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Things I Wish I Had Known as a Freshman in College

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It’s far easier to say than to accomplish when it comes to time management in college.
Even the top high school students discover once they enroll in college that their prior study habits—or lack thereof—just don’t cut it.

The playing field is drastically different in college. It might be all too easy to just shut down and figuratively avoid doing everything that needs to be done due to the stress you face from having several classes, large projects, and severely weighted test grades.

Unfortunately, this all has a negative impact on productivity, future motivation, and perhaps even very poor grades.
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I don’t want you to experience that.

Be a More Productive College Student in 7 Days | Struggling with time management? Need some productivity tips? I've got you covered! Learn how to be more productive in college so that you can get good grades, enjoy some free time, and have your life more balanced with this free email course. Click through to learn more!

IMPROVING MY PRODUCTIVITY AS A COLLEGE STUDENT I made the decision to adjust my methods in order to start earning better marks after having my own time management and productivity issues.

Sure, it took some time to work out the bugs, but once I had it together, I was maintaining a ton of other responsibilities in addition to achieving straight As (like a full-time job).

WHAT DID I DO? I began applying some of the typical tactics that are usually advised on the internet to become a more successful college student (i.e. keeping a planner, setting reminders, establishing goals , etc.).

Despite the fact that these items initially seemed to be of some assistance, I soon came to the conclusion that these tools actually don’t work for everyone.

I started to make some of these recommendations more in line with my working methods.

I continued to use a planner, for instance, but I had my own system for arranging the information such that it made sense to me. This required jotting down course numbers, reading assignments, due dates, and other information on the same lines each time so that it would stimulate my memory and remind me of upcoming events on my calendar.

As the years passed, I also started learning more about the psychology of our thought processes and the reasons why some people are more productive than others.

I was so inspired by all of this information and experience that I felt I had to spread the word about it and educate as many people as possible.

And that was the beginning of productive planning.
PRODUCTIVE PLANNING: WHAT IS IT? My FREE 7-day PDF course, Productive Planning, teaches you how to be a more productive college student.

Students learn something new every day that helps them learn more about productivity—not only what it is, but also how to make it work for you.

Yes, that implies that you will need to delve a little further inside your own mind to ascertain what the heck is going on there.

I’ve already had a few students complete the course, and they all report that it forced them to think outside the box and do things they never would have considered before!

Furthermore, it won’t cost you a dime, which is fantastic news.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT IS HERE Given that I know some of you are quite curious in what exactly is covered in Productive Planning, here is a brief overview of the seven-day email course’s topics:

Lesson 1: Determining your purpose Lesson 2: The value of time management and setting personal goals Lesson 3: Productivity Myths You Shouldn’t Believe Lesson 4: The Psychology of Being a More Productive College Student Lesson 5: What’s wrong with you Solution to your time management issues from Lesson 6 Lesson 7: Surmounting challenges In a few of the sessions, I’ve also added extra worksheets to assist you get through the content. Although you are not required to use them, I believe it would be wonderful if you did since it will give you something concrete to reflect on in the future.

WHAT TO DO TO START You just need to click this link to download the PDF, which is free: Productive Planning PDF .

I mean, that’s it!
If you have the correct tools, I’m confident you can be a more successful college student. That’s what I want to do for you.
Keep in mind that I can only provide you with the knowledge; you are responsible for acting on it.
I’m eager to know what you think about it!

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