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The Best Solution Architect: Where to Look

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ARCHITECT OF SOLUTIONS: HOW TO IDENTIFY THE RIGHT ONE What precisely does it imply when people talk about the importance of IT in business? More than just adding a server to your network is involved. It entails putting the appropriate hardware and software in place to maintain the seamless operation of your systems. Those that create these plans are referred to as solution architects.

Solution architects are in charge of evaluating current computer systems, creating new solutions to address company goals, overseeing the entirety of projects, and preserving cordial relations with important parties including management and project teams. Additionally, they must effectively communicate orally and visually with all parties (using charts or diagrams).

In Singapore, a solution architect will require strong technical abilities in a variety of fields, including enterprise applications, networking, computers, and software development. Knowing how to use technology is not enough; you also need to grasp how everything interacts with one another.

These experts might also be asked to create new technologies, assess vendors, or consult with clients with their systems. Because this is a full-time position that necessitates substantial travel and involves meetings with important decision-makers or on-site work at customers’ locations, the hours are long.

The smooth operation of the IT and business divisions, which results in less downtime, greater productivity, and happier customers, makes this position essential to an organization’s success.

How to choose the best applicant for your company
You should be aware of who excels at solution architecture so you can locate the best option for your company. Look for the following characteristics:

PERSONALITY SKILLS A solution architect must be able to communicate clearly with clients and IT personnel. To implement their ideas using the right technological components on schedule and within budget, they require great interpersonal communication abilities.

TECHNOLOGY SKILLS Given that it is one of the solution architect’s primary duties, this is possibly the most crucial component. Depending on the position, technical skill will vary, but it’s always a good idea to choose someone who keeps up with new technology as well as architecture principles and trends in general.

ACCOUNTABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY A solution architect must be responsible for the accomplishment of their projects, which necessitates that they be able to control expectations, adhere to timelines, and deal with any unforeseen issues or changes in scope.

CREATIVITY Delivering solutions that are specifically tailored to each client’s particular business needs is the responsibility of a solution architect. It will be beneficial to employ a creative individual who can generate concepts and effectively communicate these tactics.

MOTIVATION You need someone who can inspire the rest of the team and maintain a positive outlook on the project, even when things are difficult.

When no one else can, this kind of person will be able to come up with solutions. To achieve your business objectives, a solution architect must possess all of these traits in addition to, of course, great technical knowledge.

A successful project depends on wise hiring choices, so before filling this position, be sure to know what you’re looking for. It could take multiple interviews before you find the correct match if you decide on a candidate whose skill set matches your requirements.

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