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6 FACTORS WRITING CAN HELP YOU REDUCE STRESS WHILE YOU’RE IN COLLEGE One of the biggest highlights of a 17 or 18-year-life old’s is likely going to college. You’re leaving your family behind to begin a new life in a different setting, and you have complete freedom! Does that seem exciting? Indeed, it is. There must be a balance in everything in life, though.

It’s not all fun and games and late-night partying in college. You need to put in a lot of effort and study hard to pass your course, just like in any other academic setting. Along with schooling, taking a part-time work will help you sustain yourself financially, yet adjusting to your new lifestyle can be challenging.

Stress is a common occurrence among college students. It’s entirely natural. However, it would be better if you learned coping mechanisms to avoid having that stress negatively impact your schoolwork, interpersonal connections, and everyday life. College is already accompanied by a great deal of stress. Don’t let finding a dorm room for college be added to that list! You can search online for affordable housing options that are approved by your preferred university for more info .

Although there are various ways to deal with stress and some universities even provide programs to assist students, you might want to try writing if you want to do it on your own.

Writing is a wonderful way to relax. You have the opportunity to gather your thoughts, express your feelings in writing, and just experience talking to a buddy who can listen. The following are some explanations for why writing reduces your college stress:

YOU CAN EXPRESS YOUR EMOTIONS BY WRITING Perhaps you had a difficult day and were unable to express your emotions openly, or perhaps you were in a circumstance that prevented you from doing so. It’s very hard to keep your emotions to yourself. You can therefore write it down to let all of these emotions and worry out.

You become more conscious of these sensations when you express them in writing. It enables you to gain a deeper awareness of who you are and how to control your emotions. Have you ever found that after holding a secret for a while, telling someone else makes you feel as though a weight has been lifted off your chest? Writing while under stress has a similar impact.

You can overcome a traumatic memory via writing. Trauma can arise when a distressing, upsetting unexpected occurrence takes place in your life. You need to constantly remind yourself that feeling upset after a terrible occurrence is perfectly normal. Your emotions are legitimate. By maintaining your daily routines, communicating with friends and family, caring for yourself, and writing, you may cope.

In your dorm, a scrap of paper or a journal is like a friend who is just waiting for you to open up. You don’t have to write about your experience right away—don’t force yourself to do so. When you’re ready, write about it. As you carefully release the event onto that piece of paper, it won’t remain in your head indefinitely.

When writing doesn’t help, seek for professional assistance because it may not always be enough to ease all forms of trauma.

YOU REMEMBER BETTER DAYS BY WRITING Do you recall the time a classmate came through for you when you needed it? Or about the time you received an A on one of your essays? If not, you may always read back through earlier entries in your journal and think back on the good old times. Think of it as a flashback to recall and experience.

You can reduce your stress by reading and writing about positive past experiences. It can act as a helpful reminder that you won’t always feel pressured and that you’ll undoubtedly have better days in the future. Therefore, continue writing so that you will have more memories to reflect on.

Writing aids in tracking progress. There will always be ups and downs in life, not just in college. Take a moment to write down what happened and how you are feeling whether you are stressed or on cloud nine. You can keep track of all the events—both positive and negative—in your life by doing this.

You may examine and analyze how you responded to each event when you write down all the good and bad things that transpired. Then, you can use these reports’ many fragments as a roadmap to help you improve your performance moving forward. When you reflect on how you handled stress at a particular point in time, you can see how much you’ve changed and how much you’ve progressed.

You can temporarily escape reality by writing. Making use of your stress as creative fuel is one method to reduce it. Sometimes the stress of college might be so great that you want to just leave it all behind. You can accomplish it via writing.

You may find yourself losing yourself in the moment when you’re writing, whether you’re creating a fictional short story or are writing about your dreams and fantasies. You can even feel a sense of ownership over what you write. Writing will help you decompress and escape from reality, whether you choose to portray yourself as your own hero, a knight in shining armor, or even the king or queen of a kingdom.

YOU GET A MOMENT OF SELF-REFLECTION WHEN YOU WRITE Even while it’s common to experience a wide range of bad emotions when under stress, it’s crucial that you develop coping mechanisms. After all, being around too much negativity can tire you. Therefore, you must resist and eliminate those negative emotions. What better weapon than its exact opposite to combat the negatives?

You can feel happier by writing more good things. For aid convincing yourself that you’re aiming for more positivity in life, consider regularly creating a mantra. To reflect and keep in mind whatever you have is a different strategy you can try. Yes, college can be quite demanding and annoying, but try to think about and write about the following instead:

What are you appreciative of? When did you last experience joy? What brings you joy? What qualities do you find appealing about yourself? Did you spend some time today taking care of yourself? When you’re anxious, taking the time to write and reflect on yourself can help you feel better. You are reminded that you have a lot to be thankful for and that the stress is only present for a short time.

LAST THOUGHTS Life in college can be tough. You have a lot to be concerned about, including your new dorm, a part-time job, your ability to get along with new classmates, and much more. In order to enjoy your college experience, you must learn to cope with stress, which is a common occurrence. So, the next time you’re feeling worried, grab a notebook or pen and start writing!

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