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The College Girl’s Fashion Guide for Game Day

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A GUIDE FOR COLLEGE GIRLS TO GAME DAY FASHION College football season, one of the best times of the year, has begun!

You have a fantastic opportunity as a college student to watch the action from the stands and support your team (which, by the way, is still one of my favorite memories).

Cheering is only half of the job, though.
Your style is the other half of the equation!

Others prefer to display their school spirit through their clothing, while some kids choose to paint their faces, get temporary tattoos, or colour their hair the school colors.

And that’s where I step in. I’ll suggest some fantastic outfits for you to wear to your college football games so that you can look amazing and cheer for your team!

The College Girl's Guide to Game Day Fashion | Not sure what to wear to a college football game or sporting event? Check out these fashion options and accessories to show your school spirit while looking fabulous at the same time.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means that if you buy something after clicking one of them, I may get paid. You won’t have to pay for this! I only feature items and merchants that I wholeheartedly support!

TRADITIONAL LOOK Because polo shirts come in a variety of colors, if polo shirts

are more your style than anything else, you have perhaps one of the simplest college game day fashion outfits to pull off.

scarf that matches your school

, fashionable flats, and perhaps even some statement earrings can simply round off your preppy appearance and add a touch of flare.

In addition, striped shirts are a straightforward yet stylish item for college game days that you can dress up or down depending on the occasion and the amount of school spirit you want to display. Some colleges, like Duke, take pride in having their students wear striped shirts to some sporting events!

Saving Money Tip: Use thredUP

to purchase any item of apparel you can think of for a fraction of the price you would spend in a store.


Being a fashionista at football games is now very popular, so if you like a dressier look you could easily doll yourself up, slip on a dress and feel perfectly at home.

Since virtually any sundress or casual dress may be transformed into a game day fashion item, you literally have hundreds of game dress options

to choose from.

Girls at TCU where I personally attended donned purple dresses

and cowboy boots to every game. I was astounded at how such a basic clothing could be transformed into a college football fashionista’s apparel.

Note: If you wear heels, you should avoid strolling through the stands and around the stadium because your feet will ache by the time you’re done. Put on a pair of attractive flats or sandals as an alternative!

TO THE MAXIMUM ACCESSORIZE I’ve always thought of myself as a more straightforward supporter when it comes to deciding what to wear to college games.
I opted for a t-shirt with our mascot and some phrases that we used to chant during the games rather than a cute outfit.
The Plain Jane style, I suppose, but I was absolutely cool with it!
We Plain Janes could really express our school spirit through accessorizing, though.
The following are some of the simplest items you may buy to decorate your look:


Pendants Totes Footwear (either with your school colors or a logo) Scarves Sunglasses Mardi Gras beads, aa7

There are countless opportunities!


One of the greatest locations to purchase all of your polo shirts 0 is CBS Sports Shop because they carry both clothing and accessories. Browse a huge range of items that are exclusive to the school or schools you are interested in and conveniently sort by team.

Don’t forget to use Ebates to save money! You’ll want to make sure that you shop through ebates in order to receive cash back on every purchase you make for your college game day attire.

TREATING ALL OF YOUR COLLEGE NEEDS It’s time to concentrate on the intellectual and social aspects of college life now that you’ve taken care of the fashion side of things. You can access a ton of my college-related posts through the main menu, but these are a few of my favorites:

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