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Tips for Using False Eyelashes and Mascara Together Effectively

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HOW TO USE MASCARA AND FAKE EYELASHES COMBINEDLY False eyelashes are a popular way for ladies to avoid wearing mascara. That does not preclude you from using mascara and artificial lashes, though. In fact, it can produce an even more dramatic, effective look to draw attention to your eyes.

However, applying mascara to artificial lashes is more difficult than doing so to your own natural lashes. You must be able to combine the two to produce a remarkable appearance without making it look awkward and clownish. What you need know about applying mascara on fake eyelashes is as follows:

WHERE DO THE OPTIONS LIE? You might start by asking yourself, “What does Can you put mascara on eyelashes mean?” The majority of the time, the answer is yes, but you should always double-check any instructions on the false eyelash packaging. Mascara fits on lashes from reputable brands including Vavalash, Trish McEvoy Lashes, and Lilac St. When compared to strip artificial eyelashes, Lilac St.’s lash extensions produce a more natural-looking appearance. Its products have invisible strips that can be covered up without makeup. Three different varieties of hand-arranged fibers are available on Lilac St. lash extensions: original, volume, and feather.

It’s crucial to read the instructions before applying your artificial eyelashes because they might only work with a specific brand of mascara. For instance, it might not be a good idea to use oil-based, waterproof mascara with artificial eyelashes. They may contain compounds that induce lash adhesive breakdown and premature lash peeling.

Why would you wear a maskara with fake lashes? As previously indicated, many women wear fake eyelashes in place of mascara. For a few reasons, though, you might wish to wear mascara along with false lashes. First, mascara gives lashes a fuller, glossy appearance. Second, mascara enables you to alter the color of your false eyelashes, which is a feature that users of colored mascara prefer. Third, just like it lengthens genuine lashes, mascara also lengthens fake lashes.

The majority of mascaras contain ingredients enjoy keratin, biotin, and vitamin E, which nourish natural eyelashes. While wearing artificial lashes, maintain applying it to keep your natural lashes growing and looking good.

SELECTING THE CORRECT MASCARA As previously stated, oil-based mascaras, including waterproof varieties, are inappropriate for use with fake eyelashes. They include ingredients like lanolin, sesame oil, and eucalyptus oil, among others. When eyelash adhesives come into contact with these substances, their bonding abilities are compromised.

Water-based mascaras designed exclusively for artificial eyelashes are the best options available. These mascaras’ regulated pH ensures that the adhesive capabilities of the lash glue are not harmed. It is best to choose a water-based mascara that is intended for use with artificial eyelashes because not all of them are.

MASCARA APPLICATION TO FAKE LASHES Applying mascara to fake eyelashes is not the same as doing it to your real ones. You must take special care to avoid exerting stress on the natural lashes, which could cause them to fall out or pull out. Your natural lashes and the integrity of the fibers used to make fake eyelashes are both potentially endangered by any pulling or rubbing motion.

The pulling motion noted earlier could occur if you apply mascara to the roots of your natural or fake eyelashes, according to experts. From the center of your lashes to the ends, apply mascara. Additionally, you avoid destroying the appearance by putting pieces of mascara between your lash roots. Mascara should only be used once or twice over false eyelashes.

MASCARA FROM FAKE LASHES REMOVED It’s also important to carefully consider how to remove mascara off fake eyelashes. The same techniques that you use on your natural lashes cannot be used since they could be damaged by vigorous rubbing or pulling.

Avoid oil-based makeup removers because its ingredients affect lash adhesives negatively in a way that oil-based cosmetics do. To prevent snagging, use a gentle cleaner and lint-free makeup removal wipes.

WHEN BED TIME IS PRESENT Always take off your mascara before turning in for the night. Avoiding panda eyes the next morning is not the only reason. Your natural lashes become coated with mascara, which keeps them from getting enough oxygen.

Additionally, leaving mascara on for extended periods of time can harm the cornea, cause bacterial infections, and cause natural eyelash loss. Maintaining eye health by removing makeup is crucial since some of these disorders could result in vision loss.

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