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Why are you attracting the wrong men, according to a dating expert You recently ended another unsatisfactory relationship. You haven’t given up on finding true love yet.

But after leaving a string of unhappy relationships, you start to wonder why you keep drawing the wrong kind of guys into your life. Even if you’ve achieved success in many areas of your life, it appears like your love life is cursed.

Expert in dating and relationships Evan Marc Katz offers his opinion on the problem.

WHY YOU COULD BE PULLING IN THE WRONG KIND OF GUYS You’ve encountered plenty of undesirable males, from emotionally distant individuals to outright nasty boys (cheaters, gamblers, etc.).

Even though you make an attempt to meet and date good men, you always end up with the wrong ones. You don’t specifically look for this kind of dude.

What possibly could you be doing wrong for such a fate to occur?
There are two potential causes.
YOU ARE ATTRACTED TO ALPHA MALES It is simple to understand why women, especially powerful and wealthy ones, fall in love with alpha males.
Alphas radiate confidence and charm. Unfortunately, they also have a tendency to be egotistical, prioritizing their demands above all else, even interpersonal ties.
YOU DISQUALIFY GOOD GUYS Opening the door to bad guys entails shutting it to good guys.

Contrary to popular belief, many women reject pleasant people because they appear to want to please their partners all the time. Potential partners often find nice guys to be a little too sensitive and laid back for their tastes.

Wrong men and chemistry It’s not like you intentionally look for harmful mates. However, you must comprehend the importance of chemistry if you hope to end your habit of dating the wrong individuals.

Because of chemistry and attraction, you advance to the next phase of a relationship every time you meet a new man.
When everything about the other person seems to be clicking, do you remember that heady feeling? That is chemical.

Chemistry need not be a terrible thing. But it might steer you in the wrong direction. You see, when you are high on chemistry, all you can notice in a guy is his positive traits. And you don’t even notice his flaws.

STOP WANDERING AFTER THE WRONG MEN You must be aware of the significant part you play in such circumstances if you want to stop the pattern of entering relationships with toxic partners.

You will keep attracting the wrong men until you have the remarkable ability to look at a man and spot his weaknesses.
You are not at fault here. Even if you are a strong, accomplished woman who is discriminating about her companions, that is still true.

In fact, being picky can make you more susceptible to being duped by scam artists. The man becomes more significant to you when he passes your qualifications even though he is completely the wrong match for you.

Because it is uncommon for you to discover someone with whom you have good chemistry, you disregard the fact that the man exhibits all the warning signals of being a toxic relationship.

Not attracting the wrong individuals is the real problem. The issue is that you continue to be in unhealthy relationships and allow these men into your life.

A flawed man need not be a bad guy. Everybody is flawed and has defects. The issue frequently occurs when you permit these men to remain in your life despite the clear warning indicators.

Even worse, you ignore these men because you believe that your love for them is powerful enough to influence them.

It does not imply that criminals are actively seeking out women to victimize. No. It could not be their intention to cause you harm or win your affection.

They do, however, desire to sleep with you. That’s just how they are. Men are generally honest people. The issue is that, due to chemistry, you aren’t paying attention to what they are saying.

Do not be concerned that you will fall in love with bad boys if you wish to release yourself from the bonds of poisonous relationships with them. Your attitude toward them needs to change—do not permit them to remain in your life.

Evaluate a new man’s efforts before you commit to him. Is he attempting to function with the bare minimum to keep you around?
Do not support this conduct. Get rid of him if he is not investing time and effort in fostering your budding relationship.
The right man will make an effort to win you back and make things right. The incorrect man will cheerfully accept his lot and proceed.

Overcome the chemistry’s intoxication by learning to pay attention to what men are saying. That will end the bad luck associated with dating the wrong guys.


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