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The Strangest Scholarships for College

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COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS THAT ARE MOST OUT OF THE BOX Many students wouldn’t be able to pay the escalating expense of college without subsidies.

Seniors in high school spend their whole final year attempting to secure as many scholarships as they can in order to pay for the college of their choice.

This procedure takes a lot of time and is not enjoyable.

It can be refreshing to earn money for college while having fun, using your imagination, and avoiding 1,500 word essays in light of all the serious scholarships available. In reality, there is a creative, entertaining scholarship available for every kind of student.

When you stop to think about it, most of these are contests or other types of competitions. The cash help will be awarded to the essayist who writes the finest piece.

DUE TO THE ATHLETE Of course, everyone is aware that high school athletes can receive scholarships. By agreeing to play for the college that is providing them money, the basketball MVP and the standout quarterback of the football team can both receive scholarships.

What if you want to play a more recreational sport but aren’t planning on going to college for it?
It’s time to get bowling! Sorry, but bumpers are not permitted.

The best aspect is that ANYONE may participate; there are no prerequisite competitions, and you are not required to represent a school. Teams of both sexes are permitted, and the scholarship in question awarded the competition winners more than $100,000 just last academic year!

Check out the bowling tournament scholarship if bowling is your sport of choice.
The worst-case scenario is that you end yourself bowling alongside buddies!
FOR THE CUISINIER Would you believe me if I told you that a sandwich might get you a $25,000 scholarship?
Have you suddenly developed a craving for money?
A “Most Creative Sandwich Contest” exists.

This one is for all of the students who offer cooking guidance to the lunch ladies and who are aware of the value of their culinary skills.

In this instance, financial aid.

As it turns out, tasting is not a judgment factor, a little imagination in plating can go a long way. You prepare the sandwich, capture it in a few pretty pictures, and email it along with the recipe.

Do not assume that anything will be simple simply because it seems enjoyable.

Just look at the previous winners to see that this will require some pretty innovative thinking. Regardless, if you’re anything like me, you’d rather spend hours making something you can eat and sell than spending hours writing an essay about how much you love food. which would eventually become a novel anyhow…

FASHIONISTA FOR your senior prom in high school. It marks the culmination of your high school career. Why not cover it in duct tape to make it useless?

You are prompted to do so by the ” Stuck at Prom Scholarship “.
Only those kids that apply fully engage in their own creativity and create truly one-of-a-kind prom experiences.

Many people arrive in absolutely stunning dresses and outfits. This scholarship is strongly suggested if you enjoy fashion, especially if you plan to study the sector as part of your pursuit of further education. Make the outfits (you can even go stag), snap and upload photos, then start voting!

It could take more ingenuity than was required to design the dresses themselves to figure out how to get into and out of these prom clothes.

WITH THE GEEK The zombie apocalypse is a fantasy shared by the majority of geeks. Would you make it? Which of your friends would you sacrifice first? Who was killed by Negan in The Walking Dead’s season finale?

You will adore this scholarship if you have ever posed any of these questions.

Although the amount of money given out is minimal, applying doesn’t take much work. You must explain how you would avoid zombies during the zombie apocalypse and the five items you would bring to survive in no more than 250 words.

the scene?
clearly, your high school.

Do not hesitate to apply for this scholarship if you are confident that you will be the last person remaining. The writing requirement is so brief that the zombies themselves might apply.

DUE TO THE ARTIST No matter if you want to express yourself through the written word, your voice, or the ivories, there are many scholarships available for artists.

The “Doodle for Google” scholarship may be the only one that allows all artists to truly express themselves. If you ever use the Internet, which I assume you do since you are reading this, you might have noticed that Google occasionally modifies their logo to honor particular individuals, months, or events.

You can create the new Google logo thanks to the Doodle for Google scholarship.

Every year has a different subject, with the most recent being “What makes me… me.” Simply put, you must adhere to the year’s subject and reinterpret the Google logo using any materials you choose before submitting it for evaluation. The only requirement is that it must spell Google.

In addition to receiving $30,000 for winning, Google will also feature your logo for a full day. There is now a hook for the refrigerator.
COST OF COLLEGE Don’t take scholarships lightly.

Some people may have no other chance to pursue a higher degree. That does not imply that you cannot enjoy yourself while working. You don’t have to continue writing 1,500 word essays, submitting resumes, and doing everything else that might easily cause fatigue.

Always keep in mind that there are a variety of special financial aid alternatives available to suit everyone’s needs. This is merely a brief list. Get some research done, financial aid, and enjoy yourself!

Blogger and independent writer Linus Minick. He loves the great outdoors, cooking, and playing video games. He resides in the stunning state of Idaho. He attended The College of Idaho and is now a resident of Boise.

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