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Three New Streaming Services to Watch This Year

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Our world is becoming more and more interconnected. Not only are our phones, watches, and TVs online, but also many of the objects in our environment, including appliances and even our clothes . In such a world, it is not surprising that many people are switching from cable and broadcast TV to streaming. After all, streaming typically provides a far better experience across numerous devices at a reasonable price or without advertisements. As a result, over the past few years, many popular streaming apps and services have emerged. Of course, there are established streaming giants like Netflix and Spotify, but a few upstarts have also begun to challenge their dominance, including Apple with its music and television services, Disney, and YouTube Music, to name a few. New services are released yearly. 2020 won’t be any different. The following ## interesting streaming services to watch out for in this year are listed.



Hulu, a Fox product that offered TV material to its American subscribers, was well-liked but never quite as well-liked as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. It also became a part of the Mouse House with the Disney-Fox merger, making it much more thrilling than before.

First of all, the service has expanded internationally; it is now accessible on any device, be it a phone, a computer, or a smart TV, in more than 200 countries. Disney intends to populate it with all the franchises that don’t fit into the family-friendly Disney, so its content offering will be incredible. This suggests that a new Aliens series may debut on Hulu soon.

Currently, there are three tiers of Hulu service: a $5.99 per month ad-supported cost, an ad-free tier, and a package that includes Disney and ESPN subscriptions.

The HBO Max


DC Universe, a DC Comics-related streaming service that Warner tested out, failed to draw in the audience it required to remain in business. Instead, HBO Max will be a new service that WarnerMedia will include in its lineup.

Using resources like its cable station The CW, its premium service HBO, and original programs created particularly for HBO Max, HBO Max will contain more than 10,000 hours of material.

HBO Max will debut in North America first, with a localized version arriving in Latin America later that year and in some regions of Europe in 2021. It will eventually spread worldwide.



Let’s look at NBC’s own streaming service Peacock, which will launch in the US this July (with no word on other countries at this time). Peacock will have a huge library of content, including timeless shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation, as well as new shows and movies from Lionsgate and Starz. These include Madagascar: A Little Wild, a family-friendly series, a Real Housewives spinoff, and a popular Saved by the Bell revival, among many other things.

In the US, Peacock will be free but with a constrained library and advertisements. Users will need to pay $5 to access the entire library (and watch 5 minutes of advertisements every hour), and another $5 to use the service without advertisements. If and when the service goes global are still unknown.

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