. Although I believe that everything is fine in moderation, I advise against drinking anything with a lot of added sugar. Water is always the greatest choice because it is healthy for your body and has no calories or sweets.

• Grab a snack. You’ve just completed a significant task and may feel a little worn out, so you should eat something. If you can, choose foods that have some protein. Although there are many more possibilities, I like to slice up a banana and eat it with peanut butter. Again, anything rich in sugar content should be avoided because it will probably make you feel nauseous.

I’m hoping that a few of these free HIIT training videos may inspire you to up your exercise game significantly! Even a ten minute workout every day is preferable to doing nothing. I guarantee that if you work hard and slightly push your boundaries, you’ll get results.

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